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Top 5 Sports WordPress Themes for 2020

Top 10+ Sports WordPress Themes for 2024

One of the best things about sports is that it can mean various things to different people. Those of us who can get to a certain skill level and stay there for some time might be able to have a career in sports. For many more of us, sports is about fandom — cheering for teams, following a certain sport, or simply enjoying the victories of our national teams.

But sports can also be about creating a community. People who enjoy playing the same sport can start their own amateur teams. They can mix their love for sports with business prowess and start their own clubs or schools where they can share their knowledge. And of course, there are people who will view sports only as a business opportunity, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Someone has to sell sports gear and supplements.

But no matter how you approach sports, having a WordPress website can become almost like a natural extension of it. A website can become your fitness magazine, a storefront, an online community for your sports team, or your gym’s online presentation. You can build a website without knowing how to code, and with the right theme, you can make it look terrific. Here are five of the best sports WordPress themes that will help you out.

1. Montagne – Winter Sports & Ski Resort Theme

Montagne WordPress Theme

Montagne is a modern theme created for winter sports and ski resort websites. Equipped with customizable homepages, this theme will let you present everything your business has to offer. Besides this, Montagne brings a fantastic set of prebuilt event lists for all your winter sport events. This means you can present schedules, locations & event prices to your visitors in a truly captivating manner with Montagne theme. Additionally, Montagne comes with custom-made service lists & singles for all activities you wish to feature. Showcase seasonal deals, prices, course options and additional information about your ski resort offers. In the end, there are numerous blog features so you can share the latest news about your winter resort, events, festivals and much more.

Features that make Montagne the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Event features
  • Blog layouts
  • Service lists and singles

2. Powerlift – Fitness and Gym Theme

Powerlift WordPress Theme

When someone stumbles upon your website, you don’t have a lot of time to grab their attention and assure them that they’re at the right place. Usually, you have to do that in mere seconds, which is why it’s so important to pick a sports WordPress theme that matches your business and its branding well. You don’t want any misfires here — everything needs to be aligned perfectly and deliver a message like a one-two punch.

You can use Powerlift to do it. This theme works like a charm for websites that are built around fitness. You could run a gym, a martial arts class, work as a personal trainer, or simply want to have a website dedicated to fitness, and this theme will have you covered. You can use it to display a BMI calculator for people visiting your website to use. It also lets you display a timetable, when you need to show your schedule, and use WooCommerce when you need to create an online store.

All that comes on top of the features you’d expect to see in a professionally-made WordPress theme. So you’ll have seven homepage examples, several ways to show your portfolio, a team carousel to let people know who your team members are, and all the blog layouts you’ll ever need.

Features that make Powerlift the best WordPress sports theme:

  • An Extensive Shortcode Collection
  • Customizable Google Maps
  • Up to Four Columns in the Footer
  • Custom Formats for a Variety of Posts

3. Knockout – Boxing & Martial Arts Theme

Knockout WP Theme

Knockout theme is designed to help you win the game! Beautifully designed, feature-rich and intuitive, this theme is packed with a huge collection of layouts you can easily customize. Equipped with 3 homepages, 5 inner pages, and 3 class templates, this theme will let you showcase your boxing club or martial arts studio in detail.

Apart from this, the theme integrates shop and blog features. Thus, you can sell boxing and martial arts equipment online or share the latest news, tips, or trends from these sports. Lastly, Knockout comes with a Timetable Responsive Schedule plugin bundled for free. Use it to display a timetable schedule for all your boxing sessions, competitions & events.

Features that make Knockout the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Blog features
  • Shop elements
  • Timetable plugin

4. Oxigeno – Sports Club & Team

Oxigeno WordPress Theme

Sports clubs and teams might be businesses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t grow a community around themselves. Quite the contrary – sports clubs and teams are often more than just a club or a team, and they tend to gather around them the people who understand this. So whether it’s a club member, a team member, or a fan, the people who get involved with sports are committed, and they want to be in the know.

With Oxigeno, there won’t be any doubt about who should benefit from the website the most. As a truly fan-oriented sports WordPress theme, Oxigeno equips you with the tools you’ll need to make communicating with your club or team members a breeze. For starters, the theme is fully responsive, so people can view your website on any device without a decrease in the quality of user experience. You can also keep them abreast of the club’s activities and results, and you can even have your own online shop for selling merchandise.

As the owner of the website, you’ll get the benefit of having six website demos inspired by different sports at your disposal. You can import any one of these demos, but you can also customize them with various header layouts, full-width and boxed pages, blog, and portfolio layouts.

Features that make Oxigeno the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Access to a Fast Page Builder
  • Option to Choose the Side of the Sidebar
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • Support for the Visualized Plugin

5. Prowess – Fitness and Gym Theme

Prowess WordPress Theme

When making a website, you should avoid settling for anything other than what you really want. This works best, of course, if you have realistic expectations. But don’t fall into the trap of sticking with the first theme you come across — this sea is full of proverbial fish, and you can always look into another theme to find what your website truly needs.

If some of your needs could be fulfilled by a huge collection of pre-designed pages, as well as almost $100-worth of plugins bundled with the theme, Prowess is a WordPress theme that’s sure to draw your attention. Just from a cursory glance, you’d be able to see it’s a sports theme through and through. With enough flexibility to be applicable to a variety of different uses, Prowess can be a theme for a fitness center, gym, yoga studio, sports club, and even a sports store.

You’ll find features that will facilitate communication with your customers or team members. Being able to share a schedule and let people know about future events can be of huge help. But if you’re running a business, it’s equally as important to exhibit pricing packages or even create a section of your website where you can sell products. You can do both with Prowess.

Features that make Prowess the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Retina Ready
  • Three Header Behavior Types
  • Three Portfolio List Pagination Types
  • Video Background Sections

6. FairwayGreen – Golf Club

FairwayGreen Golf Club Theme

Many sports WP themes mainly focus on displaying the dynamic nature of the sport, but that’s not the case with Fairway. The Fairway WordPress template gives off an impression of pure elegance, focusing on the noble aspects of the sport.

This beautiful sports WP theme comes with three demos, each premade for golf website purposes, and packed with plenty of useful elements. Smooth page transitions and parallax effect highlight the overall elegant feel and contribute to an excellent user experience. The theme is also responsive and retina-ready, which means you can be sure your website will look just as good regardless of the device.

A beautiful, premade shop page is also included, and WooCommerce is fully supported, so you can set up an online sports store within a few clicks. Plus, two premium plugins Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin and Slider revolution are bundled with the theme for free. These features can be found in golf WordPress themes, so you can check them out as well.

Features that make FairwayGreen the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Large collection of layouts and inner pages
  • Social Share widget
  • Integrated search
  • Large collection of custom shortcodes
  • Elementor Page Builder compatibility

7. TopFit – Fitness and Gym Theme

TopFit WordPress Theme

It’s great that there are so many places you could go to further your career as a trainer, fitness guru, or a lifestyle influencer. What all of those places have in common, however, is that none of them is exclusive to you, so your content will always be just a drop in the sea of similar content. Social media is full of fitness entrepreneurs who are working on their personal branding.

And that’s why it’s a good idea to have your own website. You can use it as a central hub where people can come and learn more about who you are, what you do, and why they should want to work with you. TopFit could be just the theme for your website because it looks and works great. It’s a powerful-looking theme that has the functionalities you and your clients would really need. So whether you want to give them an online BMI calculator, or you just want to keep them up-to-date on your schedule, TopFit will help you do it.

TopFit comes with plenty of customization options and the WPBakery Page Builder Plugin. The combination of the two means that you might want to set aside some time for customizing your website. But if you find you like any of the demo content, you’re only a click away from importing it. You choose the level of involvement that works best for you.

Features that make TopFit the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Image Zoom Animations
  • Color Gradient Functionality
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Custom Post Formats

8. WaveRide – Surfing and Water Sports Theme

WaveRide Wordpress theme

Catch the wave with WaveRide! Inspired by summer and designed for everyone passionate about surfing, this theme will help you build a modern, fully responsive and feature-rich website. What makes this theme a top candidate for your new website is its collection of functionalities. Each layout is light, sun-touched and equipped with amazing elements that will help you promote your surfing club, water sport items, and any other surfing related business. We especially like the video button option, top reviews and Instagram feed features. Each of these options helps you boost the credibility and share your latest news, offers and the most relevant users’ comments. Apart from this, WaveRide integrates useful event timetable option. In other words, this theme is fully compatible with the Timetable Responsive schedule plugin, which lets your users book their appointments. Also, if you’re a surfing instructor or run a resort where people can learn to surf, let them book a room at your place. WaveRide comes packed with many booking features. Let’s just mention Trip advisor ratings that will definitely spread the buzz about your services. Finally, this theme includes a broad range of shop elements so you can present, sell and promote your sportswear and equipment items in detail.

Features that make WaveRide the best sports WordPress theme:

  • Tours and Events
  • Booking Option
  • Services and Pricing Lists
  • Shop Elements
  • Image Galleries

9. Xtreme Sports – WordPress Theme

Xtreme Sports WordPress Theme

Get extremely positive results with Xtreme Sports – a theme made to uplift any website. This creative, modern and responsive WordPress theme fits the needs of any website related to sports. From extreme sports, and sports clubs to online sports shops. Besides its modern, powerful design, Xtreme sports features versatile options ideal for selling sports products and presenting sports clubs, organizations, and professionals. On top of this, this theme offers all the necessities for selling sportswear and equipment online. For starters, it comes with a shop catalog you can organize in different categories. For example, you can create winter, summer and extreme sports segments so your customers can easily browse through the items. Also, your customers can filter the products by price, color or brand. This will save their time and keep them coming back. Lastly, Xtreme sports is made with beginners in mind so it offers real-time and live customizer. With it, anyone can create a website that has it all.

Features that make Xtreme Sports the best sports WordPress theme:

  • Responsive Design
  • Mail Chimp Plugin
  • Amazing Sports Shop Catalog
  • Filter by Price and Filter by Color
  • Many Homepages

10. Whistle – Sports Club WordPress Theme

Whistle WordPress Theme

No matter how technical it might seem, building a website is also a creative endeavor. As such, it’s prone to frequent changes. Complete layouts can be scrapped and remade from scratch. Smaller changes, such as adding a column here or removing one there, are routine. And let’s not get started on how many versions website copy and visuals go through.

The website theme you pick should be flexible enough to let you make all these changes easily. Whistle, a sports WordPress theme ideal for organizations ranging from sports clubs to event management businesses, makes it all effortless for you. You get a plethora of choices for everything from layouts and color skins to fonts and icons you can use.

But Whistle isn’t just about the looks. Take its courses carousel feature, for example. It’s great for showcasing your offer. What makes it really useful, however, is the PayPal integration that lets visitors purchase access in a couple of simple steps. The team carousel helps you humanize your business by showing the people behind it. The activities sticky scroll menu makes website navigation convenient – that’s very important because bad navigation can seriously derail your website’s success. And if you have products to sell, Whistle helps thanks to the support to the WooCommerce integration.

Features that make Whistle the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Grid Type Gallery with Filters
  • Visual Page Builder
  • A Unique Sign-Up Form

11. Ornaldo – Sport Shop WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Ornaldo WordPress Theme

Ornaldo focuses on selling sportswear, equipment, and items so it’s equipped with all the essential WooCommerce features. Compatible with the most popular plugin for eCommerce – WooCommerce, this theme is a good choice if you want to sell gym & fitness clothing, basketball, football and tennis wear and any other sort of fitness accessories. Besides the practical wish list and detailed product descriptions, Orlando offers powerful filters. This means your customers can filter products by size, price or brand. There is, as well, an amazing size chart and size guide ideal for anyone who isn’t sure which size to choose. Apart from this, you can display different color variants so people can find their favorite combination with complete ease. What we also like about Orlando is its newsletter popup option. Use it when you want to announce special discounts and limited offers and inspire your customers to subscribe. Another great thing about this WP theme is its compatibility with the Dokan plugin. Thanks to it you can take your online shop to the next level and build a multivendor marketplace that can do wonders for your business.

Features that make Ornaldo the best sports WordPress theme:

  • Dokan Plugin Multi-Vendor Marketplace
  • On Shop Display Color Variants
  • Filter by Size, Price, Brand
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Wishlist Features
  • Size Chart and Size Guide

12. Xtrail – Extreme Sports and Outdoors Theme

Xtrail WordPress Theme

A sports website should also be motivational and inspirational. If you want to immerse your website visitors into an entirely new life experience, Xtrail could be what you’re looking for. This WordPress theme was built for extreme sports, adventure tours, and outdoor activities. WordPress theme.

Xtrail’s design exudes power, dynamic, and energy with bright colors and popping animations. Use the main home page to showcase breathtaking destinations with a full-screen showcase and content blocks with images, descriptions, and calls to action. If you want a blend of stunning views and practical elements, you can opt for a travel agency layout that weaves a calendar with booking options into a beautiful video background.

Out of nine homepage layouts, you will easily find the one that is a good fit – there are also demos for various sports like climbing, surfing, and cycling. This theme also pays special attention to blog layouts and event lists, allowing you to keep visitors both up to date and inspired by your latest adventures.

Features that make XTrail the best WordPress sports theme:

  • Timetable Event Hours Shortcode
  • Enable Payment via PayPal
  • Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress Plugin Included ($26 value)
  • Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress Plugin Included ($49 value)
  • Top Reviews Carousel Shortcode

Let’s Wrap It Up!

For every one of us, sports can be a source of endless joy. Whether we use them to accomplish things or enable and cheer for other people’s accomplishments, getting involved in sports is one of the best decisions any of us can make in our lives.

But because we live in the 21st century, we can’t forget that if something doesn’t exist online, it’s almost as if it doesn’t exist at all. So if you want to establish an online presence for your gym, club, or store, building a website for it is a good place to start. If you are interested particularly in football, there is a great choice of football WordPress themes that you should consider too. Also, there is a worth checking theme selection created particularly for winter activities. If you’re not sure how you want it to look, give these themes and their demos a glance — one of them is bound to be worthy of your attention. And also don’t hesitate to explore great themes that fall into similar niches like these amazing crossfit WP themes for example.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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