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Modern News Portal WordPress Themes to Spread the Word

10 Modern News Portal WordPress Themes to Spread the Word

The time when traditional media was at its peak is behind us. At least it seems so. The enormous popularity and fast development of digital channels caused the irreversible transition of traditional media towards digital, mobile, and social platforms. Although there is still magic in the paper, print formats, it’s hard to beat the accessibility of digital news portals. For this reason, newspapers, cable TV, and radio news are more and more replaced with mobile, social platforms, and podcasts. This change started a new paradigm in journalism. To reach new readers you need a more than talented team of journalists and the ability to be accurate, fast, and relevant. You need a news portal website that will allow you to upload and publish news with ease and that has the power to encourage readers to comment, rate or share the news across social media. However, these sites should not only look amazing but also offer amazing features. But all of this isn’t enough if you can’t monetize your portal. Luckily, there are many news portal WordPress themes equipped with a digital subscription, ad banners, and other reader payment models, which have shown promise in generating revenue. Plus, these themes offer features that will allow you to build a strong and deep connection with your audience online. Also, they are compatible with the best WordPress plugins for writers that offer advanced functionalities. Now, let’s take a look at our favorite themes for journalists, writers, editors, and publishers.

1. Buzzy – Creative Magazine Theme

Buzzy WordPress Theme

Break the news like a true expert – Buzzy is equipped with everything you may need. Whether you are starting a modern blog, a news site, or a contemporary viral magazine, this theme will help you spread the buzz in an original, yet professional way. What makes this theme a good catch is its large collection of layouts. Besides 6 post layout shortcodes, 3 post carousel options, and 3 slider types, this theme offers many blog templates. On top of this, there is a video functionality crucial for live reports and interviews. Moreover, Buzzy allows you to mark your posts as trending, ‘hot’ or featured, or to highlight your latest posts. On the other hand, readers will be able to comment, share or even rate the news they find important. Plus, you can integrate your Instagram feed so your readers can check out your latest Instagram posts as well. Lastly, the theme is fully customizable, equipped with powerful animation effects and dazzling typography options.

Features that make Buzzy a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Dozens of news blocks and layouts
  • 3 slider types
  • Modern design

2. Journo – Creative Magazine & Blog Theme

Journo WordPress Theme

Discover the power of words with Journo, a creative magazine and blog theme developed by WordPress masters. This modern, dazzling theme is a dream come true for every talented writer that lacks coding knowledge. Not only does it look stunning on every single device, but also it integrates versatile news portals features. In the first place, Journo is packed with tons of post layouts. This means you can mix and match these elements to give a unique feel to the pages of your magazine. Furthermore, Journo brings social share buttons, a newsletter popup feature, and Instagram as well as Twitter feed widgets so you can keep in touch with your reading audience.

Features that make Journo a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Blog Lists and Sliders
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Attention-grabbing posts

3. Herald – Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme

Herald WordPress Theme

Herald is a modern news portal WordPress theme carefully designed and developed for journalists and editors. Crafted to look stunning across all devices, this theme surely works for mobile users who dominate over traditional, print readers. What makes this theme a good option is its toolkit of powerful options. Herald offers more than 500 variations for your article listing layouts, unlimited sidebar variations, four pagination types, custom widgets and so much more. The best part is it doesn’t require coding knowledge to be used to its full potential. Apart from this, Herald supports some great plugins that can benefit both news portals and readers. Let’s start with WooCommerce and bbPress. With these two plugins, you can add a shop to your magazine, or build a community forum where people can discuss certain news or topic of public interest. Furthermore, Herald supports one of the most popular WordPress rating plugins – WP review. Use it to increase the interaction on your website by allowing readers to rate articles/news/products.

Features that make Herald a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Endless set of layouts
  • Compatibility with bbPress
  • Compatibility with WP review

4. Discussion – News Portal Theme

Discussion WordPress Theme

The digital age has radically changed journalism. As news portals became the leading tool for spreading news and information, you have to make sure your website is ready to follow this trend. That’s why we want to discuss a Discussion, one of the best news portal WordPress themes you can find on the market. With this theme, you can display your posts in an attractive manner with a variety of sliders, carousels and with a set of useful widgets, such as the multiple post layout widgets, a date widget, a breaking news widget, and many others. On top of this, Discussion is compatible with the AccessPress Social Counter plugin that allows you to keep count of your fan base. Plus, you can style your social counters with theme-specific skins. Lastly, you can place social share buttons or banners throughout your website to further improve the user experience.

Features that make Discussion a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Dozens of blog layouts and sliders
  • Social media integration
  • AccessPress social counter plugin

5. Maggz – Magazine Theme

Maggz WP Theme

If you’re interested in being a journalist, you need to be sincere, truthful, and ready to always maintain a high level of ethical standards. But to reach the public eye, you need more than professionalism and high-quality work. You need a tool that will let you spread the latest news in a user-friendly and attention-grabbing way. This is where Maggz, a modern news portal WordPress theme enters the scene. Designed for WordPress newbies, this modern theme comes with tons of options for online magazines, editors, journalists, and bloggers. In the first place, Maggz offers a variety of eye-catching blocks and layouts you can mix-and-match to create stunning pages for your magazine. Apart from this, there is a huge collection of features crafted to uplift the reading experience. Besides social share buttons, video functionality, and fixed image background layouts, Maggz offers user review and reaction features. Lastly, it also integrates many blog layouts so you can take your blogging career to the next level with confidence.

Features that make Maggz a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Reviews and reactions system
  • Select Core Plugin with custom post types
  • 11 distinct Post Layout shortcode

6. SquadForce – eSports Gaming WordPress Theme (formerly Good Games)

SquadForce WordPress Theme

SquadForce is a gaming and eSports WordPress theme. However, thanks to its broad range of features, it deserves a special place on our list of the best news portal WordPress themes. If your passion is gaming, you can focus on spreading the buzz about the latest games, apps, or gaming gear. So, in case you’re considering starting a gaming blog, have a look at SquadForce. Apart from numerous features made for gaming studios, this theme offers many blog and news functionalities. You can choose between different layout styles including news lists, masonry templates, etc. To make the navigation easier, you can organize news into categories, mark recent texts and highlight the most popular articles. Also, you can let your readers share news via social media or easily find the desired text with an intuitive search field.

Features that make SquadForce a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Dark design style
  • Recent texts and most popular
  • Social share buttons

7. Magazine Vibe – Magazine Theme

Magazine Vibe WordPress Theme

Magazine Vibe is a magazine theme that will allow you to spread the word without limits. With this theme, you can create a professional news portal that has it all. In the first place, the theme is equipped with tons of distinct content block layouts. You can combine these content blocks with comprehensive customization options, which results in unlimited combinations. Moreover, it offers 11 single post examples that can be used for different news categories. What is also great is Magazine Vibe’s set of widgets including breaking news and social icons widgets. Additionally, this theme allows you to mark news as the most viewed or as the latest. Also, you can allow people to rate articles or share them via social channels. In the end, you can add banners anywhere on your site to promote third-party services, projects, or even content.

Features that make Magazine Vibe a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Dozens of blog layouts and sliders
  • Breaking news widget
  • Banners
  • 11 single post examples

8. Darpan – News Magazine WordPress Theme

Darpan WordPress Theme

Darpan is another feature-rich theme that can meet the needs of writers, journalists, editors, and bloggers. As it’s packed with tons of options that can benefit news portals, this theme is a good choice if you want a theme you can customize as per your needs. Darpan offers unlimited color options so you can choose the palette that follows your branding and public image. Apart from this, the theme offers over 200+ elements that will make sure your news portal runs smoothly and has the power to engage readers. Among many elements, you can find 5 blog page layouts (grid, slider, list, etc.) that can work great for different topics and news categories.

Features that make Darpan a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • 200+ elements
  • 5 blog page layouts
  • Unlimited colors

9. The Newspaper – Magazine Editorial WordPress Theme

The Newspaper WordPress Theme

The Newspaper is an editorial WordPress theme of tremendous functionality and timeless, modern design. Everything about this theme is amazing. From numerous ways to post news and articles and well-structured blog pages to handsome typography and advanced features for displaying content in an attention-grabbing way – The Newspaper covers it all. Equipped with custom post types, this theme is a great choice if you have writing skills, a love for journalism, and talents but you don’t have a lot of time nor coding knowledge. In other words, if you want to easily upload and publish news while providing readers with an amazing reading experience, this theme is for you. Each layout is made to look good on every device, which is great having in mind that more and more people follow the news via mobiles. On top of this, there is an original blog timeline feature that allows you to organize your stories chronologically.

Features that make The Newspaper a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Custom post types
  • Blog timeline
  • Responsive design

10. MagOne -­ Responsive Magazine & News WordPress Theme

MagOne WordPress Theme

Responsive, fully-customizable, packed with one-click demo import functionality and equipped with tons of options – It’s MagOne, a great news portal theme that can be used for versatile website types. Packed with many layout types, this RTL theme allows you to adapt your content to different language zones. This is great if you want to target many countries and go global. Also, there is a comprehensive review system that allows your users to provide meaningful feedback with point and star style. But if you want to further monetize your website, you will be happy to hear that MagOne is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin – the best solution for selling items online. Plus, it allows you to add banners anywhere you wish.

Features that make MagOne a great news portal WordPress theme:

  • Review system
  • Ads banners
  • WooCommerce plugin

Let’s Wrap It Up

Being a journalist isn’t easy. Besides talents you need digital tools that will help you reach readers, interact with them, and spread the news faster than ever. The good news is you can do it all with ease – news portal WordPress themes are made with the idea to help professional journalists stand out. Choose the design that fits your brand the best and start engaging readers with joy.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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