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WordPress Full Site Editing Themes

10 WordPress Full Site Editing Themes

While it had always been the case that with WordPress, almost anyone can make a website, there have always been barriers surmountable only by people with some technical skills. While most people can install a theme or a plugin, making it all work is a different story. However, as of late, a significant change has been sweeping WordPress: Full Site Editing.

This means, essentially, making editing a website about as easy as creating a blog post. And in this article, we will be showcasing a list of WordPress themes particularly suited for full site editing.

Let’s get cracking.

1. Qi Theme

Qi Premium WordPress theme

The Qi Theme was developed as a free theme with a paid version. It comes with a huge array of ready-made solutions as well as a broad gamut of customization options. The Qi Theme is basically a bottomless toolbox for budding beginners and old hands both. You can select one of the out-of-the box layouts and just go with it, or you can use its features to build any kind of website from the ground up.

2. Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty Two WordPress Theme

The most recent among them, Twenty Twenty-Two continues the line of default themes, bringing it into the era of full site editing. It comes with a broad spectrum of page templates, headers, footers and color schemes. Twenty Twenty-Two provides a good foundation for almost any website.

3. Eirwen – Modern WooCommerce Theme

Eirwen WordPress Theme

Eirwen is a versatile shop theme which lends itself well to full site editing. Out of the box, it offers dozens of different shop layouts, as well as several layouts for headers, allowing you to edit it to fit any style or brand.

4. Wabi

Wabi WordPress Theme

Wabi is a great option if you are particularly fond of clean and bold design. You can change the palettes and typographies to suit your needs and brand identity, though its pared-down, minimal style is geared mostly towards writers.

5. Allele

Allele WordPress Theme

Another great example of the clean and simple approach to theme design is Allele. While very minimalist, its one column design still comes with a large number of customization options, especially when it comes to color and other styling options.

6. Ginevra – Artist Portfolio Theme

Ginevra wordpress theme

A theme meant for artists of all stripes, Ginevra packs a lot into a relatively small package. Not only is it fully customizable in terms of headers, footers, colors and typography, it comes with a large number of layouts you can use to showcase your art to the best of your abilities.

7. Chalet – Travel Accommodation Booking Theme


Chalet is a theme quite literally made for the cozy little hotel of your dreams. Oozing vintage charm, it is enticing and familiar, but also remarkably versatile. You can use its many page layouts to set it up any way you like, and create something beautiful and unique.

8. Aino

Aino WordPress Theme

Aino is yet another example of the minimalist approach in theme design. It comes with all the usual suspects when full site editing is concerned, though to fully leverage it, you need to use it in conjunction with the free Aino Blocks plugin. Also included in the package are e-commerce functionalities.

9. Knockout – Boxing & Martial Arts Theme

Knockout WP Theme

True to its name, Knockout packs a punch. Its bold design is perfectly suited for sports websites, especially those of the martial variety. However, its full customizability and variety of layouts make it a good fit for any website that wants to make use of its striking look.

10. Tove

Tove WordPress Theme

Primarily designed for cafes and restaurants, Tove is a good pick for any website, really – if you are willing to make full use of its full site editing versatility. It comes with dozens of block patterns, as well as multiple header and footer designs, making it easily adaptable for a huge number of applications.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, with Full Site Editing, the user is king. It is up to you to make the design and style choices, of course, but you will be making a good pick with any of these themes – and then, you can mold them into whatever strikes your fancy.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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