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WordCamp EU 2022 Is Near

WordCamp EU 2022 Is Near!

The 10th annual WordCamp Europe will be held 2-4 June 2022 in the exciting and beautiful Porto, the capital of Portugal.

WordCamp Europe is a great opportunity for all WordPress enthusiasts to gather, connect and discuss all things WordPress. This informal, community-organized gathering consists of many talks, training sessions, and workshops that cover WordPress users of all levels. Plus, it is also a networking event that allows you to come into contact with many inspiring individuals and experts. The selection of subjects to be covered will be very broad as usual, covering all levels of WordPress knowledge and experience.

Tickets include the entry to the two-day event with lunch, coffee, snacks, the opportunity to register for Contributor Day, and an invite to the After Party.

Some of the speakers who will make this year’s WordCamp unique and inspiring are:

Adam Silverstein – is a WordPress influencer (Torque Magazine 2014 put her in its top 100) and is currently the Community Team lead for the Diverse Speaker Training group in WordPress.org.

Alexandra Spalato – Alexandra Spalato is a freelance developer and entrepreneur with several years of experience working as a WordPress expert at Codeable. She considers her mission is to evangelize the power of Gatsby to the WordPress community.

Victor Santoyo – Victor will talk about security lessons learned from the years of Covid. His professional experience includes ten years of empowering businesses to recognize the proper solution to meet unique needs and place them in a position to succeed.

Vassilena Valchanova – Vassilena will share her insights on building data-driven content personas. She is a digital marketing strategist, trainer, and speaker with almost 15 years of experience in marketing strategy, content marketing, funnel building, and CRO.

Sean Blakeley – Sean is an experienced Technical Director at American Eagle – a 700-strong agency working across Sitecore, Kentico & WordPress. He will talk about the block pattern revolution and how you can benefit from it.

Rogier Lankhorst – Rogier Lankhorst is the person behind the Really Simple SSL plugin. He has been developing WordPress websites and plugins for over a decade and will talk about protecting your Website Visitors with Security Headers.

Piccia Neri – Piccia Neri is a UX expert and global speaker and will share her knowledge about design and profitability through the lenses of UX design.

Paul Bearne – Paul Bearne is a veteran coder who loves to explore ways to make WordPress do things it doesn’t normally do. He is the creator of the commercial pro plugin, Matador Jobs, and will talk about how you can find your WordPress lifestyle.

Mike Crantea – Mike Crantea, Director of Frontend Engineering at XWP is passionate about Frontend Architecture and all web technologies. He will share his knowledge about optimization strategies for the Paint Web Vitals.

Laura Nelson – Laura Nelson, a Content Marketer with rich experience at WooCommerce will talk about how to create a paid newsletter subscription in WordPress.

The speakers and subjects we mentioned are just a tiny part of the whole event, so make sure you visit the WordCamp EU website and check out all the info regarding the content and organization. If you have never been to a WordCamp, you can check how the event feels by watching some of the previous WordCamps on YouTube.

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