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Real Estate WordPress Themes

Top 5 Real Estate WordPress Themes

Renting or purchasing a house or an apartment is one of the most important decisions in life. These are not simple transactions, and attracting potential customers takes a lot of hard work. When it comes to real estate, building a great WordPress website can take a lot of that work off your shoulders.

Before you create it, you have to understand what your customers need and prioritize. A good real estate website is one that effectively responds to its target audience’s needs and priorities. That makes solid search options one of the most important features of these sites.

It’s easy to get lost among thousands of real estate WordPress themes, so we compiled a list of themes that will address any need and goal in the real estate industry.

1. Eiddo – Real Estate and Realtor Theme

Eiddo WordPress Theme

The Eiddo WordPress theme is somewhat like a great home. It seamlessly blends amazing design and multiple functionalities. This makes it a perfect fit for real estate agencies that offer a wide range of services to clients who want to be sure they’re making the right decision.

Eiddo lets you choose from 5 distinct home page layouts. All of them enable users to immediately select what they are looking for based on broad criteria such as location and type of property. This redirects them to the results page, where they can further filter the search based on the property size, amenities, price, and other criteria.

The way you display results can make or break a real estate website. The Eiddo theme ensures they come in neat galleries, with sufficient details and options for analysis. Thanks to a rich selection of property shortcodes, you can list results in regular galleries, sliders, or categorize them based on specific filters. You can also enable visitors to compare properties.

As we mentioned, Eiddo is a good fit for just about any field in the real estate industry, so you can create user profiles for agencies, agents, and independent real estate owners. With this WordPress theme, you can also allow visitors to create their own user accounts and save properties in their wishlist.

If you want to charge users for listing submission, agency membership or the procurement services, Eiddo includes the option for one-time and recurring payments.

Features that make Eiddo the best WordPress theme for real estate:

  • Compatible with the Ihomefinder Plugin
  • Compatible with the Idxpress Plugin
  • Full Real Estate Functionality Integrated
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Three Distinct User Roles with User Dashboards

2. Kastell – Theme for Single Properties and Apartments

Kastell WordPress Theme

The Kastell WordPress theme is the designers’ sweetheart on this list – it is all about showing a property in its best light. This makes it a perfect choice for agencies and real estate owners who offer luxurious homes for sale. However, Kastell is also a great WordPress theme for architecture projects and interior design.

All 6 of the elegant, modern homepages put your properties front and center with a single goal – to impress potential buyers. Breathtaking photographs of homes and interior design can be displayed as a single full-screen image or properties carousel. You can opt for classical, simple headers, or go for something more discreet like a sleek retractable header placed in the sidebar.

What Kastell lacks in search features, it makes up for with a special focus on attractive property listings and galleries. Each home can be listed as a single image or gallery enhanced with maps, images, videos, property plans, and 360 degrees views.

Kastell theme is equipped with a simple blog, online shop, and the option to create user accounts.

Features that make Kastell the best WordPress theme for real estate:

  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Included ($26 value)
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for WordPress Included ($46 value)
  • Various Property List Shortcodes
  • Multiple Header Behaviors
  • Custom Sidebars

3. Nexos – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Nexos WordPress Theme

Want to shift focus from extravagant architecture to something that’s more down-to-earth? Then the Nexos theme may be exactly what you need. Solution-oriented and straightforward, it is perfectly crafted for real estate websites that offer properties both for short-term and long-term rent.

Thanks to its open front end that encourages user engagement, Nexos offers a great opportunity for monetizing your website.

Hassle-free, yet focused search is one of the Nexos theme’s greatest strengths. You can easily play around with the available search options, segmenting the search process on customizable basic and detailed criteria (similarly to Eiddo).

This WordPress theme has a few additional tricks up its sleeve. The live counting option will let visitors see how many available properties there are in certain categories even before they hit the search button. With Nexos, website visitors can also enjoy the perk of comparing up to four listings at the same time.

Apart from great search features, the Nexos theme incorporates an advanced booking system with possibilities to define free periods, rent per hour or day, as well as display weekly and monthly prices. Both visitors and registered users can submit listings and even use a live messaging system. This theme also allows you to charge subscriptions using more than 100 payment gateways.

Features that make Nexos the best WordPress theme for real estate:

  • Free and Commercial Multilanguage Support
  • Visual Search form Builder
  • Visual Result Item Builder
  • Currency Converter
  • GDPR Compatibility

4. Benaa – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Benaa WordPress Theme

The Benaa theme is a solid blend of the previous themes on this list, offering purpose oriented design with multiple options for user submitted listings. Whether you want to show the best properties offered by your agency or have a site open for user submissions, this WordPress theme has you covered.

Benaa may not be the most stylish theme on this list, but it confidently delivers on all of its promises. There are 10 types of homepages on this WordPress theme, and the choice is pretty versatile, both design and purpose wise.

Some of Benaa homepages, such as the home carousel design, are oriented towards the sleek presentation of properties. Others emphasize a convenient search based on location and individual preferences.

With this theme, you can organize listings as single pages, lists, carousels, and columns, using customized advanced filters. It includes custom-built Google Maps integration with marker cluster and mortgage calculator.

If you want to keep your website open to users, Benaa’s user management features include options for adding new properties, managing profiles, saving searches, and adding favorite listings.

This WordPress theme includes 3 submission types – free submissions, pay-per-listing, and pay-per-package.

Features that make Benaa the best WordPress theme for real estate:

  • Google Suggestions, near Place Options and Get Direction
  • Unlimited Sidebar and colors
  • Customizable Mega Menu (XMENU) Built-In
  • Translation Ready + Support for Right-To-Left Languages
  • Integrated MailChimp Subscription

5. Sagen – Single Property and Apartment Complex Theme

Sagen WordPress Theme

If you want to go full stylish, the Sagen theme is a safe choice. With Sagen, the emphasis is on clean and contemporary design, so, just like Kastell, it can be utilized by interior designers and architects. No matter which niche you’re coming from, this is the ultimate show-off theme for demanding clients who want to make sure their money is well-spent.

Sagen offers 6 homepage designs, each giving you an opportunity to play with visuals and defy expectations in a way that complements modern architecture. For example, take a look at this homepage built as a full-screen slider that scrolls horizontally.

This WordPress theme incorporates a plethora of premade inner pages, an online shop, a blog, an amazing set of custom-made property lists, and single property layouts and plans.

Sagen is highly customizable (although so well designed you probably wouldn’t want to change a thing!), allowing you to easily change the main color, palettes, and fonts.

Features that make Sagen the best WordPress theme for real estate:

  • A Large Collection of Pages and Layouts
  • Multiple Property List Shortcodes and Layouts
  • A Large Collection of Practical Shortcodes
  • Preloading Effect – Choose from 15+ Loader Icons
  • Parallax Sections
  • 800+ Google Fonts


Whether you want to reach an audience worldwide or simply help out backpackers find convenient sleepover in a small town, these WordPress themes cover everything you need to make it in the real estate industry.

All of them come with a one-click demo import features, so whichever theme you choose, you’ll be able to set up a fully functional website in no time. Once you import the predesigned content, you can easily customize it to your liking and adapt it to your target audience.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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