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Best Ecommerce Blogs You Must Follow

10 Best Ecommerce Blogs You Must Follow

Ecommerce is going strong. In 2021, it’s expected to reach 2.14 billion digital buyers, which is almost 30% of the world’s population. Also, eCommerce sales are expected to hit 18 % of retail sales on a global level. With this in mind, it’s obvious that eCommerce is taking over traditional in-store sales. Whether you sell hand-made products, luxurious clothing brands or offer versatile product categories knowing how to start an online store is one of the best skills you could have in 2021. However, to run your store with success, you should be aware of the best eCommerce trends and practices. For this reason, following experts from this field is crucial for staying on top of the game. In this article, we handpicked our favorite eCommerce blogs that offer an amazing knowledge base for every eCommerce enthusiast.

1. Beeketing Blog

Beeketing Blog

Beekeeting blog is created with the idea to ‘make your life and your business easier’. As it partners with Cinnamon, Google, and Founder Institute, it’s a relevant source of cutting-edge eCommerce insights and news. This blog is a great information base for both inexperienced users and eCommerce experts. On this blog, you can learn how to start a business, how to sell online, and upgrade your knowledge about seasonal marketing. You can also read inspiring growth stories that can help you create an eCommerce strategy that brings the results. On top of this, Beeketing offers three guides for eCommerce beginners – How to sell online, Guide to Facebook advertising, and guide to advertising on Instagram. So, besides practical eCommerce advice, you can learn a lot about social media platforms and their potential for growing sales.

2. Yotpo blog

Yotpo blog

Yotpo’s blog focuses on user-generated content marketing and its role in sales growth. This blog is the place to be if you want to learn how to build customer loyalty and grow engagement rates. Also, here you can read about the latest eCommerce data and industry trends. In the first place, this blog offers numerous eBooks and guides that cover everything from customer behavior to eCommerce predictions. Secondly, there are detailed case studies where you can discover how other companies used the Yotpo platform to increase conversion, drive customer loyalty, build brand communities, and more. There are even courses and webinars that will help you improve your knowledge. Finally, you can check out blog articles written by professionals so you can read about the importance of customers’ reviews, ROI boosting, Black Friday strategies, etc.

3. Nosto blog

Nosto blog

Nosto was created with the one idea: that every shopping experience can, and should, be personal. Thanks to Nosto’s machine learning products and a team of eCommerce experts around the world, anyone can create superb eCommerce experiences. This blog specializes in customer segmentation, data insights, advanced trigger capabilities, and many other tactics that use personalization to grow both customer experience and sales. So, if you’re looking for solutions that will help you grow your existing online store, this blog is for you.

4. Oberlo blog

Oberlo blog

Oberlo blog is the place to be for everyone who is considering dropshipping business path. However, it’s more than a dropshipping knowledge base. eCommerce niche requires knowing the latest insights on relevant topics, but if you are in the dropshipping field you should be informed even more. Oberlo will help you learn about the newest social media changes, conversion optimization tips, trending products, or best practices you should try. These tips will help you stay relevant in this very competitive dropshipping field.

5. Sumo blog

Sumo blog

Sumo is much more than a company that offers free tools for site growth automation. It’s a valuable source of eCommerce information. Apart from plugins developed for WordPress, there are tools for Shopify and Google Tag Manager. When it comes to Sumo’s blog, it is much more than an eCommerce knowledge base. On this blog, you can learn about content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. This knowledge is precious for the growth of any online store, so you can only benefit from staying up to date. Besides this, Sumo covers important eCommerce insights so you should definitely follow this blog.

6. E-Commerce Nation

E-Commerce Nation

E-Commerce Nation is fully dedicated to helping eCommerce business owners on an international scale. They do this through their marketing, logistic and conversion services, but also through their blog. That’s why the E-Commerce Nation blog covers every relevant eCommerce topic including eCommerce website builders, payment trends, growth hacks and much more. Also, this blog offers webinars, infographics, and live interviews thanks to which you can upgrade your knowledge from your sofa.

7. eCommerce Fuel blog

eCommerce Fuel blog

The mission of eCommerce fuel blog is simple: build the world’s best community for eCommerce store owners that helps them grow their business while building deep relationships. That’s why their blog is versatile and professional in every possible way. Whether you want to start a customer loyalty program or build a clothing line online or you just want to try the best eCommerce marketing techniques, this blog gets you covered. eCommerce fuel blog brings an unlimited number of texts that cover everything you will need if you run Shopify, WooCommerce store or any other online shop with success.

8. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform based on the same principles as Shopify. It allows you to easily build and grow your eCommerce site, plus it’s packed with tons of practical options that can target the different needs of your customers. If you need practical business tips for starting and scaling your store, their blog is definitely worth reading regularly.

9. Shopify


Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Thanks to it, anyone can easily start and manage any kind of eCommerce shop. Their amazing blog is a dream place for anyone who wants to start a store and be successful in the eCommerce field. Here you can learn amazing sales and marketing tips, read stories about successful online store founders and follow the latest Shopify news. This blog, also, covers SEO and digital marketing topics so you can learn everything from TikTok marketing to dropshipping tactics. You’ll also find business statistics, success stories, and even self-care tips for entrepreneurs.

10. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. As a leader in this field, Klaviyo offers an amazing blog that covers different topics that bring simple solutions for marketers, eCommerce enthusiasts, and store owners. Apart from detailed eCommerce guides, you can check out videos with tips from industry experts or join events for even more useful information.

Let’s Wrap It up

eCommerce niche changes every day. So, to stay relevant and benefit from this very popular field you need to be flexible, informed and ready to quickly change. For this reason, following the industry’s trends is essential for anyone who wants to grow sales and scale business. Thanks to the best eCommerce blogs we mentioned in this text, you may be sure you’re always one step ahead of your competitors.

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