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20 Big Brands That Use WordPress

20 Big Brands That Use WordPress

There’s a reason why millions around the globe trust WordPress. Great performance, security and ease of use motivate ordinary people and professional brands to use WordPress. Designed for everyone, this platform is ideal for sharing stories, presenting products, and introducing services, companies or individuals. WordPress is mainly associated with blogging but it supports a wide array of web content including online shops, forums, photo galleries, booking forms, etc.

Its great set of features that provides users with an easy website setup and management, inspire big brands to use WordPress. In this text you will discover why big brands use WordPress and which companies prefer this website management system.

Free and easy to use

One of the first things that crosses our mind when we think about WordPress is its ease of use. Besides the fact it’s free, WordPress is great because it offers an amazing architecture and a template system, so anyone can promote their business or upcoming projects. That’s why many celebrities have already chosen WordPress for their website presentations.



Payoneer is leading cross-border payment platform trusted by millions around the globe. Their website, completely built with Bridge theme has all the essential features for secure online payments. With this WordPress website, making payments and receiving money is easy as it gets.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wordpress website

If you want to find all the info about the latest Justin Bieber’s singles, tour dates or shows his official website is the best place.

Sylvester Stallone

Silvester Stallone wordpress website

On the website of the famous actor, you can discover the latest news, photos or work info. You can as well join the fan community or enjoy online shop.

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones wordpress website

A vibrant design and modern overall look and feel of Rolling Stones’ website will definitely please its visitors.


Obama wordpress website

The official website of Barak and Michelle Obama allows you to submit a press inquiry or request a greeting from former president and his wife. Plus you can directly visit their FB, IG, TW or YouTube pages.

Security and reliability

Tested on multiple levels and through various channels, WordPress websites are secure and reliable.

Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom

Facebook is an integral part of our everyday communication and interaction with friends, family, co-workers. This famous social media brand has a special place for everyone who wants to follow the latest technology and company news. Of course, their Facebook Newsroom platform is powered by WordPress.

Beautiful design

WordPress users may switch among different themes so their website can stand out from the crowd. Themes allow users to effortlessly change the look of a WordPress website without altering the core code or site content. It’s the reason why famous companies use WordPress to create their websites.

Walt Disney

The walt disney company

Good aesthetics matter. Especially for Walt Disney fans. Powered by WordPress, this website has a modern design and keeps visitors posted about the latest news and projects.

David Guetta

David Guetta

WordPress is where the party is. One of the World’s leading DJs, David Guetta uses this platform to share the info about upcoming events, tour dates, and new music projects. Also, his website allows visitors to enjoy Guetta’s latest photos, videos or even the radio shows.

Mercedes-Benz international

Mercedes Benz

Car lovers are known for their refined taste. That’s why Mercedes-Benz runs a simple, yet elegant WordPress website, with all the relevant info, visitors may need.

Sony music

Sony Music

The World’s music giant is another big brand that uses WordPress. Here everyone can follow their favorite labels and artists.

It’s scalable

Keeping the truck with the number of your website visitors is easy with WordPress practical functionalities. For this reason, many respectable online magazines, use this platform to share the news and actual stories.

Time magazine


Long tradition and a good reputation, make Time magazine one of the leading US newspapers. Their website, visited by thousands on a daily level is also a WordPress masterpiece.

Wired magazine

Wired Magazine

As one of the best-known magazines dedicated to business, culture, science, transportation innovations, etc. Wired is read all over the world.



Don’t miss out any of the latest news. Stay informed with Reuters WordPress website.

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Suntimes

Another great news resource, trusted by numerous reading audience is Chicago Sun Times.

Features and plugins

The great thing about WordPress is the fact that different type of content can be displayed thanks to different plugins.

Tech Crunch


What is the better way to share a versatile content than using website that has it all covered? Tech crunch uses WordPress platform to share videos or articles, add audio recordings or to sell event tickets.

BBC America

BBC america

BBC America allows their website visitors to watch the full episodes of the TV series or even whole movies.

Responsive and mobile friendly

When your website looks good on different device types and screen sizes, your visitors will surely spend more time on it. WordPress allows its users to easily create mobile-friendly websites, and here are some of them.



How to impress fashion lovers? With a website powered by WordPress that looks beautiful in every aspect.

Flickr blog


For a community of photographers, website responsiveness is crucial. So, it’s not surprising Flickr blog is made in WordPress.

Ideal for blogging

Mozilla blog

Mozilla blog

Want to learn more about technology and internet health? Find it on the Mozilla blog.

Ted blog

Ted Blog Website

Need some inspiration? Discover the moving stories and individuals on Ted blog website, built completely in WordPress.

Sony PlayStation blog

Sony PlayStation blog

If you are a passionate gamer Sony PlayStation blog is a must-visit website. Besides amazing articles on your favorite topics, you can discover new videos, visit gaming forum and much more.

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