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What Is the Best WordPress Page Builder

What Is the Best WordPress Page Builder

The power of WordPress is in its simplicity. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and tons of options anyone can use, it’s grown to become the most popular CMS on the market. But what makes it so popular among millions are its intuitive page builders. Whether you want to create an image gallery in Classic editor or to change your logo, website colors, or fonts, you can do it fast and simple. Gutenberg page builder is another  WordPress page builder. What makes it special is its principle of blocks. These blocks aim to ease your way through customizing WordPress posts and make it a more user-friendly experience. Besides default WordPress page builders, there are many other easy-to-use page builder tools, developed to offer advanced features and user-friendly functionalities. WPBakery Page Builder is one of the most famous WordPress builders for sure. Anyone can get started with WPBakery Page Builder with no coding knowledge and previous experience. This drag and drop solution is flexible, feature-rich, and packed with tons of options, so it’s frequently recommended by WordPress experts. Also, there is the Elementor WordPress builder. This live builder allows you to see what your website will look like even as you are working on it. So, it’s an amazing option for WordPress beginners.

With so many options out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose one. If you don’t know what would be the best WordPress page builder for you, keep reading. We asked WordPress experts and tech lovers to suggest the best WordPress page builder to our readers.

Michael Kipness – Founder at Wizard Race and Sports

Michael Kipness

Elementor is my WordPress builder of choice. I’m in the sports betting business; I’m not exactly a wizard when it comes to website development. That’s why I need a page builder that’s intuitive and deceptively easy to use. Elementor effectively does the trick with its drag and drop features. I can then preview the updates in real-time and restore or undo the most recent changes.

Best of all, I can easily edit font and image sizes, shrinking them enough to make the page mobile-friendly. This is a huge plus for my industry since most bettors place wagers from their mobile devices.

I also make updates a lot, especially to my blog, and with Elementor, I can set the site on maintenance mode, letting visitors know the site is being updated. Sometimes, I add quick updates during the peak site visit hours, and the message lets visitors know the site hasn’t been disbanded, hacked into, or anything of that sort.

James Surrey – Founder & Chief Editor at Review Home Warranties

James Surrey

I build my site using Thrive Architect. What really makes this platform a standout is that its page layout schemes are designed for maximizing conversion rates. This is huge for me as my company reviews home warranties and makes commissions off of successful conversions.

One feature I find useful is Thrive Optimize that enables A/B testing. This is essential for split-testing different blog and review titles, call-to-actions, page layouts, and images. I’m a huge proponent of A/B testing; the small nuances in a page can have a big effect on conversion rates; that’s a lesson I learned early on as a small business owner.

With a wide array of pre-made templates, I can create a site design fitting for my niche. The home warranty industry isn’t the most thrilling niche to read about. A visually appealing backdrop counteracts some of this and adds a welcoming vibe. My aim is to make my site layman-friendly and approachable for first-time visitors and non-industry experts.

Kaelum Ross – Founder of What in Tech

Kaelum Ross

Elementor Pro is popular for a reason. I’ve tried several other page builders which tend to rank differently on the sliding scale between page speed versus design capability, and I love Elementor because it hits the sweet spot between these two vital factors. There’s still plenty of freedom to design pages as I see fit, but page elements are lightweight and keep content fast even if it is well-customized. I’ve previously demonstrated this by building comparable versions of an identical page in Elementor, Divi, and Thrive.

Not only did Elementor offer the best page speed results of the 3, but its UI and customization options were easier to use and more comprehensive. My final big credit to Elementor is the quality of their knowledge base and support. A majority of questions I have about Elementor are already succinctly answered on their site to a far better degree than many other page builders. In the few times where the answers haven’t been available, their team has resolved my query very quickly. Don’t underestimate how valuable it is to have an easy answer to development/formatting questions as you are building and changing pages; I love that EP takes this seriously, and it just further demonstrates how the service is committed to empowering its user base more than I’ve seen from its competitors.

Thomas Hawkins – CEO at Electrician Apprentice HQ

Thomas Hawkins

Divi is an awesome WordPress page builder for a lot of reasons. It’s drag and drop which is great, although this doesn’t necessarily set it apart from the competition. What it does is that it’s super simple to use, it offers more than 20 templates for you to choose from plus almost 50 content modules at your disposal. You can also quickly and easily create custom page layouts. It also has a real-time preview function which is also pretty cool. Best of all is pricing, which starts at just $89 annually. There’s also a higher tiered plan that comes with more benefits if that’s what you’re looking for.

Stefan Chekanov – CEO of Brosix

Stefan Chekanov

Oxygen is great for making professional, customized WordPress websites. It has a variety of templates to choose from, based on the type of the site you’re making. I like that its themes don’t look like all others in free WP builders. Oxygen definitely has a distinct style which makes it stand out from the rest. The easiest way to make a website is to simply drag and drop the elements you want. However, Oxygen also gives the option of inserting individual codes that are written in another programming language. This way, you can customize your website completely and have lots of control over both the frontend and backend.

Another good thing about Oxygen is the one-time fee that you pay. It may not be the cheapest option, but at least you don’t have to renew it regularly. Its cheapest plan gives you plenty of options for making a neat, professional WordPress website.

Praveen Malik – the Founder of PMbyPM

Praveen Malik

I have been using Thrive Architect for long for building pages on my website and I really like it.

Here are a few things that I like most about Thrive Architect and that make it better than others.

  • You can customize pre-built templates. There are hundreds of templates to choose from e.g. sales pages, home pages, webinar pages, download eBooks, thank you pages, etc.
  • You can build conversion-focused landing pages by using Thrive Architect. It integrates seamlessly with our email marketing software.
  • No additional effort is required for creating mobile-responsive pages.
  • It has WYSIWYG simple drag and drops editor. No coding required.
  • Thrive membership is very affordable. At $19/month, you get all the bells and whistles of Thrive themes.

Tushar Sharma – the Founder at TopTech10s.in

Tushar Sharma

A few years back when I started creating websites with WordPress, I decided to use a page builder because WordPress’s Classic editor didn’t really give me the control that I wanted over my website. For no particular reason, I started using Elementor (free version) and I was amazed by all that I could do with this page builder. I am still using Elementor for all of my websites because it’s simple, easy to use, and most importantly it never gave me any reason to stop using it.

It’s not that I never tried any other builder, I used Beaver once but I don’t recommend it for beginners as most of its good and necessary features and add-ons are hidden behind the paywall. Even though Elementor uses a similar strategy to promote its pro-version, the 29 widgets and some theme-elements that come with the basic version are good to begin with. And also, there are many free add-ons that you can install and use. The only problem that I have with the basic version of Elementor is that it doesn’t allow you to save a widget as Global, which I believe is very important, even for beginners.

I totally love the three different responsive modes of Elementor because I often want my websites to behave differently on different devices, and being able to make some individual changes is a great relief.

Laura Fuentes – Operator of Infinity Dish

Laura Fuentes

Divi Builder is your best bet for a WordPress page builder. To begin with, it has a one-time lifetime fee, which includes all product updates. You don’t have to worry about renewals or ongoing costs. If you decide to go with the annual package, the only difference is the cost; you don’t lose any of the features or services. Divi Builder makes it incredibly easy to design and format your page; I have never used a platform that has worked so seamlessly; the drop-in option for images is my personal favorite. If you do come across a glitch or a problem, their customer service is available 24/7 and is top-notch, and they don’t stop until they’ve solved your problem.

Imani Francies – Content Marketing Expert at USInsuranceAgents.com

Imani Francies

Beaver Builder is the best WordPress page builder for newbies since it is beginner-friendly. As a content marketer or website designer, your first thought may not be to design a website for a client using a website builder. However, it can be useful to do so because the client can make minor adjustments on their own down the line if they feel their business has adjusted slightly.

Many assume doing this will keep the client from ever using them again because they can design it themselves, but in most cases, it is the exact opposite because business owners do not have the time to redesign their entire site. They tend to re-use and recommend professionals who overall make operating their business more smoothly. If making a small adjustment requires them requesting, waiting, and paying for you to re-code or adjust something, then they will find someone who can make the entire process more smooth.

Beaver Builder’s drag and drop platform includes modules that let you add anything you want to the site, like carousel, sliders, content blocks, buttons, backgrounds, etc. Plus, the platform allows you to customize the site with CSS, so your coding skills do not have to go all the way out the Door.

Rob Delory – Owner of QuickSilver Agency

Rob Delory

Having worked with multiple page builders on client sites, I have found Beaver Builder to be the most intuitive to use and best supported. When it comes to plugins, especially ones that are so intricately involved as page builders, you want to know that it will be supported well by the developer. Oftentimes these plugins are put out and it is – take them as you see them. The founder of Beaver Builder, Rob McCullogh, is very involved in the WordPress community and regularly speaks at WordCamp events across the Country.

He takes feedback from users and developers and continually makes updates. This instills a great deal of confidence and trust in his product.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

WordPress page builders include different features and target different users’ needs. If you want to choose the best WordPress page builder, always have in mind your level of WordPress knowledge and the desired outcome. We hope this article will help you choose the option that will make your WordPress page building a complete joy.

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