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WordPress Contact Page and Why Have It

WordPress Contact Page and Why Have It

Having a WordPress contact form on your website is definitely a must. You want to break down the barriers between you and the client, and work toward building strong ties with them. After all, that is most certainly one of the essential components of success! You should always be available to answer their inquiries, as in the end that can either make or break your business.

By adding a contact form to your website your visitors won’t have to look for answers elsewhere. You don’t want them to get frustrated with the fact that you’re unreachable, right? Make things easy for them, and that will surely have a positive effect on your business.

Keep It Short

There’s no need to overdo it with too much text. The point is to tell your clients not to hesitate to contact you in case they have any questions or doubts. Here are some examples of what you could write:

  • Thank you for your interest in ______ (the name of the company). Please feel free to use this form if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll get back to you shortly.
  • We’re here to answer your questions or provide you with any information you may need regarding our services. Don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Thank you for using ______ (the name of the company)! Please feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll get in touch with you asap!

And so on… You get the picture. No need to go into details about your company here, you have the About section for that.

Also, make sure that your contact section is easily noticeable on each page. You could play with fonts, colors, font sizes. Don’t go overboard though, everything should look stylish and neat!

Add Maps and Images

Be sure to provide your physical address next to the contact form since that makes you seem more trustworthy and legit. The visitors would also greatly appreciate it if you added a map next to the address. That way they could see your location immediately on site, which is more convenient than having to look it up on Google.

Contact Page WordPress

You could also consider adding images of the place where you create your magic next to the address. It’d be nice to display them too so that potential clients can get the picture of where you’re based and of your surroundings. Plus, it’ll surely make your website look more interesting and appealing!

Contact Page Locations

Social Media

To make yourself super reachable and easy to contact, it’d be good to add social links to your website. Nowadays people make businesses empires thanks to social media alone, and it’d be good to be present wherever your clients are. And they’re definitely on social channels!

By adding social links you’ll maximize your online exposure, which is what you ultimately need to succeed. Both your website and social media will work together on your journey of becoming a big player in your business category. So go ahead, add links to your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Nowadays Instagram is probably the most popular social platform, so you could also add images from your feed on your website. Keep the visitors engaged and make them want to see more of what you offer. To do this, you’d need to install Instagram Feed Plugin, which helps you share your Instagram content on the web.

Contact Page Map

Design Matters

As aforementioned, you should make your Contact Form stand out. Use different visual elements in order to make the contact form look more appealing and interesting. Don’t be afraid to play with its design, it could be greatly beneficial for you if the contact form were as compelling as possible.

Contact Page

Let’s Wrap It Up

Contact form should encourage clients to contact you. It’s as simple as that. You want to keep them engaged, and to communicate with them. Not only will this have a positive outcome business-wise, but it’ll also help keep your data secure and spam-free.

Be sure to include fields that are relevant for your business. If your client has to enter unnecessary data, they could see it as a complete waste of time. Sometimes maybe only the e-mail address and the client’s name could suffice. In other cases it could be useful to ask for the phone number as well. It all depends on what you do, so be careful with what fields you choose to include on your contact form.

To improve communication between you and the client, you can choose between a plethora of WordPress contact form plugins. Whichever you decide to install, it’ll surely be beneficial for both you and your business. You’ll get to know your users better and thanks to their feedback, you’ll know just what to do and improve to stay on top.

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