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Gym Websites

Gym Websites That Make You Look Good Too

Once you decide to start exercising regularly, most probably your first step will be to search for the best gym online. You will naturally be drawn to the most appealing gym websites and will not even consider the ones with a poorly looking website.

What makes a gym website attractive enough for you to consider exercising in that exact gym? Well, the visual aspect is the first thing that comes to mind – you exercise to feel and look good, so you will trust a website that looks good, and high-quality photography definitely plays a huge part in the website’s image. If you don’t have high-quality photos of your own, it shouldn’t worry you as you can download great ones from one of the many stock photo websites. After you decide that you like what you see, you will naturally want to know about the class schedule, working hours, gym instructors, and other practicalities. If you become a member, it would certainly be nice if you had access to a special member area on the website that would contain, for instance, diet regimens and pro-tips.

With all this in mind, we made a selection of the most beautiful gym websites that will definitely inspire you to exercise regularly:

Pump Addicted

The PumpAddicted.pt website is a Portuguese Gym website characterized by simple, yet modern and effective design, where the homepage consists of a full-screen image and a header with the main menu containing all the essential items. As you scroll down, you will see the “What we offer section” that contains a neat description of the gym’s services. The “Choose Your Club” section follows, and here you can choose the location of the club you want to train in. The next section consists of testimonials that are shared in the form of quotes. Then you see the section about the gym instructors and the last one gives you all the info about prices neatly presented in a table. The order of the sections follows a natural, logical pattern, making this gym seem professional and dedicated to its clients. The color palette is typical for gyms and similar establishments, but note that the Prowess theme, that was used for this website, allows color customization. Shades of grey are contrasted with orange highlights, creating an energetic, high-powered atmosphere. One of the most interesting features of this website is the online tracking page, where you can choose to have a personal online trainer to track your progress.


Fit&Bendy is a playful website of an LA fitness company whose motto is “Flexibility is Freedom”. Its youthful design and informal communication style make you feel welcome, making you eager to learn more about it. The homepage will give you all the essential info with a class section that allows you to instantly book the class that you like. The testimonial and customer review section follows, and as you scroll to the bottom you will see a section with the latest Instagram posts in form of a gallery, which is an excellent option if you want to grow your online community. The Watch page is also great, as it allows you to see all the video material in one place, without having to search through the whole website. They obviously took maximum advantage of the Prowess Gym and Fitness WordPress theme.

Motion Fitness Club

MotionFitnessClub.com is a fitness website that instantly inspires you to move as the homepage welcomes you with a smooth video background made up of a variety of training scenes. The choice of colors is also dynamic, the basic palette of black and blue shades is contrasted with yellow highlights, giving off quite an engaging impression. This is an excellent example of how a multipurpose theme such as Stockholm can serve any niche when you have a clear vision. The main menu in the header allows you to easily navigate throughout the website. It features the About Us, Trial Offer, Our Programmes, Class Schedule and Contact Us page. The Trial Offer that grabs attention from the homepage is very appealing and certainly attracts a lot of new clients.

Phitting Room

Phitting Room is a website for a boutique High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) gym in New York City. The first thing that makes you stay on this site is the high-quality video in the hero section showing selected moments from the training sessions. The overall imagery is of exceptional quality and the color scheme is lighter than usual but fits perfectly, making the site look fresh and appealing. The focus of the site is on detailed trainer bios that even contain trainers’ playlists, which definitely speaks how dedicated their stuff is and how much they love their jobs. There’s also the interesting section for First-Timers which contains encouraging tips for new clients.

Sweat garage

Sweat Garage is a gym with a focus on HIIT classes. As with all the gyms of this type, it is most important to present their instructors in the best light, as they are the driving force of the business. Therefore, the trainer section looks great featuring high-quality photos and interesting bios. The Sweat garage managed to nurture a pretty unique image promising a very rewarding atmosphere in the gym. What’s also great about this site is that it is client-centered, offering a comprehensive class schedule and registration section where you filter classes by instructor and class timing.

Mile High Run Club

The Mile High Run Club is a gym tailor-made for distance runners who are in love with running and choose it over any other activity. The most challenging task for a gym like this is to attract the runners to run inside while they would rather be running outside in the open. That’s why the cleverly thought homepage features all the news about upcoming races paired with the gym created training plans to prepare yourself for the race. The highlight of this website is its social media integration. You can see embedded Insta posts from the site, share like and comment on them.


Phive is a class of its own when it comes to gym websites. They didn’t go for any standard imagery but rather look like a fashion company. Simply put, this is a beautiful website, with parallax design which, along with its photography and color palette, gives off a very classy image. The homepage features a high-quality hero video that triggers when you scroll. The overall user experience is very interactive thanks to the abundance of excellent animations, graphics and videos, and practical info is also displayed in an elegant manner.

Purre Barre

Pure Barre is an effective total body workout focused on low-impact, high-intensity movements and is generally aimed at women of all ages. The adorable contrast of black and grey shades with red accents and excellent quality of graphics promise great service and user experience. The homepage welcomes you with an attractive video at the top and as you scroll down you see grayscale class images with bold red text on them. The testimonial section is very prominent and shows how client-centered this business is.

Burn Pilates

Burn Pilates is a very user-friendly, well-structured website with an attractive layout. Its homepage features a wide hero header, followed by a video section, which is an excellent combo to deliver the main message quickly and make the site visitor feel engaged. The bottom section of the homepage is reserved for the Instagram feed in a gallery style which enables great social integration. Clean and modern typography paired with urban and upbeat design along with plenty of animated elements makes this website quite dynamic. All the important pages like Team page, Location and Pricing, Personal Trainer, and more are neatly listed in the main menu so that you can immediately find what you are looking for.

In Conclusion

From personal trainers, corporate fitness businesses to yoga and pilates classes, all of these businesses managed to create a captivating online presence thanks to the smart choice of the WordPress theme, and carefully tailored content too. You can be sure that a lot of thought has been invested into each of these websites, no matter how simple some of them seem at first. We hope we gave you some idea of what to look for when creating a gym website, or that we at least inspired you to exercise regularly.

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