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Modern WordPress Themes for Any Niche

10 Modern WordPress Themes for Any Niche

When we speak about design styles, we often use the words “modern” and “contemporary” as synonyms. The truth is these words stand for completely different design periods and aesthetics. This is exactly why we want to talk about our favorite modern WordPress themes from another perspective. Simply put, we won’t primarily focus on design only. Instead, we will analyze all the essential features that make one theme modern – advanced, up-to-date, fresh and innovative. So, if you want a theme that is modern in its core, pay attention to every element that makes it a true example of the latest WordPress trends. From layouts, plugins and menu types it offers, to the list of options – modern WordPress themes have a lot to offer. So, let’s dive into our favorite themes equipped with modern elements & templates.

1. Elson – Modern Shop Theme

Elson Modern WordPress Theme

Elson is the first theme we want to talk about. Why? Because it’s a real representation of a modern WordPress theme. This beautifully designed shop theme comes packed with many modern features made for everyone who wants to start selling online. In the first place, there is a huge list of shop layouts and product templates. Use them to share the data about each product, create an eye-catching presentation or build a group of products. The example we like the most is round product slider. Here, product images are placed in circles, which is a powerful, modern way to present products. Another great option for modern presentation is interactive categories layout. If you prefer minimalistic, clean style – go with this type of layout.

Apart from large template collections, Elson integrates other modern shop features – quick view, user ratings, user cart and dashboard, and many more. Compatible with WooCommerce plugin, YITH WooCommerce color, and label variations plugin and WPBakery Page Builder, this theme is great for beginners who want a simple solution that requires no coding knowledge.

Features that make Elson the best modern WordPress theme:

  • 12 Predesigned Homepages
  • Practical Inner Pages
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress Included
  • YITH WooCommerce Quick View Plugin Compatibility
  • YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations Plugin Compatibility

2. Quart – Modern Design Agency

Quart Modern WordPress Theme

Before we analyze Quart’s modern set of features, let’s take a moment to salute its amazing design style. Minimalistic yet rich in modern details, this stylish theme will surely be an asset for anyone who wants to create a refreshing online presentation. Included with Quart are 12 homepages designed in a modern manner and many more portfolio styles. For instance, there is a Portfolio carousel layout created with the intention to offer a modern way to showcase products and present your works. Also, you can check out Showcase on scroll template. With it, you can place 4 different images on one page, which will simultaneously change on a mouse click. What also makes Quart one of the best modern WordPress themes is its collection of useful features. Some of our favorites are – Horizontally Scrolling Portfolio List shortcode, Portfolio Showcase shortcode, Portfolio List shortcode, Portfolio Project Info shortcode, and Portfolio Category List shortcode.

Features that make Quart the best modern WordPress theme:

  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 12 Homepage Examples
  • A Large Collection of Useful Inner Pages
  • YITH Woocommerce Quick View Plugin Compatibility

3. Banquet – Catering and Event Planning Theme

Banquet Modern WordPress Theme

Another theme that deserves your attention is Banquet. Created for catering and event planning services, it’s a good example of how modern design and powerful options make an ideal combo. To start with, let’s mention Banquet’s amazing layouts. Besides a regular set of homepages and inner page options, this theme includes really modern template options. Firstly, there is a lovely menus style. Here, you can combine images and crucial information about your meals and dishes with modern animation styles for the authentic presentation. Secondly, Banquet brings press awards layouts. If you want to introduce your awards elegantly, this template will provide you with a modern grid design. On top of these modern options, there is, as well, a special collection dedicated to catering and event planning businesses. Our favorites are menu, pricing table, various customizable infographics, and product category shortcode.

Features that make Banquet the best modern WordPress theme:

  • Restaurant Menu List Shortcode
  • Pricing Table Shortcode
  • Product Categories List Shortcode
  • Highlight Shortcode
  • Stacked Images Shortcode
  • Various Customizable Infographic Shortcodes

4. Sagen – Single Property and Apartment Complex Theme

Sagen Modern WordPress Theme

Sagen is a modern WordPress template for real estate, property, and apartment booking. The reason it’s on our list is simple – it’s modern in every detail. What we especially like about Sagen is the combination of its design elements. The mixture of white, gentle blue and mint create the contemporary vibe followed by lovely artistic illustrations and aquarelles. However, what is the true power of this theme is its collection of property layouts ideal for showcasing properties. Create a showcase that will get noticed and use Segan’s interactive layouts and animations.

Features that make Sagen the best modern WordPress theme:

  • Property Lists
  • Masonry and Gallery Layouts.
  • Contemporary Design

5. Sahel – An Elegant Multi-Concept Theme

Sahel Wordpress Theme

It’s hard to create the list of the best modern WordPress themes without Sahel on it. This elegant, multipurpose theme shows what happens when you combine best coding practices and exceptional design skills. If you fancy contemporary details, modern yellow and gold tones, clean surfaces, Sahel is for you. Among many layouts this theme has to offer, we especially like Nyiri. Ideal for a stylish presentation of any kind, it combines images, thin background lines, and vertical captions placed on the left side of the images. You should also pay attention to Tiniri, as it brings a modern way to showcase graphics and illustrations.

Features that make Sahel the best modern WordPress theme:

  • Custom Header Layouts
  • Smooth Page Transitions
  • Gradient Background
  • Horizontal Scroll Gallery

6. Sitka – Modern WordPress Blog Theme

Sitka Modern WordPress Theme

Now is time to take a closer look at Sitka. When it comes to this modern WordPress theme, its layouts are what make a difference. Use its standard, video and gallery post format options to frame your content spectacularly. Each post format offers specialized post layout options to create visual impact with various striking header styles. Besides this, Sitka integrates practical promo boxes. These customizable boxes of content that include an image, title, & hyperlink of your choosing are perfect as a Call-To-Action no one will miss out. Finally, the theme supports endless color options and customization possibilities.

Features that make Sitka the best modern WordPress theme:

  • Post Layout Options
  • Call-To-Action Boxes
  • Easy Customization
  • Video, Standard, Gallery Options

7. Konte – Minimal & Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Konte Modern WordPress Theme

Konte is another proof that the less is more. Although minimal when it comes to design, this theme is equipped with every feature you might need. If you plan to start an online store, you will be happy to hear that Konte comes with all the necessities for presenting and selling products via a website. But this is not all. Included with Konte is a large collection of modern layout styles. Choosing from 10 homepages, 7 product pages, 10 shop pages, and 12 header styles is a true joy. So if you’re considering buying a modern WordPress theme, don’t forget Konte.

Features that make Konte the best modern WordPress theme:

  • 7 Product Pages
  • 10 Shop Pages
  • 12 Header Styles
  • Minimal Design

8. Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hongo Modern WordPress Theme

What makes Hongo special is its set of handcrafted and highly flexible layouts, eye-catching hover styles and advanced shortcodes. This means you can choose from the most unique blog designs and present products in detail. Choose between 11 stunning store demos and list your collection with the help of 10 modern product styles. In the first place, there is modern shop template. Here, each product image is placed in a little white frame, so customers can pay attention to each item equally. Secondly, there is a modern product presentation. In this example, the product has a transparent background which blends into the main page background.

Features that make Hongo the best modern WordPress theme:

  • 11 Modern Store Demos
  • Modern Shop Template
  • Modern Product Layout
  • Hover Styles

9. Littledino – Modern Kids WordPress Theme

Littledino Modern WordPress Theme

Littledino is for everyone who prefers bright colors, lovely illustrations and overall modern design style. The gentle palette of blue, pink and yellow reflects the modern, refreshing aesthetic perfectly suitable for kid online stores. What makes Littledino the perfect modern toolkit is its set of gorgeous homepage layouts. For instance, this theme brings over 30 modules with all the necessary settings you can use to customize each element to your preferences. Do it fast and easily with intuitive Elementor Page Builder. Apart from this, Littledino comes with many modern shop options so you can showcase your products in a stylish fashion.

Features that make Littledino the best modern WordPress theme:

  • Gorgeous Homepage Layouts
  • A Lot of Features for Elementor Page Builder
  • Customizable Colors and Fonts
  • Over 100 Options at the Theme Options
  • More Than 30 Modules

10. Lustria – MultiPurpose Plant Store WordPress Theme

Lustria Modern WordPress Theme

Lustria features 8 shop homepages, designed minimally, ideal for any sort of modern shop. Before all else, let’s mention its impressive set of useful features. Lustria integrates smart megamenu, advanced skins options, 13 header layouts, 800+ Google fonts and user-friendly interface. Plus, included with the theme is a large collection of shop functionalities such as Add to wishlist, quick view, shopping cart, etc.

Features that make Lustria the best modern WordPress theme:

  • 8+ Plant Shop Homepages
  • One-Click Install Demo Data
  • Woocommerce Enable
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • 13+ Header Layouts
  • Dominant White and Green

Let’s Wrap It up

Being modern is all about following the latest trends, creating new approaches and staying up-to-date with the best practices in a specific field. We hope our selection of modern WordPress themes will help you find the right one for your business. Good luck!

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