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Resort WordPress Themes That Stand Out

5+ Best Resort WordPress Themes That Stand Out

When we are stressed, we tend to dream about relaxing moments by the beach, far away from our daily routine. However, if you want to turn your dreams into reality and recharge, book a room at your favorite hotel and pack your bags! Just decide where you want to go and make a reservation from your sofa.

On the other hand, if you run a hotel or spa resort, you won’t get anywhere without a professional online showcase. This means you should introduce your rooms in detail and let people make reservations online. Although this may sound complicated, it’s easier than it seems at first. With the help of resort WordPress themes combined with WordPress booking plugins, you can easily create a website that looks great from every angle.

1. FairwayGreen – Golf Club

FairwayGreen Golf Club Theme

It’s time for relaxation! Although FairwayGreen isn’t primarily created for resorts and hotels, it can be easily turned into your dream resort website. This fully customizable theme offers tons of customization options so anyone can change colors, fonts, and animation effects without coding knowledge.

Firstly, this theme is packed with many page templates you can easily style to your specific needs. For instance, you can share your resort location, history, contact details or include frequently asked questions. Share all the details about your resort, hotel rooms, or luxurious accommodation with style.

Thanks to FairwayGreen, you can start a blog as well. Use it to publish articles about your resort, must-see locations, tips for tourists, and more. Apart from this, your guests will be able to make reservations with just a few clicks. FairwayGreen integrates with the Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin, which brings tons of useful features. Lastly, the theme includes a newsletter subscription form, team sections, many gallery types, and other practical features.

Features that make FairwayGreen a great theme:

  • Customizable pages
  • Blog features
  • Appointment Booking plugin

2. Augustine – Hotel Booking Theme

Augustine WordPress Theme

Elegant, carefully designed, and powerful – meet Augustine. As one of our favorite resort WordPress themes, Augustine offers not only beautifully designed templates, but also endless practical features you can use to present your hotel, spa or resort in detail. For starters, the theme is equipped with room layouts and galleries you can use to present your rooms with attention.

Share room amenities by displaying all the important features that make for an unforgettable guest experience. Moreover, you can include extra services so guests can purchase additional services and immediately see the new booking cost. Apart from this, guests can check room availability on the spot using the practical availability calendar. Finally, you can allow your users to book rooms quickly and easily using our intuitive booking form.

Features that make Augustine a great theme:

  • Availability Calendar
  • Room layouts and galleries
  • Reservation form

3. Iver – Modern Hotel and Booking Theme

Iver WordPress Theme

When we analyze resort WordPress themes, we have to mention Iver. This modern, feature-rich and responsive theme comes with everything you could wish for. For starters, it brings elegant, yet professional layouts you can style as per your needs. Let’s start with room templates. Thanks to them, you can share every relevant detail about your room offer.

Describe amenities; add image galleries or detailed text descriptions – all with zero effort. Apart from this, the theme brings many useful options that will help people find the perfect accommodation. First of all, they can define the number of guests, number of rooms, desired price, or location. Secondly, they can choose check-in or check-out dates, filter room prices or read reviews from other guests. Lastly, there is advanced booking functionality, so visitors can book rooms with complete ease.

Features that make Iver a great theme:

  • Advanced booking functionality
  • Room lists and singles
  • Room price filter
  • Check-in & check-out

4. Alloggio – Hotel Booking Theme

Alloggio WordPress Theme

Alloggio is a beautiful modern theme for all b&b, resort, apartment, and hotel booking websites. With Alloggio you will get everything a modern hotel website can ever need, including reservation form and room elements. To start with, let’s introduce its amazing set of templates that will let you create detailed room presentations.

Display all the rooms you have available for rent in astonishing detail and let your visitors make their reservations on the spot. Share the image gallery, room description, list of room amenities, or any other additional room info. You can, as well, include a check-in system, price info or room availability filter.

Apart from this, you can include extra services so users can see how specific service affects room price. Also, you can display time frames and prices for your special seasonal room offers during promotional periods. As we already mentioned, there is a practical availability calendar that allows visitors to easily check room availability by featuring them in a practical availability calendar layout. In the end, you can place the clean and straightforward reservation forms on your pages and let users book rooms with ease.

Features that make Alloggio a great theme:

  • Reservation Form
  • Extra Services
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Availability Calendar

5. California – Resort & Hotel

California WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, California is a theme crafted for hotels of all sizes and kinds. Elegant, responsive, and packed with tons of useful features, this theme is a great choice for everyone who wants to create a professional website that looks good on any device. Like other resort WordPress themes on our list, California is packed with many room layouts that will let you showcase your rooms from every angle. Share the info about the room’s price, amenities, size, and capacity. Also, include room images, availability dates or an online booking button.

Apart from amazing room templates, this theme brings a useful weather widget so you can add the location of your resort, as well as weather conditions and temperature. In the end, there is a practical cost calculator that allows you to create quote or price estimation forms.

Features that make California a great theme:

  • Display awards
  • Weather widget
  • Room layouts
  • Cost calculator

6. Erios – Resort & Hotel WordPress Theme

Erios WordPress Theme

Erios comes with 4 luxury hotel and resort homepages layouts that will let you introduce your rooms like a true professional. Besides modern templates crafted for displaying rooms in detail, this theme brings useful features for online room booking. From customer’s search to room filter – it covers it all.

Apart from this, Erios is compatible with the WP Hotel Booking plugin so you can let your customers check the available rooms by filtering dates, room types, number of guests, amenities, etc. After checking the available room, customers can Add to the cart for room and pay for their reservation online. Additionally, the theme brings Google Maps functionality so you can show all places worth visiting that are nearby your hotel.

Features that make Erios a great theme:

  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Room layouts
  • WP Hotel Booking plugin

7. Misty Mountain – Mount Resort & Hotel WordPress

Mount Resort WordPress Theme

Misty Mountain is a great theme for any hotel management business including spa, resort club, premium apartments, bed, and breakfast, etc. This responsive, easy-to-use theme comes with tons of options anyone can use with zero effort.

Besides practical room layouts that will let you showcase room features, price, and image galleries, this theme brings many other powerful functionalities. One of them is the easy booking feature. Thanks to it, your customers will be able to specify the number of guests, the number of rooms, or the check-in date to find the perfect room. Plus, there is a wide array of powerful features including PayPal and WooCommerce support.

Features that make Misty Mountain a great theme:

  • Paypal & Woocommerce support
  • Easy booking
  • Room layouts

Let’s Sum Up

If you are ready to open the doors of your hotel and strengthen the reputation, do it like a real pro. Thanks to resort WordPress themes that bring tons of options and ready-made templates, you can easily introduce your offer, showcase rooms, and let people book rooms online.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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