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5 Best Tattoo Studio WordPress Themes

5+ Best Tattoo Studio WordPress Themes

There are certain lines of business that absolutely cannot do without a website. Tattoo studios and artists fall into this category. Getting a tattoo is a serious decision and one you can’t easily reverse. That’s why people want to make sure they’re gonna get inked in a place that deserves their trust and fulfills certain criteria. And that’s precisely why tattoo studios and parlors need a good website. The simplest solution is to get a tattoo studio WordPress theme, one that will showcase your skills and style, your studio, facilities and your team.

A good WordPress theme for a tattoo studio should have plenty of images, so your clients can get to know your style. Basic information, such as working hours, prices, how to get in touch and so on, should be easy to locate on a page. The overall design of the site should be in line with established tattoo aesthetics, too.

This seems like too many boxes to tick, but don’t worry. There are some high-quality WordPress themes for tattoo studios that tick them all, and we have hand-picked them for you:

1. Qi Theme

Qi theme premium tattoo demo

If you are searching for the right theme for your tattoo studio, search no more. Have a look at the premium Qi Theme. This stunning theme comes with 50 premium demos you can style as per your needs. Innovative motions, elegant fonts and endless color choices, make this theme a superb choice for any niche. However, it also integrates Tattoo studio demo. You can use it to introduce your tattoo artists, share the location of your studio on Google map, let people book your services online or contact you via contact form.

Features that make Qi the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Tattoo studio demo
  • Online booking
  • Contact form
  • Bold design

2. Tristero – Tattoo WordPress Theme

Tristero Tattoo WordPress Theme

If you want your tattoo studio to have a spectacular online presentation, Tristero just might be the WordPress themes that can help you achieve that. Just like your ink will leave a mark on someone’s body, we assure you that your site will leave a massive impression on your clients and help them feel they have finally found a professional.

Since tattoos are all about art, the creators of Tristero made sure that the theme itself is nothing less than a digital masterpiece. The dominant blacks and whites, with a sporadic touch of color and carefully placed minimalistic details make the site transmitt that tattoo effect and leave the impression of elegant minimalistic art.

You will even have the possibility to set the theme up according to your preferences and choose if you want your site to be dressed in dark or light background since it comes with these 2 skins that are easily changable from your dashboard.

Tristero black & White

In addition to this, a specially designed collection of home and inner pages will help you get an authentic, tattoo oriented site in minutes. You get to use a series of premaid pages about your studio and your team and help your future clients get to know you better and, therefore, opt for your studio without hesitation.

One of the most important things in the client’s decision making (of course, apart from your skills) will definitely be the pricelist that you have to offer. In order to help you out with this, Tristero creators have prepared a special pricing plans page that you can use to create different packages for your clients and display your prices with clarity.

Tristero Pricing Plans

In addition to this, a site of an artist must surely have a carefully curated place where they’ll exhibit their work and showcase their skills, and that part becomes even more important for an artist whose work leaves a permanent track on somebody’s appreance. Therefore, Tristero is equipped with an assortment of amazing portfolio layouts that will help you display your work with style. You can publish your artwork photos in a big or small gallery, with big or small images, create lists, galleries with two or more columns etc., it’s all up to you.

Tristero Gallery

Lastly, with Tristero, you will be able to start your own blog if you decide to do so, or even sell products online and set your shop to look just as amazing as the rest of the site.

Features that make Tristero the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Dark and Light Skin Variants of All Demo Templates
  • Business Info List Shortcode
  • Instagram List Shortcode
  • Call to Action Shortcode
  • Integrated Search

3. Revolver – Tattoo Studio and Barbershop Theme

Revolver WordPress Theme

Revolver is an impressive tattoo studio template inspired by alternative subcultures. From tattoo parlors to barbershops, biker clubs and vintage shops, this WoP theme draws from the urban, hipster, retro aesthetics and allows you to create a site that will make all your visitors want to get covered head-to-toe in tattoos.

This theme, heavily focused on design, has six homepages, one of which is dedicated solely to tattoo studios. It’s a gorgeous combination of black and white with gold accents.

In addition to being stylistically fit for a tattoo studio, this homepage is perfect for displaying your most important content. You can use beautiful sections to list the services you provide, the team working in your studio and other important information. Of course, you get to tell the story about your art and your studio and to showcase your best works.

Revolver Tattoo Theme

Visitors looking for a tattoo place will definitely want to see as many of the tattoos you did as possible. Revolver allows you to arrange them in a variety of impressive portfolio layouts and singles to choose from.

A page that is particularly worth noting is the Full Screen Slider portfolio single. You can add all images related to one project to this single page and your visitors will go through them by clicking on the little arrows.

Relevant information is located to the side, where you can open or close it to access the content. This is a quite innovative solution for displaying images and info, and something we don’t see that often in WordPress themes.

In addition, your tattoo photos will really shine. Your fine linework and your skills will be in full focus thanks to fullscreen images.

Revolver Tattoo

The developers of Revolver seem to be especially skilled in hovers. There are different kinds of interesting hover effects for portfolio lists. For instance, the trim overlay hover comes in different variants, ie. with different colors, creating an impressive, dynamic effect. It works great with the overall theme vibe, a bit edgy and definitely uber-cool.

Revolver Theme

Also worth noting is the excellent Pricing List shortcode. Thanks to it, you can list the prices for all the services your tattoo salon offers in a manner that stylistically works amazing with the entire aesthetics of Revolver.

Tattoo Theme

Features that make Revolver the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Zoom Animation and Parallax on Slider
  • Testimonials Slider
  • Twitter and Instagram Feed Widgets
  • Separate Typography Settings for Responsive
  • Customizable Mega Menu

4. Dotwork – Tattoo Studio and Piercing Shop Theme

Dotwork WordPress Theme

Dotwork is a big, bold theme created specifically for tattoo and piercing studios and deserves a high place on or list of the best tattoo studio WordPress themes. The design of the theme intense and expressive, just like tattoos are in their nature. Everything, from colors to the choice of typography, fits perfectly in the tattoo and piercing aesthetics. The design follows the functionality and the theme’s purpose and that’s extremely important, especially for the tattoo niche.

The color scheme is decisively monochromatic. This is a good choice as it adds to the modern minimalistic feel but there’s more to it, too. Black and white colors schemes are a perfect complement for colorful images, in this case pictures of tattoos done in your parlor. That way, the artist’s work is in the primary focus as a visitor browses the website and scrolls the pages.

The Tattoo Studio homepage is an excellent example of how you can create an impressive page with the use of animations. In this case, the high quality of animations, with elements subtly pouring down across the page, following the scroll, creates an impressive effect on the visitors.

The dynamic feel of this page, combined with the minimalism of the layout, is bound to make your visitors crave for a tattoo or two. If you decide to use the Tattoo Studio homepage, make sure to keep these great animations as well.

Tattoo Studio homepage

The Vertical Showcase homepage has a different, even more dynamic and complex vibe. Slides interchange on scroll and there’s the Ken Burns effect for background pictures. Not just that – every element has some kind of animation to it. Everything is bold and edgy, just like the theme itself, and just like we imagine your tattoo studio is, too.

Vertical Showcase Homepage

In addition to the standard page header, Dotwork also offers an excellent Minimal Header.

Minimal Header

One of the biggest virtues of this sort of header is that it gives the page a clean, neat, tidy look. The menu items are initially invisible, and it’s only after you open the burger menu that they are revealed. This way, Dotwork manages to achieve the impossible: full functionality without compromising the design.

Bear in mind that this header can be used for any page that comes with this extraordinary tattoo studio theme, even on those where the developers have put a regular header. As a user, you are free to mix and match the theme elements anyway you want.

Features that make Dotwork the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Free Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder
  • Customizable Google Maps
  • Optional Social Share Functionality
  • Separate Logo and Header Styles for Mobile
  • Mikado Search Functionality

5. Tattoo Studio – Responsive WordPress Theme

Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

Among all tattoo, piercing and body art studio themes for WordPress, Tattoo Studio is probably the one that leaves the most space for the pictures of your tattoo parlor, your past work, your team and other visual content that tells the story about your studio.

The navigation on the site is particularly interesting. For instance, when you want to navigate from the homepage to, say, the About Us, the new page doesn’t load and open the usual way. Instead, it slides in to the right.

These kinds of unusual solutions set websites apart from each other. Therefore, if you want yours to stand out, then Tattoo Studio might be the right theme for you.

Tattoo Studio WordPress

Another unique thing about this WP template for tattoo studios is the sections layout. Instead of a classic page with the vertical arrangement of the elements, the content is located in the right-hand part of the screen, on black background, while the left side is dominated by visual content. i.e. an image.

Tattoo Studio Theme

Also, make sure to use the excellent FAQ section. It’s a great way to answer your visitors’ most common questions and issues in advance. It builds trust and defines you as a responsible, reliable tattoo artist. Plus, it’s convenient.

FAQ section

Tattoo Studio is a theme that understands the importance of blogging. Having and regularly updating a blog is incredibly important for any business and tattoo and body art is no exception.

A blog is a way to keep your visitors engaged and it’s an invaluable conversion tool. Blogs boost traffic and keeps you connected to your community, and that’s vital. Furthermore, publishing expert articles on relevant topics, such as tattoo techniques, standards, innovations, style, trends and events, builds your position as an authority in your field.

This WordPress theme for tattoo studios and body art has excellent blogging options, with interesting blog singles, consistent with the vibe of other sections of the theme.

Blogging Options

Moreover, blog posts come with integrated social share functionality. Making content immediately available for sharing is another great way to boost traffic and promote your business. Your posts can be shared either via mail, or on social media, and there is the Subscribe option right there, too.

Features that make Tattoo Studio the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Horizontal Layout
  • Custom Fullscreen Google Maps
  • Multiple Skin Colors
  • Custom jQuery Sliders
  • Custom Animations

6. Tattoo WordPress Theme

Tattoo WordPress Theme

For anyone out there who wants to leave a mark, we handpicked Tattoo WordPress theme – a free toolset of layouts and features for tattoo studios, tattoo and piercing artists. This theme is equipped with tons of options. However, if you need additional functionalities you can switch to its PRO version at any time. Tattoo Studio offers numerous pre-designed pages you can easily build and customize with Elementor page builder. Create a modern Contact page, About me page or start your blog with ease.

Of course, you can present your services in detail or introduce your team with a focus on special skills and expertise. Apart from this, you can allow your customers to book appointments online – this theme integrates with WooCommerce Bookings plugin. Also, don’t forget to include feedback from your happy customers. There is a practical testimonials functionality that can strengthen your credibility when used right.

Tattoo theme quote

Lastly, this theme is intuitive, easy-to-use and requires zero coding knowledge, so anyone can use it with confidence.

Features that make Tattoo the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Appointment booking system
  • Pre-designed layouts
  • Dark design
  • User testimonials

7. TattooPress – A WordPress Theme for Ink Artists

Tattoo Pro WordPress Theme

With 1,200+ sales, TattooPress is one of the best-selling tattoo studio themes on ThemeForest. It only takes a quick look at this remarkable body art theme to see why that is.

In addition to design that does an excellent job at following the urban tattoo and body art aesthetics, the authors of this theme made sure to furnish it with just about anything such a theme should have.

Your website should be the one-stop-shop where your current and future clients can find answers to all their questions. What’s your style, what’s your technique, what equipment you use, what’s your studio like, who are your team members, where your studio is located, how to reach it, what are the working hours and, of course, the prices – these are the things people want to know. And TattooPress makes sure they find it all out quickly and easily.

Booking forms are very important for any business site. TattooPress offers some excellent solutions in this department.

Tattoo Pro Booking Forms

This form allows your visitors to reach out quickly and effortlessly and book an appointment in your studio. Note that the address and contact info are displayed right there next to the form. Having all this information clearly displayed in strategic places is very important and it’s just another thing that this theme got right.

The developers have paid a lot of attention to galleries that come with this theme. It’s only logical, since pictures of your work and your studio are your most important content. TattooPress offers three gallery layouts and three available image sizes with as many as five different hover effects. This really gives you a lot of possibilities when it comes to showcasing your best tattoos. For example, one of the hovers turns black and white images into color ones, and a reverse hover effect is available too.

Tattoo Pro Black Hover

Also worth mentioning here is the horizontal gallery, which is exceptionally well-crafted and provides your website with a contemporary twist.

Tattoo Pro Horizontal Gallery

As you can see, TattooPress is a hip, urban theme with high-quality design and some truly precious solutions that is bound to help you get more clients in your tattoo studio.

Features that make TattooPress the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • MailChimp Integration
  • Sticky Menu
  • WPML-Ready With Language Switcher
  • 540+ Icons
  • Zoom, Parallax and Video Background

8. Ancora – An Urban Tattoo Salon and Ink Shop WordPress Theme

Ancora WordPress Theme

Ancora is a full-featured, hip theme with a decisively urban vibe. It has all you could possibly need for establishing a strong online presence for your tattoo parlor or body art studio. Like the other themes on this list, it’s plain to see that the authors did their best to set a tone that is 100% in line with the edginess of tattoo and body art aesthetics. Basically all you need to do is fill it with your own content and you’re good to go.

This theme has four different homepages for you to pick from. Each comes with a set of useful features that are essential for building your brand online. They allow you to showcase each of the aspects of your tattoo business – present the artists on your team, your best works, share your inspirational stories, sell your merch, and so on.

Ancora Theme

Ancora has an interesting Services shortcode that you should definitely make use of. It provides a cool way to present your services by inserting a photo within the shortcode and arranging a description of the services you offer around it.

Ancora WordPress

As for the pages, we’d like to draw your attention to the Blog Portfolio 2 Columns page as a great way to display and arrange your posts. Blog post titles are revealed upon hover, which adds a dynamic touch and draws your visitors to click and read your content. Compare it to the classic blog list, which is pretty basic, although nicely designed, and you’ll see the benefits of a more dynamic, untypically arranged blog page.

Ancora Blog Portfolio Page

In addition to the standard ways your clients can get in touch, such as email and phone, Ancora also offers a Booking Form. All it takes for your visitors is a few clicks and they got themselves an appointment in your salon. People love it when things are made simple for them, so this contact form is something they will definitely appreciate.

Ancora Booking Form

All in all, this is a high-quality, edgy and urban-looking theme that you will enjoy using to build an attractive website for your tattoo studio.

Features that make Ancora the best tattoo studio WordPress theme:

  • Swiper Slider and Revolution Slider
  • Shortcode Builder
  • Custom Theme Options Panel
  • Full WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Enable/Disable Retina Option

Bottom Line

As we already said earlier, having a proper, functional website in line with the established tattoo aesthetics is vital for any tattoo studio or body art shop that wants to survive on today’s competitive market. Specially designed tattoo studio WordPress themes are an easy, quick and highly efficient way to do that.

With the tattoo templates featured on this list, you simply cannot go wrong. And you can easily make them even more functional by adding the right plugin. For example, in case you need the scheduling functionality and your theme isn’t packed with it, you can add a practical WP schedule plugin that will perfectly answer your needs. So, find your best theme and start growing your tattoo business.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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