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WordPress Community Themes Worth Having

10+ WordPress Community Themes Worth Having

Our daily lives are digitized. We meet new friends via social platforms, search for jobs online, sell our products via online stores. Also, we often gather in online communities that give us the chance to connect, communicate, and discuss with our peers. Some of our communities are so well connected that they even feel like home. To join these communities of like-minded people, we usually need to become a member via a specific site, which will give us exclusive access to specific content.

From gaming tips and tricks to sociological topics and health care advice – these communities cover almost anything you could imagine. Most often they are organized as closed systems where members can post questions, comment on certain topics, or ask for advice. Online communities allow people to communicate through chat rooms, forums, discussion boards, or even through email lists. If you want to upgrade your website and allow people to interact through community features, you will be happy to hear that this isn’t yet another mission impossible.

On the contrary, WordPress community themes are carefully made to meet all of your needs. Equipped with tons of options and compatible with leading WordPress community plugins, these themes are ideal for any niche that can gather the online community. Now, have a look at the best WordPress community themes we handpicked for you.

1. Join Up – BuddyPress Community Theme

Join Up WordPress Theme

Join Up is another community theme that will meet your requirements. For starters, it’s designed in a modern, fresh manner suitable for forums, online communities, social networks, and similar sites. Secondly, this theme integrates with the leading community plugin BuddyPress as well as with bbPress. This will let you create forums or chat groups, offer membership functionalities, create sites with social networking features, and much more. People will be able to join discussions and follow notifications for the latest updates. Apart from this, Join up offers event, blog, and shop options so it’s much more than a community theme.

Features that make Join up a great WordPress community theme:

  • Complete BuddyPress and bbPress integration
  • Dozens of professional pages
  • Events, blog & shop features
  • Modern Illustrations

2. Eldritch – Epic Theme for Gaming and eSports

Eldritch Forum WordPress Theme

Eldritch holds the first place on our list of WordPress community themes for a reason. Crafted particularly for gamers and the eSports community, this theme offers tons of community features. In the first place, it’s packed with modern forum layouts with all the elements one forum needs to thrive. For instance, these forum templates allow you to see the number of posts posted, have a look at top articles, or log in to post a new topic. The dark design style of these layouts will surely impress gamers who are passionate about sharing their tips and tricks with their community. Apart from this, Eldritch offers easily customizable gaming homepage layouts for esports matches, game showcase, gaming blog, concept art presentation, online store & more. You also get a forum template & full compatibility with the bbPress plugin.

Features that make Eldritch a great WordPress community theme:

  • Forum layouts
  • Tons of homepages
  • Compatibility with bbPress
  • Dark design style

3. iAcademy – Education Theme for Online Learning

iAcademy WordPress Themes

iAcademy is an amazing theme for online learning platforms and educational websites. It allows you not only to introduce your courses and teachers but also it gives your learners a chance to connect through online communities. In a nutshell, iAcademy is equipped with everything you need to set up discussion forums and bulletin boards. The theme is compatible with the astounding and free bbPress plugin, which provides a great way for you to let your students, as well as teachers, share their thoughts on relevant subjects. Apart from this, you can showcase your courses using iAcademy’s layouts and elements. Finally, this theme integrates with the free Events Calendar plugin so you can display your classes and events in an organized calendar layout with search functionality.

Features that make iAcademy a great WordPress community theme:

  • Discussion forums
  • bbPress plugin
  • Event Calendar
  • Tons of homepages

4. Reign BuddyPress Theme

Reign BuddyPress Theme

Reign theme presented by Wbcom Designs is an exclusive BuddyPress Theme. It brings all of the functions of BuddyPress together in one location. Reign allows users to create completely interactive social-community websites with activities, groups, Friends, Members, and more.

Reign comes with distinct customization options for BuddyPress which allows users to easily alter the settings without needing just one line of code.

Features that make Reign a great WordPress community theme:

  • Community branding options
  • BuddyPress or BuddyBoss platform support
  • Gutenberg ready

5. EasyMeals – Food Blog WordPress Theme

EasyMeals Food Blog WordPress Theme

This lovely theme is tailor-made for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. If you want to start a community food and cooking blog, EasyMeals will help you do it with style and with ease. When it comes to community features, this theme will make your dreams come true. This means you can create an open platform for all your members. Since EasyMeals is compatible with the bbPress plugin, you can set up forums where community members can interact without limitations. Also, your visitors can create personalized profiles on your food blog website since the registration process is quick and simple. You can, as well, let members submit their recipes for your approval. Thanks to the clean dashboard, you can select which recipe you wish to approve.

Features that make EasyMeals a great WordPress community theme:

  • Tons of community features
  • Personalized profiles for community members
  • bbPress plugin compatibility

6. BuddyApp – Mobile First Community WordPress theme

BuddyApp WordPress Theme

This community WordPress theme is another example of good UI design and innovative WordPress functionalities. But the power of this theme is in its community features. This means you can set up discussion forums or run any sort of social network on your WordPress website with ease. In other words, you can allow your website visitors to create member profiles, join user groups, message each other, or even share files over private messages. There is, as well, a live chat functionality, which surely makes communication easier. Finally, BuddyApp covers a broad range of event features including calendar, event booking management, etc.

Features that make BuddyApp a great WordPress community theme:

  • Live chat
  • File management
  • Member profiles
  • Activity streams

7. HelpGuru – A Self-Service Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

HelpGuru WordPress Theme

A detailed knowledge base can truly transform the user experience. HelpGuru is made with the idea to provide not only amazing knowledge base features but to allow you to start a forum and share news online. Although this theme isn’t exclusively made for community websites, you will be able to create nice, professional forums like a pro. When it comes to knowledge base features, this theme has a lot to offer. Thanks to HelpGuru’s options, you can allow customers to vote on article helpfulness, access the support team 24/7, and more. Lastly, HelpGuru will help you to reduce repetitive questions and support ticket volume and speed up the whole process.

Features that make HelpGuru a great WordPress community theme:

  • Branded Knowledge Base
  • Community-based support system
  • Forum layout
  • News features

8. eSmarts – Education & LMS Theme

eSmarts WordPress Theme

eSmarts deserves a place on our list of WordPress community themes since it offers a broad range of features every online community needs. For starters, it’s compatible with the bbPress plugin, so you can set up bulletin boards and discussion forums right there on your website. In other words, you can allow your customers to connect under one, website umbrella. Moreover, eSmarts is equipped with tons of course templates, so you can share all the essential information about each of your courses. Also, you can introduce your tutors and describe their skills and expertise. Lastly, eSmarts is fully compatible with the free Events Calendar plugin. This means you can display all your classes in a modern calendar layout & add info to each class for your users.

Features that make eSmarts a great WordPress community theme:

  • Compatibility bbPress plugin
  • Tons of course templates
  • Event calendar plugin

9. Listopia – Directory, Community WordPress Theme

Listopia WordPress Theme

When we talk about the best WordPress community themes we have to mention Listopia. This listing theme integrates basic community features, so it’s a good choice if you want to uplift your website. Thanks to Listopedia’s community functionalities, people will be able to connect on your forum, search for other users, or go through detailed member lists. Apart from this, Listopia is equipped with numerous listing features so your customers can explore a certain city or look for a certain place by address, zip code, and current location.

Features that make Listopia a great WordPress community theme:

  • Blog features
  • Video slider functionality
  • Newsletter feature
  • Forum functionality

10. Lynk – Social Networking and Community WordPress Theme

Lynk WordPress Theme

Last but not least – there is Lynk. Compatible with the most relevant community plugins – bbPress and BuddyPress, this theme is a great choice for everyone who wants to build a website around a forum. Besides essential forum features, this theme offers an event calendar so you can add events your community may find relevant. What we especially like is a live notification feature. With it, people can keep the track of new posts, latest messages, or friend requests.

Features that make Lynk a great WordPress community theme:

  • Compatibility with BBPress and BuddyPress
  • Event Calendar
  • Live notification feature

11. Newsroom – Newspaper Theme

Newsroom WordPress Theme

Newsroom is a contemporary news magazine theme packed with tons of layouts and powerful WordPress features. Although it’s primarily made for news platforms, it also covers some essential community functionalities. Firstly, it integrates with bbPress – one of the best community plugins for building communities and forums. In combo with minimalistic design Newsroom’s features make the winning formula for readers who want to discuss the news in a pleasant environment. Also, the Newsroom is packed with social share functionality, so people can share your posts across social media and interact with others. Apart from this, this theme also allows you to add stunning image galleries, videos, and audio files to your articles.

Features that make Newsroom a great WordPress community theme:

  • Stunning multimedia post types
  • Compatibility with bbPress
  • Social share functionality
  • Post blocks and layouts

Let’s Wrap It Up

WordPress community themes are equipped with tons of useful options even a complete beginner can use with ease. For this reason, they are the perfect choice for everyone who wants to build an online community without hiring developers. Since they integrate endless forum functionality and work perfectly with leading community plugins – bbPress and BuddyPress, you will be able to upgrade your website and build a forum even if you don’t have previous experience. In case these themes don’t meet your requirements, you can always check out forum WordPress themes, made for forum lovers specifically.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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