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The Power of Infographic WordPress Elements

The Power of Infographic WordPress Elements – Examples and Templates

The popularity of infographic WordPress elements is ever increasing which is no wonder at all, as they allow us to easily present complex information in a visually appealing manner. Regardless of whether you are running a personal or professional website, you can use infographics to share a very different type of info and make it more easily digestible, memorable, and comprehensible for your audience.

There’s no argument that humans are visual beings, and while you may spend a thousand words to explain some statistical analysis, an infographic will tell everything you want to communicate in less than a second. There are many different types of website pages you can use infographics on and there are actually no rules which type of infographic goes to which page, so you can get creative here too.

In this article, we’ll go through all the different types of infographic elements you can use on your website, but before we do that let’s just make sure you understand just how beneficial they are to you.

Why You Should Use Infographics on Your WordPress Website?

The most obvious advantage is that infographics wordpress elements attract much more attention than endless lines of plain text and can incite even those who are usually not prone to reading lengthy articles to stay on the page and read more than just a few lines. This way infographics help you retain your visitors and inspire them to spend more time on your pages. But, that’s not nearly all an infographic can do for you.

Well-designed infographics can raise huge attention and easily become viral. The more your content is shared the wider is the audience that you reach which can only have a positive effect on your website’s success. And once your infographics turn viral, your SEO stats will also significantly improve as your website gains more and more visibility.

Types of Infographics WordPress Elements

There are many different types of infographic you can employ on your website and it is up to you to choose the ones that will convey your message the best way. We’ll briefly describe all of th emost common types so that you have an overview of all the infographic elements you can use.

Now, let’s see what types of infographics you can use:



Counters are great for creating an atmosphere of excitement on event websites, sharing facts that are constantly changing like the number of visitors on your website, number of clients you worked with, number of projects you concluded, etc.

With plugins like Counter Number or Qi Addons for Elementor and many other similar tools, you can easily add them to your website without any coding knowledge necessary. If you want to make your counters visually impressive, check the customization options that come with the plugin.

For example, Qi Addons allows you to create as many unique and gorgeous styles as you can think of thanks to tons of customization options that come with it.

If you want to make your counters even more attractive, some plugins like the Number Counter allow adding extraordinary design and effects to make your numbers stand out. This is a lightweight, mobile-friendly WordPress plugin that let’s you share stats in a very creative manner.

Radial Progress Bar/Us

However convincing stats may look, plain numbers will hardly keep anyone on your pages. Radial progress bars are great as they allow you to display visual representations of all kinds of operations progressions. With a hint of color and cool effects, even statistics look visually charming. Circular Progress Bar And Countdown Timer With jQuery – circlebars allows you to create a variety of circular and radial progress bars and to customize them to match your website style.

With Zoom Progress Bar you can also create and customize custom progressis bars effortlessly. This responsive WordPress progress bar plugin is based on HTML 5 and CSS3.

The easiest way to create radial progress bar is with Qi Addons for Elementor.

Horizontal Progress Bar

Horizontal Progress Bar

Sharing the progress of your operations with your audience is a great idea to make them feel like they are also participating. Horizontal progress bars are a perfect choice for that, especially when they come with tons of customization options.

Progress Bar & Skill Bar plugin enables you to show the percentage of your skills and display the growth of any process in the horizontal bar using shortcodes.

With QI Addons you can create your own color palette, add gradients and/or patterns, floating effects, and many more charming details to your horizontal progress bars to make them visually enticing.

If you like the idea of showing progress bars in the form of thermometers, you are probably going to like the Ultimeter WordPress Bar Plugin.

Vertical Progress Bar

Vertical progress bars are neat elements that help you visually display the evolvement of your tasks and projects in vertically aligned progress bars. There is no limit to what kind of data you can present this way and of course, plugins often offer enough customization options to make them visually attractive.

The Reading Position Indicator plugin is a free tool that lets your visitors know their current position in relation to the beginning or the end of a page, post or embedded media with a simple horizontal bar. The plugin offers several styling options: you can customize its color, opacity, thickness, as well as choose whether to put it at the top or the bottom of your page.

Vertical progress bars are commonly used to display the page loading status, and if that’s on your mind a plugin like PageLoader could be of great help.


Explaining a complicated process in words can make the processes seem even more complicated than they already are. Process infographics WP elements allow you to describe and explain in detail each stage of any process visually, using a combo of different elements -shapes, numbers, colors, and lines. The more choice you have to customize the process infographics, the better.

Qi Addons for Elementor allows you to choose between vertical and horizontal layout types, set your own color style, and many more customization options.



Graphs are typically used in the field of finance and business, but of course, you can use them to visually represent the flow of operations, results, etc in whichever field you need to.

Colors and style make all the difference in this case too. The thickness of lines, their colors, and area colors can hugely impact how clear the data is represented in the graph, so once again we advice choosing a plugin that allows you to customize your graphs easily.

Infogram is a very user-friendly infographic and chart maker that also comes in a free version. It allows you to create and share a variety of infographics WordPress elements in the form of graphs, online reports, and interactive maps.

With the free Visualizer Plugin, you can easily make and embed bar graphs, pie charts, line or scatter plots to any type of website.

Pie and Donut Charts

Pie and Donut Charts

Pie and donut charts are great for displaying comprehensive charts, and with just a few custom details they can look incredibly attractive just like their names suggest. Picking the right background color and combining it with hover and border colors or feature pattern images, animations and many other catchy details can help you show not only the data but also your creativity.

Infographic Maker – iList plugin comes with a Share button to share the chart or another infographics element you create on Twitter which is great for achieving a wider reach.

In Conclusion

Integrating infographics into your content can be beneficial for your WordPress website in many different ways. The fact is that internet users nowadays are often in a hurry and will not stay on your pages unless something catches their attention. Therefore infographics are crucial in attracting the right audience. And it is not just that infographics are visually more attractive than text, but people are also more likely to absorb and understand the information that ties text, symbols, and images.

You will easily find many plugins that allow you to create all kinds of infographics. Visualizer plugin will help you easily turn any data into a comprehensive graph, but not all the useful features are included within the free version. iList Infographic Maker is also a nice solution if you are willing to invest in an infographics plugin and you need to focus on your graphs.

But, if you need a well-rounded solution that provides you with the ability to create all kinds of infographics WordPress elements from charts and graphs to all kinds of process bars and everything in between, Qi Addons for Elementor is probably the best answer – it is entirely free, comes from reliable authors and offers way more than infographics.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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