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Elegant WordPress Themes for Libraries

5 Elegant WordPress Themes for Libraries

Libraries are more than just stores of books. They are the reservoirs of peace, knowledge, wisdom, and life-changing stories. Throughout history, amazing minds asked and answered ethical and philosophical questions. So, today we can find the answers to every question we have. All we need is a library card and a love for reading.

As we tend to spend hours scrolling through digital channels, our focus declaims. Thus, going offline and finding time for books is becoming more and more important. Reading will not only improve our focus but help us improve our skills, self-awareness, and mental health.

Thanks to books, you can educate yourself about any topic, without leaving your sofa. Also, spending time with books is definitely better than reading news or consuming content with zero value. If you love books, you can start a book blog with zero experience, or use one of the WordPress themes for libraries to promote reading. In case you work in a library and want to promote reading, you can use one of the WordPress themes for libraries we handpicked down below.

1. ChapterOne – Bookstore and Publisher Theme

ChapterOne WordPress Theme

Start the new chapter and give your library the attention it deserves! With ChapterOne you will have endless options at your disposal. First of all, design experts from Qode Interactive team designed this theme. Thus, it looks amazing from every angle.

Besides refined details, a modern color scheme, and elegant fonts, this theme includes a large number of layouts you can easily customize. ChapterOne comes with six beautiful and fully adaptable homes ready to shed amazing light on your content.

In other words, you can introduce authors of the month, showcase recently published books, share articles about different book genres, and more. Apart from the useful homepage and inner page layouts, this theme includes practical event templates and features. Use them to announce upcoming book promotions – share dates, location, and sell tickets.

When it comes to shop features, ChepterOne is a good choice as well. Your customers will be able to filter books by price, check out the top 5 books of the week you recommend, read book reviews, and more. There is also a great field where people can enter coupon codes for special discounts.

Of course, this theme is equipped with blog layouts as well. This means you can introduce your favorite books, share your opinions, and more.

Features that make ChapterOne a great theme:

  • Event layouts and features
  • Shop options
  • Customizable homepages

2. Booklovers – Publishing House & Book Store WordPress Theme + RTL

Booklovers WordPress Theme

When we talk about WordPress themes for libraries, we have to mention Booklovers. As its name suggests, this theme is created for booklovers so each detail is carefully planned.

To start with, let’s mention its set of 4 modern bookstore demos. Whether you want to introduce new books or authors, you can do it with complete ease, since you can customize colors, fonts, and animation effects. Apart from this, Booklovers include many blog layouts. This is especially useful if you want to write articles about books everyone should read. Also, you can use video and audio content to make your blog posts more interactive.

As per shop features, this theme won’t disappoint you. It integrates with the WooCommerce plugin and brings shop templates that can be easily customized. You can sell both physical and downloadable books. Plus, your customers can read product reviews or use coupon codes to get discounts.

Lastly, the theme includes events calendars and social share buttons. This means you can announce book promotions and book readings.

Features that make Booklovers a great theme:

  • 4 bookstore demos
  • Blog layouts
  • Product reviews
  • Coupon codes

3. Scientia – Public Library & Book Store Education WordPress Theme

Scientia WordPress Theme

Scientia is not only modern but equipped with many features you can use to promote books and your library. Thus, it’s a great choice for libraries, publishing houses, or bookshops.

Besides, amazing layouts, this theme integrates many practical shop features. It’s compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can sell physical and digital books no matter where you are located.

Next, the theme brings a popular events calendar option, so you can display what’s coming up and notify users about the location, date or fee of book promotion, public reading, or book club.

Finally, the theme is compatible with essential WordPress plugins including Essential Grid, Contact Form 7, and WPBakery page builder. It also integrates with the Give plugin so you can collect donations or organize fundraising campaigns if you want to collect money and buy books for children in need or humanitarian organizations.

Features that make Scientia a great WordPress theme:

  • Events calendar
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Compatibility with many plugins

4. Belletrist – Blog Theme for Writers

Belletrist WordPress Theme

Belletrist brings a toolkit that deserves a special place on our list of WordPress themes for libraries. This elegant, beautifully designed theme is ideal for all modern writer blog websites as well as a bookstore.

Equipped with every template and functionality a contemporary blog can ever need, it allows you to write detailed book reviews, share the details about blog authors or recommend your favorite books.

What we like about Belletrist is a pop-up newsletter subscription form, so people can join your mailing list. Also, people can download your ebooks via the App Store or Google Play. In the end, it brings tons of eCommerce features so you can sell products online, with ease.

Features that make Belletrist a great WordPress theme:

  • Blog layouts
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Shop features

5. Auteur – WordPress Theme for Authors and Publishers

Auteur WordPress Theme

Auteur closes our list of best WordPress themes for libraries because it integrates tons of practical features you can use to present your library and your favorite books.

The theme offers an elegant, stylish design, great user experience, and many powerful features that will let you create a site that has it all. For instance, it includes 10 blog layouts so you can introduce authors and books as you please. Also, it can be used for selling books online as it brings shop functionalities as well.

We especially like advanced background animation effects – parallax effect on images or videos, so your content will catch the eye for sure.

Features that make Wood Auteur a great WordPress theme:

  • Customizable layouts
  • 10 blog templates

Let’s Wrap It Up

Turn a new page with WordPress themes for libraries! These themes are customizable, beautifully designed, and equipped with tons of features. Thus, you can easily introduce your library, write book reviews or sell books online. So, wait no longer and start your book journey right away!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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