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Twenty Twenty-Two Theme Is Coming: These Are the First Impressions

Twenty Twenty-Two Theme is Almost Here and It’s Amazing

Recently, we witness huge big changes in WordPress – the release of WordPress 5.9 and the launch of their brand new, default theme Twenty Twenty-Two. This theme will be much more than an upgraded version of the well-known Twenty One theme. As a matter of fact, Twenty Twenty-Two is created with the idea to meet the needs of customers with a mixture of modern structure and functionality. Thus, this theme is much more than the free themes we’ve seen in the past.

Thanks to new abilities, tons of practical customization options, and out-of-the-box layouts, Twenty Twenty-Two is surely the most flexible default theme ever created for WordPress. If you want to build an amazing site, but you’re on a budget, all you need is one of the free multi-concept WordPress themes. Since Twenty Twenty-Two is one of them, let’s take a closer look at its first demo preview and go through its options, design style, and template choices.

Twenty Twenty Two Theme

Inspiration Behind Twenty Twenty-Two theme

Twenty-One is one of the most popular free themes out there. Compared to it, the Twenty Twenty-Two theme is not only the advanced version of Twenty One but a completely new, fresh free theme. The inspiration for this theme came from nature. Specifically, from the birds. Playful, inspiring, and charming, birds have the power to pleasantly surprise us when we expect it the least. In other words, birds’ behavior is unpredictable. However, they are reliable at the same time.

Like the birds, Twenty Twenty-Two is bold and balanced at the same time. To put this differently, this theme makes some bold design choices while combining them with gentle details. On top of this, the bird illustrations are incorporated in all demos so the connection with birds is visible at first sight. These stunning illustrations are followed by Source Serif Pro for headlines, paired with elegant sans-serif for support. When it comes to color palette, it’s also drawn from nature. Gentle grey, pastel orange, dark green work great together.

Most importantly, the Twenty Twenty-Two theme is designed to be reliable. Contemporary, timeless design direction will surely fit different business niches.

Customize to Perfection

WordPress users will be happy to hear that Twenty Twenty-Two theme comes packed with a huge collection of page templates, headers, footers, and color combinations so it can be easily adapted to any website type. Whether you need a fun personal portfolio or a traditional business site, Twenty Twenty-Two theme gets you covered. Its versatile patterns and options provide versatile possibilities that require zero coding knowledge.

On top of this, Twenty Twenty-Two will let you feel free like a bird. Its extensive customization options will let you change every element with complete ease. From color schemes to font choices you can change it all. Unlike some other default WordPress themes that were a bit limiting when it comes to customization, this theme follows the latest site editing and customization trends. Thus, its creators are probably right when they say it’s one of the most flexible default themes ever created for WordPress.

This theme has already received positive feedback on Twitter, where people were delighted with the design preview and the news about the theme’s launch. Most of the WordPress users were happy to discover that this theme can be easily transformed into any website type. Unlike other default themes, Twenty Twenty-Two theme isn’t limited to a narrow set of features. These limitations were the reason for the poor reputation of default WordPress themes. In the future, Twenty Twenty-Two theme will get a chance to change the way people see and use default themes. Full site editing is one of the reasons Twenty Twenty-Two will surely be the most user-empowering default theme in WordPress’ history.

Twenty Twenty Two WordPress Theme

Edit Like a Pro

As we already said, Twenty Twenty-Two theme is built for full site editing. Creators of this theme also emphasized that the theme aims to use as little CSS as possible. The goal is for all theme styles to be configured through theme.json and editable through Global Styles. Plus, they promised that the theme development team will work closely with Gutenberg contributors to build design tools in the block editor that enable this goal. What is important to know is that Twenty Twenty-Two will likely require WordPress 5.9 to run.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The launch of Twenty Twenty-Two theme is one of the most exciting news from WordPress.org this year. The way this theme looks and works, promises an amazing user experience and many possibilities. In case, you need a free, reliable theme that can be easily customizable, stay tuned – Twenty Twenty-Two theme is coming soon.

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