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Are you ready for WordCamp US 2021

Are You Ready for WordCamp Us 2021?

WordCamp US is one of the biggest and most significant events dedicated to WordPress. Although it started as an in-person event, this year, following a two-year pause, WordCamp US will be held online, on October 1, 2021. Our favourite event is back and bigger than ever!

While we are sure that the WordPress community was hoping to gather in person and enjoy a familiar WordPress experience, the switch to having the sessions online has opened this event to a much broader audience and participants. WordCamp is about community, and is there a better show of that than WordPress aficionados worldwide coming together?

This one-day online event will gather WordPress experts, enthusiasts, users, and developers—all are welcome! The plan is to connect with like-minded individuals, learn something new, and try your hand at online networking. And you might be wondering how to network online, but the WCUS has you covered with this great tip sheet for a great online experience. And if you feel like really diving into the WordPress community experience, you might be interested in becoming a chat director for WordCamp 2021.

The tickets are already available (and they’re free) and you can get them by registering on the WCUS site. At the moment, there’s just a schedule outline but sticking around for the whole day will definitely be worthwhile as we’re looking at some amazing speakers and attendees. Whether you are a WordPress newbie or an experienced professional, WordCamp US sessions cover every level of experience.

This year you will be able to listen to:

  • Jill Binder – is a WordPress influencer (Torque Magazine 2014 put her in its top 100) and is currently the Community Team lead for the Diverse Speaker Training group in WordPress.org.
  • AmyJune Hineline – a proponent of developing community and inclusivity, Amy is currently the Open Source Community Ambassador and QA Engineer at Kanopi Studios.
  • Helen Hou-Sandi – started out as a PHP/MySQL applications developer and is currently a Lead Developer for the WordPress open-source software project as well as the Director of Open Source Initiatives at 10up.
  • Rich Tabor – is looking to the future of WordPress publishing while working as the Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience at GoDaddy.
  • Bet Hannon – has over a decade of experience building accessible sites for nonprofits and leveraging digital marketing tools; Bet is also the founder and CEO of BH Business Websites.
  • Lax Mariappan – is a WordPress fan, open-source enthusiast, and accomplished web developer.
  • Shusei Toda – a communications designer who can boast about organizing several WordCamp events in Japan in the past few years.
  • Kjell Reigstad – the Theme Design Squad Lead at Automattic and one of the people you can thank for the Twenty Nineteen theme.
  • Sienna Svob – a developer from Vancouver who holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Science (and M.Sc in Geography) and is very passionate about sustainability issues.
  • Taco Verdonschot – a Community Manager at Yoast with an everlasting passion and quite a lot of knowledge about all things WordPress-related.
  • Lesley Sim – the cofounder of Newsletter Glue plugin, a well-rounded entrepreneur with experience from diverse industries.
  • Cory Webb – WordPress engineer with vast experience of the system and its architecture who knows exactly how to make things easier for site owners. He is currently leading plugin development as a software engineer.

All of this sounds great, but you might still be wondering how it looks in practice, especially if you haven’t been to a WCUS event before. Well, you can check out how the WordCamp US looked like in 2019:


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