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5+ Blog Name Generators – Make Your Brand Famous

Nomen est omen – says the old Latin proverb and this certainly applies even in today’s online world. Maybe we weren’t lucky enough to get to pick our personal names, but we can surely compensate for that and set our imagination free when choosing a blog name.

Whether you plan to create a personal blog or a business website, the name you choose for it will have a lot of influence over its destiny. It also counts if you want to create an anonymous blog. Is the name really that important? Absolutely. Not only does it define your brand identity, but it also has a huge impact on your site’s ranking. So, some of the main criteria for choosing a blog or website name should be how unique the name is and whether it contains your keywords. Also bear in mind you have to check whether your domain name is available Next, you should make sure that it is not too long and that it’s easy to remember. A well-chosen blog or business name can also be tremendously helpful in setting your marketing strategy direction.

Coming up with a great site name is not at all an easy task. That’s why there are so many blog name generators out there. But that doesn’t make the problem that much easier – not only do you have to pick the name, but you also have to pick what kind of name generator you are going to use to come up with the name! But, leave all the confusion and worries aside, as we handpicked a list of the top blog name generators that are guaranteed to provide you with great blog name ideas:

1. Name Mash

Name Mesh

Name Mash is a fun and versatile blog name generator that offers not only unique name ideas but also categorizes them into convenient categories such as SEO, Similar, Common, New etc. So, if you are not sure whether you want your blog name to sound serious or amusing, this tool will make it easier for you to decide as you will see plenty of name suggestions in a variety of different categories. It is easy to use too: you just enter the key phrase you want your blog name to contain, click, and a well-structured name menu consisting of several columns for each name category shows up. Maybe not crucial, but it is worth mentioning that Name Mesh is probably one of the most visually attractive blog name generators you’ll find.

2. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a famous blog name generator that inspires trust as it was developed by Automatic, the company that stands behind WordPress.com. Its main advantage is that it’s very user friendly, practical and reliable. You start by entering your search keyword, then you get plenty of blog names containing the words in a few seconds. After you identify the suggestion you like, you check its availability simply by clicking on it. If the name is available you will be offered registration options with WordPress.com or Bluehost. What makes this tool practical is that it allows you to organize the results by alphabet, popularity, or length and you can also filter the suggestions that start or end with your search keyword.

3. NameQL


NameQL is a simple to use blog name generator that displays thousands of potential names in mere milliseconds for you to start browsing. One of the best features about this free online tool is that it will only suggest names that are available as a .com extension. As the most popular and highly recognizable domain name extension around, NameQL makes finding the perfect blog name and matching website URL a cinch. After entering a keyword you want to target, and seeing what’s initially available, you can click the up and down buttons or side arrows to view more options. In fact, there is a seemingly endless supply of names available and they are delivered to you instantly. If you find something you like, you can buy the domain name immediately or save it for later, which is a great feature for those times you’re just doing research for the perfect blog name.

4. Name Generator

Name Generator

The Name Generator blog is very popular as it is both very easy and fun to use. It offers unique name suggestions that can often be very amusing. If you want to take maximum advantage of it, you shouldn’t skip the step where it asks you to provide various blog details such as adjectives, verbs, or even location terms such as the place where you live – all these details play part in coming up with an original and attractive blog name. On the other hand, if you are unwilling to share any personal info, you can just proceed and click on “Suggest” and you will get plenty of name ideas. Another advantage of this tool is it’s one-of-a-kind suggestion list that offers categories such as rhymes, computer-generated puns, popular names and more. The domain availability is not provided by default but you can check it with BlueHost.

5. Domain.com


Domain.com is a well-rounded domain name registrar that includes an excellent blog and a business name generator. It is quick, reliable, and, above all, very practical. It offers you plenty of name ideas while instantly providing you with the info about the .com domain availability and the registration costs, and after you pick the name you can also register it easily with this tool. In case that the keyword you searched for does not have an available .com domain, this generator will instantly show you other relevant names that might work for you. As you scroll down you will find plenty of name suggestions, as well as a variety of extensions that you can use to refine the keyword search and come up with the best blog or business name.

6. Panabee


Panabee is another eye candy for those who appreciate attractive design apart from its functionalities. It comes with a unique feature, not easily found among other blog name generators, that allows you to check the availability of the chosen name across various social media platforms. This is really important if you plan to build a serious brand that will expand and grow. It is very easy to use too – you just need to enter one or two words that best describe your business or blog and Panabee will come up with great suggestions that are the result of double letter elimination, swapping related words or merging keywords. Cute heart-shaped icons will indicate the availability of the name, whereas the broken heart refers that the name is taken. Considering how nicely designed, fast and functional Panabee is, it is no wonder that it is one the most popular and widely used name generators.

7. Nameboy


Nameboy is one of the simplest name generators offering plenty of functionalities to make your blog name quest efficient and fun. It offers a very convenient menu of generator tools that includes a list of name generator categories such as business, store, podcast, or YouTube name generator and more, so that you can easily refine your search and come up with the ideal name for your purpose quickly. After you choose the category, simply enter a couple of keywords and you will get a variety of creative name suggestions. When you pick your favorite name, you can click the View Details button next to it to open the Bluehost website where you can register and buy hosting for your blog name.

8. Wordoid


Wordoid is a very interesting blog name generator that earned its place in this list thanks to its creative approach. What makes it different from other name generators is that it creates new, catchy words from the keywords you enter and turns them into the so-called “wordoids”. You can choose how you want your wordoid to begin, what it must contain, or how it will end, and also set its length at a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 5 characters. And, since this tool supports five languages, you can even select a language pair to be combined in the wordoid creation. Moreover, you can also set its quality – the higher your standards, the more natural your wordoid will turn out. This way you will ensure that you get names that really make sense and are not the result of a random letter play.

In Conclusion

Whatever the business you are in, you will benefit a lot from choosing a memorable, brandable, SEO friendly blog/website name. Since it pretty much defines your values, your target audience, communication style, and even your marketing strategy it is important to come up with a name that you can fully stand behind. So, have fun with the detailed name generators like NameMesh, Panabee, and Wordoid or pick the proven, minimalistic ones such as the NameBoy, but bear in mind that your name should, above all, speak for and about you.

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