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Do More With 5 Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes

10 Amazing Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes That Will Get You Far

Recently we took a look at why mobile-first design is so important, and to (very) briefly sum up – it’s all about SERPs. Growing numbers of internet users are connecting to the web via mobile devices. In fact, as of January 2020 over 50% of global online traffic came from mobile internet. And search engines like Google have already started prioritizing mobile-first sites. So, having a website designed to support mobile browsing will help you reach a wider audience AND keep you on Google’s good side. Which is why we have put together this mobile-friendly WordPress themes shortlist.

Now, before we hop to it, a small note – all the themes in on list are also responsive. While B2C companies are shifting more towards mobile-friendly and mobile-first design, B2B companies still require the power and features provided by themes with responsive design. So, this selection is intended to show you the breadth of options that you can work with to make a site uniquely suited to you.

1. Valiance – Business Consulting

Valiance Consulting WordPress Theme

No matter what business niche you cover, Valiance will help you steal the eye. This amazing business consulting theme is responsive, ready to look amazing on any device type. Plus, it’s packed with tons of layouts and practical functionalities. First of all, it’s equipped with many homepages, portfolio and blog templates. Secondly, it’s fully customizable so you can change colors, animations or fonts with ease. Lastly, it integrates with essential WordPress plugins, so you can upgrade your site as you please.

Features that make Valiance the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Refined style and layouts
  • Elegant sliders
  • Large collection of business elements

2. Gracey – Creative Portfolio Theme

Gracey WordPress theme

Creative works should be shown in detail! If you run a design studio or you want to create a powerful personal presentation make sure your talents will shine through every screen size. Gracey is optimized for mobiles, laptops and other device types so you may be sure your projects and works will be visible from every angle. Plus, this theme comes packed with tons of portfolio layout styles so you can experiment with different gallery options and animation effects.

Features that make Gracey the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Bespoke animations and hover effects
  • Kinetic typography
  • Dozens of portfolio layouts

3. Valeska – Fashion eCommerce Theme

Valeska WP Theme

Fashion is all about refined details. In case you create or sell fashion items, make sure your product images will look good on any device. Thanks to Valeska you can be sure your products will attract attention. This beautifully designed eCommerce theme is mobile-friendly, equipped with an endless collection of shop features and many more product templates. Let your customers leave a review, read product description or track their order – Valeska has all the functionalities needed for a user-friendly shopping experience.

Features that make Valeska the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Mobile-friendly layouts
  • Product templates
  • Tons of shop features

4. Impeka – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Impeka WordPress Theme

With Impeka, your website will be fast, fully responsive and professionally optimized for SEO. Whether you run a creative or traditional business, you can use portfolio, blog and shop elements packed with this theme to promote your services and products. Also, you can customize each element following your branding – Impeka integrates with Elementor page builder.

Features that make Impeka the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Elementor page builder
  • Blog and portfolio layouts
  • Responsive design

5. Snapster – Photography WordPress

Snapster WordPress Theme

18 homepages, 24 portfolio styles and endless collection of gallery types make Snapster a great choice for photographers and creative people. As a photographer, you already know that each detail matters. So, your layouts should be responsive, ready to look good on any screen size. On top of this, you can create special client accounts so they can log in with their username/password to review their assigned galleries. Finally, this theme integrates with Elementor page builder so you can easily customize colors, fonts and other elements on your pages.

Features that make Impeka the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Elementor page builder
  • Blog and portfolio layouts
  • Responsive design

6. Booth – Event and Conference Theme

Booth WordPress Theme

How many buyers have seen a concert ad or an event announcement on the go and flicked its webpage open on their mobile? A great majority, probably. Especially if the event in question is something that sells out quickly and a speedy reaction is the difference between attending and missing out. Well, for all those moments we have the Booth theme. It is designed to reach all those festival fans, web seminar attendees, convention goers and more.

Booth includes easily installed demo content with nine unique homepage layouts. And working with them will be a breeze thanks to integration with WPBakery, a powerful drag-and-drop page builder plugin. Of course, the design of the demos is beautiful on its own so you might not want to change much of it at all. The predefined layout shows all sections effectively, arranging content into single columns on mobile in places where the desktop versions would have several. Everything manages to stay neat – all the menu options, links, and buttons are very accessible and thumb-friendly.

For example, Booth’s “Convention home” puts a registration form front and center of its homepage. A very practical choice for any event where tickets sell fast and the interested visitors need to buy quickly. And with events that draw in international crowds, many visitors from different time zones may have bought their tickets while on the go.

Since mobile layout stretches out content down the length of the page by necessity, it is useful to include a back to top button that can return visitors to the start without forcing them to swipe all the way back to the top. Booth includes a bright turquoise predefined button which is eye-catching and always at hand. The mobile-friendly design can also be felt in that the button never overlaps any of the others (“Read More”, “Buy Tickets”, “Register Now” etc.) on the page nor does it disrupt content consumption.

Features that make Booth the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Event Templates
  • Product List Shortcode
  • Integrated Search Functionality

7. Vakker – Creative Design Agency Theme

Vakker WordPress Theme

Being mobile-friendly has become essential to B2C organizations in general, but it is arguably mandatory for anyone doing B2C in the creative design field (especially if it’s web design). This is where Vakker comes in. This is a theme designed for creative design agencies, photographers, artists, and designers wanting to showcase their portfolios and more. It comes with 12 different homepage demos, including a “Coming Soon” one.

We really like the “Vertical Showcase” demo where you can set up a vertical video slider and use stunning visuals to leave an impression on visitors. And you can see the mobile-friendly orientation of this theme in small details that contribute to making the user experience a smooth and pleasant one. There is the main menu, for one. Opening it on desktop will place it at the top of the page, in a transparent header. Whereas launching it from a mobile device will require opening the hamburger menu placed in the header which is designed as a contrasting white band at the top. The mobile menu is dropdown, scrollable, and only takes up half the page display, ensuring that buttons on the page (e.g. “Read more”) will still be accessible.

Overall, Vakker doesn’t try to force the mobile layout to reflect the desktop layout perfectly. Images are cropped to fit, rather than trying to adjust the whole thing to a different screen width. This makes them lightweight and helps the page load quicker – keep in mind that mobile page loading speed is a ranking factor with Google. Additionally, elements like testimonials are displayed one at a time on a carousel and you can just as easily swipe through them as wait for the carousel to turn. Counters and pricing packages, too, are shown as single columns with plenty of white space around so the impression is of clean, elegant design perfect for making your message shine.

Features that make Vakker the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Numerous Custom Shortcodes
  • Various Portfolio Single Layouts
  • Full-Screen Menu Functionality
  • Icon Font Packs: Font Awesome, Don’t Elegant, Linea, and Ion Icon

8. Piñata – Creative Agency Theme

Pinata WordPress Theme

Piñata is another creative agency theme, but it’s marked by a completely different look and feel than Vakker. This theme comes across as bright and colorful thanks to its vibrant design. The palette is made up of mint greens and bright pinks contrasted with white backgrounds and strong typography. There are 13 homepage layouts to choose from and they help make Piñata an excellent choice for any creative agency, freelancer, designer or branding agency.

This theme includes WooCommerce compatibility for anyone looking to sell their products or art pieces online. And there is a predesigned shop layout, ensuring that any online store you create will match the rest of your site’s design. And since shopping on mobile is rising in popularity, the layout for single product display is designed to provide helpful information without becoming swamped. It’s set up like an accordion while the desktop layout shows information arranged in tabs. And visitors will be able to view product images by tapping the arrow button or by pressing on the right- or left-hand side of the image itself which makes it easier to examine products on mobile screens.

Piñata comes bundled with many nifty elements that can be used to make your page more attractive and to bring more value to visitors. For example, you can include stylized Google maps. They will look good on your site and tapping one will activate the Google Maps app for anyone browsing from their phone, wanting to navigate to your door. And make sure to present your team using one of the team shortcodes bundled with the Piñata theme. There are two distinct versions so you have the choice between introducing your team members via images that can be tapped (this is done with hover on desktop) to activate an overlay with more info or via LinkedIn-style tiny bios where everything is immediately visible.

Features that make Piñata the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Full-Screen Option for Parallax Sections
  • 800+ Google Web Fonts
  • WPML Plugin Integration
  • Optional Social Share Functionality

9. Crocal – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Crocal WordPress Theme

Looking at more multipurpose themes, we present Crocal. This is a powerful and easy to use WordPress theme suited for a wide variety of industries. With 18 different homepage demos, you will be able to cover everything from weddings, restaurants, clinics, gyms, architecture studios, and construction companies as well as online shops and portfolios.

Whichever niche you need a theme for, Crocal and its mobile-friendly design can help. For example, if you are blogging, there’s a demo layout just for bloggers. The palette is monochrome, giving this demo a stylishly elegant atmosphere. Considering that this is a demo for creators of textual content, the typography choices are imposing and take up most of the attention. The mobile layout is easy to navigate and thumb-friendly. Notably, the main menu opens to a whole-screen overlay while browsing on mobile, thus the options are easy to navigate by tapping on a touchscreen.

As far as features go, you have the option to embed multimedia content to accompany your text. Add YouTube videos that will open in-browser or activate the YouTube app; either way, visitors will be able to stretch them screen-wide for best viewing experience. Moreover, there is a neat contact form for anyone who’d like to reach out to you. The demo form design is clean and spacious with plenty of line spacing, making it easy to use on smaller screens. But Crocal boasts Contact Form 7 plugin support, so you will be able to custom tailor any forms you like for your site with ease.

Features that make Crocal the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Touch Swipe Support
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation Support
  • SEO Optimized
  • Advanced Grid System

10. Qube – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Qube WordPress Theme

Another great multipurpose theme that made the mobile-friendly selection is Qube. It is a fast and responsive theme that boasts an impressive collection of 25 varied homepage demos. They cover niches from consulting, fashion shop, creative agency, web design, corporate business, and more.

This theme includes a lot of options for inner page layout. To start with, there are five versions each for “About”, “Services” and “Contact” pages alone. Next, there are predefined layouts for miscellaneous pages that cover 404 errors and coming soon announcements. And as far as multiple options and features that Qube provides go, there are a lot of elements bundled in this theme. One of them is the “before and after effects” element which offers visitors the possibility to pull a vertical divider between two images revealing one at the expense of the other. The effect is uncommon enough to appeal to visitors and be just as attractive on mobile screens as it is on desktops.

Moreover, text spacing is well- structured for mobile displays, and you can see that even in the footer. This section may come as an afterthought for most, but with Qube the content is clearly presented and the links aren’t too crammed to safely tap even with chunky fingers. Moreover, there’s room to add any social share links you like with options for different appearances. Select from several options that include circular and boxed borders as well as color fill effects. Customization with Qube won’t be a challenge thanks to the massive selection of predefined options and elements you can mix-and-match. That is in part due to Elementor, a very user-friendly page builder with a formidable front-end interface.

Features that make Qube the best mobile-friendly WordPress theme:

  • Custom Header Builder
  • Slider Revolution Plugin Compatible
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Typekit Integration

Let’s Wrap Up!

Being mobile-friendly boils down to creating a streamlined, comfortable website experience for your visitors. And it is something we should all aim for. This list is intended to help you manage that by narrowing down the many WordPress theme options available to you on various online marketplaces. So you only need to decide which of these amazing themes works best for your business and start working on reaching all those mobile users and increasing your traffic. And if you know how to convert visitors into leads and customers then the sky’s your limit.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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