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Best About Us Page Tips & Examples

Best About Us Page Tips & Examples

The About us page is the first place people will visit when they want to learn more about your services and products. No matter which industry you cover, you should share your business story so people can learn who you are and what you stand for. When designed right, the About us page will help you build trust, raise brand awareness, tell your business story, share your professional achievements or introduce your team members. In other words, the About us page lets you share everything that makes you one of a kind. If you want to create an About us page that is user-friendly, informative, and intuitive, you have to follow the essential website design principles. From the color palette, image gallery types to text sections and call to action buttons – every element you plan to use on your About us page matters. Now, let’s how the About us page works and why it deserves special attention.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

How About Us Pages Work

About us pages are seen as obligatory website pages. However, they are rarely used to their full potential. Most often, this page contains the basic info about your company, team, or services without inspiring details about your achievements, awards, or feedback from customers. In other words, the About us page isn’t seen as a powerful sales tool. If you want to create an About us page that is much more than yet another page on your site, make sure your About us page is goal-oriented. This means you should highlight everything that can turn visitors into customers. This basically means the About us page should boost decision-making among visitors.

So, use About us page to share the crucial business objectives with your target audience:

  • Explain why you started your business and what’s your business story
  • Describe your business idea, business model, and main business focus
  • Share the details about your products and the benefits they provide.
  • Introduce the founders, team members, and colleagues.
  • Include engaging content including data visualizations or videos
  • Don’t forget to display awards, client logos, and accomplishments.

How to Write an About Us Page

Once you decide which sort of information you want to include on your About us page, it’s time to write a text for each section. First, you need to make sure your tone of voice is unique, so your brand story reflects your business. Although there is no one, magic formula for writing About us pages, you won’t make a mistake if you stick to the following formula:

  1. Introduce the challenge or the problem that inspired you to act.
  2. Explain how you were inspired to find the solution and mention the obstacles you faced.
  3. Describe the solution and the benefits it provides.
  4. Mention the results, awards, and statistics – everything that illustrates your success.
  5. Introduce your team members and their amazing talents, skills or expertise.
  6. Announce the plans for the future.

Highlight Your Business Model

People use your services and products because of the problems your business solves and the benefits they get. The About us page is the ideal place for highlighting:

  • materials you use in your projects,
  • financial benefits users will get,
  • amount of money you will donate to charity,
  • special offers
  • shipping conditions.

We advise you to use infographics and image galleries to illustrate everything you talk about.

Strengthen Brand Awareness: Testimonials, Awards, Press Mentions

Don’t forget to include your accomplishments, user-generated content, or relevant awards. This is especially important if you are new in a certain business. So, to build connections with new customers, include testimonials from happy customers, highlight quotes from experts who value your work, add examples of milestones, etc.

Relevant Numbers and Statistics

Numbers don’t lie. When you want to strengthen credibility and highlight important data, use numeric data to illustrate your story. These numbers (number of clients, awards, or sold items) will surely attract the attention and position you as someone relevant in a certain niche.

Team Member Section

Your team is your best asset. If you gather professionals who have outstanding business skills, talents, and backgrounds, always introduce them to your potential customers. In case you run a huge company, highlight the founders, their vision and mission, or general business philosophy. To create amazing team sections, you can use one of the best team WordPress plugins.

Videos and Image Galleries

About us page can be creative and interactive. So, don’t stick to textual content only. Use video material and image galleries to give visitors a glimpse into your business, office atmosphere or creative process. Interactive content will make the About us page more visually appealing and more memorable.

Links to Social Media & Calls to Action Buttons

Finally, use your About us page wisely. Add the links to your social media channels so people can follow you via social platforms. Next, include a call to action buttons that lead to your products, pricing tables, open positions or blog. You can do it easily with the best call to action plugins.

SEO for About us Page

When created with attention to detail, this page can be a powerful SEO tool. To prepare this page for search engines, follow these simple tips:

  1. Always include fresh data about your address, location, contact details, customer support contact, and everything else that will help people contact you with ease.
  2. Use the keyword in headlines, textual sections, or in product descriptions.
    Don’t write an essay about your business – keep your text short, to the point, and crisp.
  3. Use different headline tags to organize your content based on importance.
  4. Follow the best SEO WordPress tips for better results.
  5. Use Grammarly for WordPress to level up your content.

About Us Page Examples

About us page is the mirror of your business so it’s crucial it reflects your brand – colors, fonts, and overall business character. However, if you lack ideas and need an inspiration boost, you should have a look at great examples. This will give you insight into the design and structure others use to share their business stories. Below, you can have a look at different types of About us pages, so you can find the inspo for your business.



Airbnb brings a modern, traditional About us page where you can find relevant information about their business. Besides the short business story, there is a section with impressive stats that will surely spark your interest. Also, there is a section dedicated to Airbnb founders, which definitely strengthens credibility.



WWF is an organization that works to protect the environment. This About us page contains a lot of information about their vision, mission, and goals. Also, their history, financial reports, and news are organized in separate sections. Also, there is a donation form, so anyone can support their projects.



Nordeus is known for its popular football game. This About us page is like a one-page website. Here you can find everything about Nordeus business from the very beginning to the newest projects. The top slider in the form of a video walks us through daily life at the Nordeus office. Next, there are beautifully designed banners with core value messages. Also, there is a chronological timeline that leads us through Nordeous’ growth. Lastly, here people can apply to open positions.



Tumblr‘s about us page reflects the platform itself. It looks like the typical Tumblr newsfeed. The hero image transitions between several sections with relevant info and fun facts such as impressive real-time stats showcasing the popularity of their community.



This layout puts storytelling in focus. As you scroll, you will walk through Moz’s story. Each milestone not only describes new products/services that the company created but also includes the benefits that customers have gained along the way.

Let’s Sum Up

The About us page is essential for building trust and sharing relevant information about your business. Use it to share your story, introduce team members, include awards, statistics, business achievements or testimonials. Also, don’t forget to include video and image galleries to make your About us page more interactive. We hope our tips and examples will find the perfect formula for creating the About us page of your dreams.

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