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How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme

If you want to succeed in the modern market place, a compelling website is a must. There’s just no better way to reach a worldwide audience! Sure, you can set up accounts on social media, but that will simply not suffice. In order to be a true professional, you definitely need a website that will digitally reflect your business and your values. There are several platforms that can help you set it up, but surely the most popular one is WordPress.

Statistics show that over 75 million websites have been built using this favorite CMS. You may wonder as to why it’s been so widely used, and there’s a whole bunch of reasons for that. However, the biggest one may be the fact that it boasts tens of thousands of both free and premium WordPress themes for users to choose from. That brings us to another important question. With so many of them out there, how on Earth can you choose the perfect WordPress theme?

You’d need a helping hand from professionals to tell good theme from bad, and that’s why we’re here. We’ll share some tips here so you can make better choices when deciding which theme to go with. Read through our checklist where we’ll cover the following:

Free Vs. Premium

There are many authors in the market and a literal ocean of themes to choose from. Some are premium, others are free. But the thing is, not all are good, and the price, as ever, doesn’t necessarily dictate quality.

When it comes to free WordPress themes, you should be vary of the fact that in most cases they don’t include updates nor customer support. Basically, if you need it for something simple, say writing about your trips and things alike, you can go with free themes.

However, if you’d like to build a serious website for your business, our advice would be to go with premium themes. They are easily customizable, and of course, regularly updated. You want your theme to be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and to include the newest features. Furthermore, premium themes come with excellent support, so there’s always someone to contact should you run into some issues. Also, our advice would be to purchase themes from trusted and reputable developers. There’s a reason why they’ve become popular and are trusted by many.

Defining Aims

It’s of utmost importance to define goals and objectives of your website. That should definitely be your starting point when it comes to deciding which WordPress theme to pick. Whether you’re an artist that would like to showcase its works, or you want to launch an online shop, there’s a theme out there that fulfills your requirements. Whatever your aim may be, WordPress has you covered with a plethora of niche-specific themes literally for everything.

Depending on what business they’re intended for, themes come with the adequate set of features and functionalities. For instance, portfolio themes feature a variety of portfolio shortcodes whereas shop themes come with elements perfect for every online store. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go with a shop theme to make a portfolio website. By all means, if you like the design, go for it but only after making sure the theme’s portfolio features fit your needs.

Design Vs. Functionality

Design surely is important but it definitely shouldn’t be what matters the most.

When we browse a theme we may easily be captivated by its overall look and style. After all, a designer’s job is to make everything visually appealing! However, you should keep in mind the fact that you’ll use different images on your website. Try to picture how it’d look with your content. What matters in the end are functionalities! You’ll surely alter the demo content depending on your requirements, so make sure the theme includes the elements your business needs.

You want to be able to showcase what your brand is about, so pay attention to features, shortcodes, and practical options that come with the theme.



Your website should look and feel amazing on all devices, regardless of the resolution and screen size. Nowadays people browse the web on mobile phones and other non-desktop devices, which is why a fully responsive theme is a must! No glitches are tolerated, and if the theme doesn’t look equally amazing on all devices, consider asking for a refund! You surely don’t want to leave a bad impression on your visitors, do you? Don’t settle for average, there are themes that definitely tick all your boxes!


Supported Plugins

To enhance the functionality of your website you might want to consider adding some plugins as well. It’s surely not necessary to clutter it with too many of them, as it can cause a misfortunate plugin and theme conflict. However, it’s important for a theme to support the most common ones!
Do a bit of research and see which plugins are popular for your business category. If you’re unsure as to how a certain plugin works, don’t hesitate to contact plugin developers about it!

Page Builders

WordPress surely is a powerful platform per se. Nevertheless, you might want to obtain some ulterior customization options for your website. In that case you should consider installing one of the top page builders.

Some premium WordPress themes though already have page builders pre-installed. Just make sure yours comes with a widely used one, as to prevent having to deal with unwanted code that some builders produce. On the other hand, you could obtain a page builder separately. That way you’d be able to use it on other themes, so you should definitely consider this option as well!

Web Browsers

Similar to responsiveness, you should ensure that your website works well on all browsers. Try them all, from Chrome, Explorer, to Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others. Test the theme to ensure an impeccable browsing experience for your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get noticed and to truly make it, your website must appear in search engines. Therefore, before downloading a theme, make sure it uses an SEO framework. You want it to support plugins such as Yoast, which is the most popular plugin for SEO, but there’s a bunch of other great SEO plugins you could use as well!


These are some of the most important tips you should follow in order to choose the perfect WordPress theme. Make sure it’s got what it takes to fully reflect your vision, values, skillset and every aspect of your business. Read user reviews, and don’t hesitate to contact developers, in order to find out if a specific theme is the right one for you!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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