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Best Bright Yellow WordPress Themes

10 Best Bright Yellow WordPress Themes

Colors are powerful. They influence our mood and behavior. They can, as well, impact the design’s effectiveness and the way customers see your brand. Also, marketing experts know that different colors and shades of one color have various associations. That’s why brands carefully choose colors that appear in their logos, product packages, or branding toolset.

If you love yellow and want to use it right, you have to be aware of its meaning. As the color of sunshine, yellow instantly boosts the mood. It’s related to joy, happiness, summer, and hope. However, too much yellow can have a completely opposite meaning. That’s why it’s frequently seen in warning signs.

To make the most of yellow, use it the right way. Be aware of the product type and niche, before you decide to go with this color. For instance, if you design a child product, this color is the perfect fit. On the other hand, if you want to promote a luxury product, our advice is to avoid it.

Yellow catches the attention right away, so it’s perfect for CTA buttons or contact forms. Also, it’s a good choice for sections with important information. Whether you want to build a business presentation or start your online store, these yellow WordPress themes deserve your attention.

1. Qi Theme

Qi Yellow theme

If you are searching for the best yellow WordPress themes, you have to take a look at Qi Theme. This beautifully designed theme is packed with 150 demos you can easily customize and use with zero effort. No matter which niche you cover, you can use Qi to attract attention. However, if you fancy the yellow color and want to use demos with yellow details, this theme won’t disappoint you either.

In the first place, there is the Musician premium demo that brings a bright, vibrant, yellow design. This layout is amazing for musicians who want an energetic showcase. Besides the top section with eye-catching yellow background, this demo includes a lovely footer in the same color scheme. The amazing yellow isn’t the only thing you will like about this theme. Sell tickets, announce tour dates or let people listen to their favorite songs online – it’s easy as it gets.

Modern art gallery demo is the second demo with yellow dominance. Warm, static yellow header, images with yellow frames, and sections for announcing dates and selling tickets – all the elements are enriched with yellow details.

Another layout that catches our attention is the Events and party planning demo. The whole layout has a stunning, bright, cool yellow background. This demo is perfect for one-page sites as it covers business essentials including testimonials, image galleries, and a contact form.

Lastly, there is a Creative agency demo. Here, we can see the amazing yellow background that serves as a canvas for showcasing services, best works, and projects. The yellow color also appears in the contact section.

Features that make Qi a great theme:

  • 4 yellow demos
  • 150 customizable demos
  • Endless features

2. Lyndon – Agency & Portfolio Theme

Lyndon Yellow theme

When we talk about yellow WordPress themes we have to mention Lyndon. This lovely portfolio theme is designed for all creative souls who went to leave a lasting impression. Equipped with 12 homepages, tons of portfolio layouts, interactive animation effects, and an animated cursor, this theme will let you present your works and projects in a memorable style. Lyndon is completely customizable, packed with endless color schemes. However, what makes it unique is its yellow design. Specifically, the theme is designed in a black and white scheme, enriched in yellow details.

What we especially like is the yellow gradient visible in the header. This effective detail warms this contemporary layout and gives it character. There is, as well, a mouse cursor in the form of a circle spray trace – also in yellow.

Features that make Lyndon a great theme:

  • 12 Homepages
  • Dozens of portfolio layouts
  • Animated cursor

3. MultiOffice – Coworking Space Theme

MultiOffice blue WordPress theme

Our list of the best yellow WordPress themes wouldn’t be complete without MultiOffice. This theme is designed to help you promote your coworking space. Thus, it’s equipped with features, layouts, and options any coworking website may need. Apart from amazing functionalities, this theme brings eye-catching yellow sections and elements. For instance, you can introduce your services in modern, yellow sections.

Next, there is a homepage style with a left menu section colored in yellow. Plus, one of the layouts has a hamburger menu, also in yellow. Besides this, we can see yellow in icons, social sharing icons, and backgrounds. However, if you want to see it somewhere else, you can you will be happy to hear that MultiOffice offers many customization options.

Features that make MultiOffice a great theme:

  • Icons & backgrounds in yellow
  • Tons of features
  • Blog and event elements

4. Yellow Business – Construction Theme

Yellow Business WordPress theme

As its name suggests, Yellow Business is a theme with dominant yellow color. Although it’s primarily designed for construction companies, this theme can be used for any other business type. The theme is packed with 9 homepages, 20 inner pages, and tons of portfolio layouts. In addition to this, the theme offers many blog and shop options. Each of these layouts has eye-catching yellow sections and details.

As yellow dominates this site, it’s visible in service sections, icons, buttons, and texts. Also, the yellow appears in Google map, team section, and a contact form. The smart usage of yellow with neutral colors creates the visual harmony we truly like.

Features that make Yellow Business a great theme:

  • 9 homepages
  • 20 inner pages
  • Blog and Shop features

5. CleverSoft – SaaS WordPress Theme

CleverSoft Yellow WordPress theme

CleverSoft is one of the yellow WordPress themes that will steal your heart. Although it’s not completely yellow, it brings some beautiful yellow layouts and details. Before we take a closer look at its yellow sections, let’s mention that this theme is equipped with tons of business elements and layouts including customizable homepages, blog templates, and shop functionalities.

When it comes to yellow elements and pages, we have to mention two of our favorites. In the first place, there is an App showcase home. Here we can see a horizontal slider on a yellow background. Also, you can style other website elements including buttons, texts, and icons by coloring them yellow.

Next, there is a cyber security home. The lovely yellow header in combo with powerful messages, attention-grabbing yellow CTA buttons, and modern yellow illustrations works perfectly for SaaS companies.

Features that make CleverSoft a great theme:

  • Vast customization options
  • Blog and shop features
  • 2 yellow homepages

6. Lightwire – Construction And Industry Theme

Lightwire WordPress theme

Our list of the best yellow WordPress themes isn’t complete without Lightwire. This beautifully designed theme comes with 35 pages, 13 header options, and vast features you can use to introduce your construction company. This theme is a beautiful example of how yellow can be used to enhance the user experience. This bright color is visible in icons, CTA buttons, subscription buttons, and the progress bar. Also, it appears in typography and sliders.

Features that make Lightwire a great theme:

  • 35 pages
  • 13 headers
  • Versatile portfolio styles

7. Alona – Tidy & Clean Portfolio

Alona WordPress theme

Alona is another theme we want to mention. This multipage portfolio theme is the ideal choice if you prefer clean design and yellow details. The theme is packed with horizontal, vertical and grid portfolio styles. Also, it offers a blog and contact page so you can show how professional you are with ease. As per yellow details, this theme is a great choice as well. The yellow appears in fonts, lines, and other graphical details.

Features that make Alona a great theme:

  • Many portfolio templates
  • Yellow details
  • Clean design

8. Arter – Resume WordPress Theme

Valiance Consulting WordPress Theme

Yellow WordPress themes can be a real piece of art. Arter is the living proof. This resume theme is created for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative and digital professionals who want to leave a mark.

The theme includes dark and light skin tones, supports shop features, offers many animation types, as well as multiple portfolio templates. What we especially like is the combo of dark skin mode and yellow details that create an effective impression.

Features that make Arter a great theme:

  • Dark & light versions
  • WooCommerce support
  • Elementor page builder

9. GlobeFarer – Transportation and Logistics Theme

GlobeFarer WordPress Theme

In case you operate in the transport and logistic field, but you love the yellow color, GlobeFarer is the theme worth checking. As a professional solution for all transportation service and freight companies, this theme will let you introduce your team, clients, and services in an eye-catching style.

The theme is designed in three main colors – grey, yellow and white. However, yellow appears in many details and elements including CTA buttons, lines, read more buttons, etc. Also, there are yellow backgrounds in some layouts.

Features that make GlobeFarer a great theme:

  • Customizable layouts
  • Blog elements
  • Endless customization options

10. Dizy – Creative Portfolio Theme

Dizy WordPress Theme

Dizy is a creative portfolio theme that closes our list of the best yellow WordPress themes. Designed for the creative niche, this theme is the right fit for freelancers, agencies, photographers, and designers who want to showcase their creative talents.

Besides 10 portfolio types, 40 creative elements, tons of shop options, and vast customization options, this theme offers lovely layouts with yellow details.

Features that make Dizy a great theme:

  • 10 portfolio types
  • 40 creative elements
  • Shop features

Let’s Wrap It Up

Yellow is the color of joy, a summerish atmosphere, and optimism. This powerful color is the ideal choice for some industries such as food products, construction companies or creative agencies. Also, it’s ideal for web design elements such as CTA buttons, contact forms, or top headers as it catches the eye instantly. If you want a site with yellow details, designed by professionals then yellow WordPress themes cover everything you may need.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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