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Best Free GDPR Privacy Policy Generators for Your Website

7 Best Free GDPR Privacy Policy Generators for Your Website

Have you ever wondered why suddenly so many websites are adding or updating their privacy policies? Because international legislation like the EU’s (European Union) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made it clear that a website must be honest about its data processing methods. Being honest is one of the main intentions of a privacy policy.

The GDPR is data protection and privacy regulation that has gained prominence because of its wide-reaching territorial scope and guidelines. Any business or individual who collects and uses the personal data of EU residents are obliged to comply with the GDPR. The regulation states that you have to provide information related to the data processing if you collect personal data. Inadequate or the lack of information could lead to financial penalties. The privacy policy is a means of providing such information.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a legal statement on your website which informs the users about what you do with their personal data, such as name, address, phone number, bank account number, and email address.

The privacy policy must disclose information about the collection, usage, purpose, storage, transfer, sharing, and protection of the user data. You must also explain how they can contact for exercising their GDPR rights and for further queries.

Please remember that the policy content must be written in layman’s terms and avoid legal jargon. It should be concise and easily accessible on the website. When the users read the policy, they must clearly understand what happens when they agree to share their personal data and how they can get control over it.

Your privacy policy requires regular review and updates.

We will look at some of the best free online privacy policy generators for GDPR compliance.

Best Free GDPR Privacy Policy Generators

There are many online tools for generating a privacy policy for your website. While choosing the best privacy policy generator, you must check if they cover all aspects of data processing as required by the GDPR. It must also generate privacy policy content in an easily understandable template, which can be easily copied or linked to your website.

Here is a list of seven free privacy policy generators for GDPR compliance.

1. CookieYes


This privacy policy generator is a free tool from CookieYes (also the developers of the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and CookieServe) to create a GDPR compliant privacy policy for your website. You have to fill in the answers to the questions and submit them. It will give you a preview of the content, which you can send to your email address or copy the text to your website.

It does not require any registration, and you can create a privacy policy for all types of websites in less than two minutes!

2. Termsfeed


Termsfeed has a privacy policy generator for websites or apps to comply with data regulations like the GDPR. For apps, a paid version is available. You can generate custom policies for various platforms.

The policy generator gives a live preview of the content that you can edit. It notifies you if the policy requires any major update.

3. PrivacyPolicygenerator


It is a simple privacy policy generator that will generate the policy in minutes. You can link to the generated policy or copy the text. You do not require to register an account to create a free privacy policy.

4. Termly


Termly supports multiple platforms and automatic attorney updates. Whenever there is any change in legislation, it will automatically update the privacy policy to stay compliant and up to date with the privacy laws.

5. PrivacyPolicies


PrivacyPolicies helps to generate privacy policies for websites and apps (paid). However, you have to pay for selected features in the website version, like adding GDPR wording, details about third-party apps, and email opt-in.

6. Firebase App

Firebase App

The Firebase app privacy policy generator is developed specifically for mobile applications. It helps to create a generic privacy policy for various types of apps, such as open-source, commercial, free, or ad-supported. You can create custom privacy policies for different types of mobiles OS and stay GDPR compliant.

7. Iubenda


Iubenda privacy policy generator is easy to use, and it supports 8 languages. You can generate privacy policies for a website, mobile app, or Facebook app.
The privacy policy template is up to date with the GDPR standards.

Wrapping Up

Creating a GDPR complying privacy policy for your website is time-consuming. It requires legal assistance which is expensive. However, these GDPR privacy policy generators make it a lot easier and get the most work done quickly and for free! In case you want to create an online store, it is especially important to carefully consider all the GDPR related issues as customers share very sensitive data with you like card and bank account numbers and similar.

We hope you will find this list useful. Let us know in the comments.

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