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Are You Ready for the 2021 WPMRR Virtual Summit

Are You Ready for the 2021 WPMRR Virtual Summit?

As you may know, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is income that a business can count on receiving every month. Basically, it’s predictable revenue, a consistent number you can use to track all of your recurring revenue over time. This number tells a lot about your business and its potential, so knowing how to plan and transform your MRR is essential for success.

This year, you can master your MRR knowledge and learn from experts with proven results! One of the leading online conferences dedicated to MRR, 2021 WPMRR Virtual Summit is ahead of us. From 21st to 23rd September, anyone who wants to responsibly achieve their MRR goals will be able to learn from the best.

This exclusive online event is focused on where WordPress and monthly recurring revenue meet. However, you can join the conference even if you are a complete WordPress newbie or have zero WordPress knowledge.

What Will You Learn?

Since WordPress will have a central stage at this conference, even complete beginners will be able to boost their knowledge. This is especially important for those who are not active members of the WordPress community. Practical tips, great insights, and professional advice will surely encourage you to join the WordPress community cult.

On the other hand, WordPress professionals will get their piece of cake as well. Coached, practiced speakers will go over every aspect of monthly recurring revenue, so everyone can find the topic that brings value to their business.

For starters, WPMRR Virtual Summit will cover content around the most important metrics, correct pricing, and how to start selling your first subscriptions. Next, you will be able to upgrade your knowledge about pricing subscriptions to ensure profitability over the long-term.

Also, you will get amazing advice on the most important metrics and how to track them accurately. On top of this, there will be a lot of content around creating MVP subscriptions, conversion optimization, scaling MRR, competitor analysis, automation tools, and more.

The best part is full transparency, so every speaker will give many tangible strategies and tactics you can test and implement right away.

The List of Speakers

This year 2021 WPMRR Virtual Summit gathers over 25 speakers who have a lot to say. Their relevant WordPress experience and relevant background guarantee high-quality content and a lot of practical tips! During 3 days, you can attend any talk that covers the topic of your interest. So, if you want to learn from experts from Automattic, GoDaddy Pro, WP Engine, WP Buffs, Cloudways, and other respectful companies, wait no longer and register for free!


The best part about this amazing conference is its price! At zero dollars you can attend every session and panel, get access to live events with all your WP friends or to the WPMRR community or even join free MRR merch giveaways. Finally, WP Buffs will be donating $1 per registrant and $1 per community comment during the event to Lawyers for Good Government.

In case you miss this conference, you will be happy to hear that all videos will be made forever free and published on the WP Buffs YouTube channel shortly after the summit.

See you at the 2021 WPMRR Virtual Summit!

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