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Review WordPress Themes for Any Business

5 Amazing Review WordPress Themes for Any Business

Selling products and services online is popular more than ever. For this reason, everything that helps in showcasing and describing products in detail really matters. One of the first things customers like to check out before purchasing are reviews. Why? Cause reviews summarize the experiences of the people that have already used or bought that particular product or service.

Informative reviews provide first-hand information so people like to check them out whenever they’re not sure whether to make a purchase or search further. Realistic feedback has the power to drive your sales and grow the list of happy clients. Thus, as a business owner, you need to pay special attention to review functionality on your site.

As more and more people opt for product reviews, you need to make sure your site is ready to offer some useful insight into your products/services. Thanks to review WordPress themes packed with some powerful review options, your customers can easily add reviews to your site while you can manage them with joy. User reviews are web design elements you should take seriously, so have a careful look at the review WordPress themes we handpicked below.

1. Belletrist – Blog Theme for Writers

Belletrist WordPress Theme

Book reviews can help us learn more about the upcoming book we can’t wait to read. Other times, book reviews can spark interest and make us buy a book we’ve just discovered. In both cases, book reviews help us step inside the book and its world. By highlighting the most important points/conclusions without discovering too much, reviews can attract new readers and keep old book fans interested in what’s coming up next.

With Belletrist, a blog theme designed for writers you can share the latest reviews of your book review with style. Belletrist is packed with practical book review functionality, so you can display reviews of your new/old book so your readers can check out others’ impressions. You can both share critics’ views or reviews of your readers. Each review consists of the star rating system, text (review itself), and author’s name. Apart from this elegant, yet practical rating functionality, Belletrist offers many other useful options for writers and bloggers. In the first place, you can choose from multiple blog layouts you can customize to your needs.

Add videos, image galleries, or quotes, and let your readers share your stories online. You can as well let your readers pre order your books online or download your digital or audiobooks on AmazonBooks, GooglePlay, or AppStore. Also, you can let your customers follow your news and updates by allowing them to join your newsletter.

Features that make Belletrist a great review WordPress theme:

  • Review rating system
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Video integration

2. SetSail – Travel Agency Theme

SetSail WordPress Theme

If you run a tourist agency, the feedback of your customers is crucial for attracting new travelers. When people can read others’ experiences from a certain journey or read from the first hand about accommodation, transport, hotel’s location, etc. they can decide to book a certain tour/accommodation more easily.

SetSail is a feature-rich travel agency theme that allows you to showcase each tour you offer in detail. In the first place, there is an amazing review system. This means your customers can write reviews about your tours by sharing their experiences. Each review contains the rate shown through a star rating system.

Besides this, people can rate/review each individual category of your offer. For instance, if you offer accommodation, they can evaluate every single segment included in your offer. Everything will be shown in percentages so others can instantly learn about each reviewed category. Apart from this, people can use the comments section to rate your accommodation or tour, since this theme integrates a review/rating system in comment fields.

When it comes to other rating features, SetSail allows your customers to rate products in your shop. This is another feature that can provide your visitors with useful insight into your products and offers. As per other functionalities, SetSail will surprise you as well. Besides amazing tour and destination layouts, this theme covers an advanced search filter, booking system, blog templates, and many other practical layouts and functionalities.

Features that make SetSail a great review WordPress theme:

  • Travel Module
  • Booking, Advanced Search
  • Review functionalities
  • Comments with review features

3. Vanno – Consumers Reviews and Rating Directory

Vanno WordPress Theme

Vanno is made with a focus on customers’ reviews and ratings. First of all, this theme offers two sorts of review listing layouts – grid and row style. This means you can choose the one following your design direction or personal preferences. Let’s now take a closer look at the review sections you can create with this theme.

The review section consists of a user’s profile image, rate with a star symbol, name/surname of author, date, review summary, and read more button. This button leads to the more detailed review page where you can rate each review as Useful or Useless or share the review via social media. Apart from this, the website’s administrator can comment on each review to express gratitude or address possible issues.

This theme is made with users in the first place so every element is intuitive and user-friendly. That’s why it offers practical User settings where people can customize their profile, change passwords or add their profile images. Also, once the review is written, the creator will be redirected to a Review confirmation page and get the confirmation that the review is submitted.

On the other hand, you as the website’s administrator can follow all the reviews in one place. Vanno integrates the User dashboard page where you can see all the reviews people have written, follow the statistics, delete reviews, and approve a review.

Features that make Vanno a great review WordPress theme:

  • Advanced review system
  • User dashboard page
  • User profile, rating, review summary

4. Newspaper WordPress Theme

Newspaper WordPress Theme

This amazing theme covers not only numerous features for writers and bloggers, but also comes packed with powerful review functionalities. Specifically, the Newspaper is packed with a practical The Critic page that allows you to dedicate one page of your website to book and movie reviews. Here, people can read more about the upcoming movies or learn about books they plan to read in the future.

Each review is followed by star rating symbols; there is a short review summary as well as longer review text. There is also a comment section so anyone can share opinions on certain reviews. Review is enriched with images that reflect the topic and illustrate the subject.

On top of this, Newspaper provides 39 pre-built demos you can use for different niches and industries. Lastly, this theme works with some great plugins including BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce. It also comes with a built-in tagDiv page builder so you can easily build and customize any layout with ease.

Features that make Newspaper a great review WordPress theme:

  • bbPress Forum & BuddyPress
  • 39 pre-built demos
  • Layout with review features

5. Reviewer – WP Theme for Entertainment Reviews

Reviewer WordPress Theme

This theme is crafted with one purpose: for writing and publishing reviews. So, if you’re a movie or book lover who wants to share impressions with the audience, choose Review as it has everything you will ever need to share your reviews like a professional. Firstly, you can create and publish your reviews in any language, since this theme is translation-ready. Next, you can customize the look and feel of your reviews by choosing between five background pattern options, 10 font styles, and five-star rating colors.

Apart from this, you can use the Recent rating graph widget to highlight your latest reviews. Also, there is a Featured Reviewer/Author widget ideal for emphasizing the most relevant authors. Reviewer is modern, designed to fit different industries and audiences, so you can choose it no matter what’s your primary field.

Features that make Reviewer a great review WordPress theme:

  • Five background pattern options
  • Five Star Rating colors
  • Author’s Page Template
  • Custom “Recent Ratings” Graph Widget

In Conclusion

All of the themes in this list are premium themes and offer way more than basic functionalities. They are all responsive, customizable, and include lots of practical elements like pricing tables, infographics, and similar. But they all differ when it comes to design. We are sure you can’t go wrong with any of them, you just need to pick the one that fits your style perfectly. Feel free to share your choice with us in the comments section. We are eager to hear which theme works for you!

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