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Cloudways Hosting Review: Why It May Be a Good Choice for You

Cloudways Hosting Review: Why It May Be a Good Choice for You

In these unprecedented times where running a business physically is tough, it is important to take your business online. A WordPress site is a perfect start for setting up your digital presence.

Websites are not only used for building brand reputation, visibility, and awareness. They are often the primary channel for generating business and revenue. Therefore, you need to take care of your WordPress site from all angles. Just like selecting WordPress themes and plugins, choosing the right hosting solution is an equally essential decision that has a far-reaching impact on your business.

Cloudways – Platform Overview

Cloudways – Prominent Features

When shopping around for a hosting solution, you will see several options, each with its own set of pros and cons. It’s just so overwhelming for an average person to test all the providers and discover the right fit.

To help you out, we decided to review Cloudways, one of the top-rated managed WordPress WooCommerce hosting providers. We will explain some of its most prominent features that will help you in your decision process. But before that, it would be better to understand how Cloudways differs from other hosting providers.

Cloudways – Platform Overview

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that allows you to launch managed servers on top of five cloud infrastructure providers, including Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, GCP, and AWS.

Getting started with Cloudways is easy, and all it takes is a few clicks to launch a new server and install a WordPress application. You have the list of PHP powered applications, a choice of cloud infrastructure providers, multiple server sizes, and 60+ data center locations.

Cloudways Platform Overview

Cloudways comes with server and application management panels where you can manage the server and application-related configurations. In addition, it offers very useful features that help you manage complex tasks conveniently.

Server Management Panel

Cloudways gives you control to manage various configurations on your server. In addition, you have access to processes such as backups where you can set the backup frequency and other backup preferences for your server.

You have the credentials for SSH and SFTP access (server access credentials), server monitoring components with detailed reports on consumed server resources. You can fine-tune service packages like PHP and MySQL version updates at a click of a button).

Cloudways Hosting Server Management Panel

Application Management Panel

For managing application settings, you have an Application Management panel with each section dealing a specific area such as Domain Management where you can add your domain and take your site live.

Cloudways Hosting Application Management Panel

The application management panel includes website access credentials and URL, database access credentials, SSL certificate (free certificate), detailed application-level monitoring with reports (traffic, PHP, MySQL, running cron jobs, disk usage and logs), and much more.

Cloudways – Prominent Features

Now, let’s explore what are the features that help Cloudways stand out from other hosting providers.

Unlimited WordPress Sites

Unlike some managed cloud hosting solutions out there, Cloudways gives you the option to install multiple WordPress sites on a server. It doesn’t bound you with the number of installations or sites, and you even can host different applications such as WordPress and Magento on a single server.

Cloudways supports almost every PHP application, including Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce, and WordPress Multisite.


Performance is the crucial factor when it comes to online business because a slow website means loss of conversion and traffic. Cloudways is all about performance, and the platform is designed to help you achieve high performance and low page load time.

Cloudways Hosting Performance

The Cloudways Platform comes with Cloudways CDN, Breeze Cache Plugin, Varnish. The hosting stack is a powerful combination of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) with NGINX as a reverse proxy.


Security is an ongoing challenge for online businesses.

Cloudways secure your server at multiple levels and offer features that help you secure your servers and applications. The protection protocols block the IPs that try to exploit SSH/SFTP on your server and database. Additionally, there is a whitelisting IPs feature in the Server Management panel where you can allow or block IP addresses from accessing SSH/SFTP and database.


And for WordPress application security, Cloudways has recently added a Bot Protection feature designed to protect your site from malicious bot traffic. This feature is built in partnership with MalCare, one of the best WordPress security plugins.


Unlike traditional hosting, Cloudways offers a Pay-As-You-Go payment model that means they will charge you only for the server resources that you will consume. And most importantly, they don’t bound anyone with the yearly packages or any contracts, and a customer can control their hosting expenses.

Cloudways Hosting Pricing

It’s a common misconception that a managed cloud hosting is very expensive. That’s not the case with Cloudways since it offers budget-friendly plans starting from $10 (DO server). As such, it is a good fit for all types of projects, individuals, and companies.


Not all hosting providers offer 24/7/365 expert support assistance. You can contact Cloudways support via Live Chat or create a ticket, and their expert support will deal with the issue ASA

Cloudways Hosting Support

Final Words

Now that you know how Cloudways works, it will be easier for you to understand how other hosting providers function too, and you will know what your decision should be based on. Cloudways earned a reputation for hassle-free hosting service and therefore it is safe to say that you won’t go wrong if you choose it. A good choice of hosting provider paired with a quality WordPress theme, like the themes that Cloudways team suggests, is a proven recipe for a successful website.

Feel free to share your opinion with us, tell us if you’ve heard about Cloudways before, or have experience with some other hosting provider? Let us know in the comments below.

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