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WordPress 5.9 is coming! Are You Ready? 1

WordPress 5.9 is coming! Are You Ready?

WordPress is the leading content management system in the world. Millions of users, intuitive features, ease of use, and flexible content editing, make it the leading CMS in this field. If you’re still not sure what WordPress is used for, let’s say you can use it to build any site including a blog, portfolio, online store, or niche site with complete ease. Since WordPress is free, SEO friendly, and equipped with tons of features for complete beginners, anyone can use it with zero effort. Also, there are tons of resources for newbies, so if you need a beginner’s guide to WordPress, you will find tons of tips, tutorials, and examples with one click. To stay in the leading position, WordPress constantly improves. On the 14th of December, a new, upgraded version 5.9 will be released! Let’s see what changes it brings!

What Can We Expect From WordPress 5.9?

From time to time, WordPress upgrades and brings new features. This time is not different. New updates will focus mostly on block options and full site editing features in Gutenberg. In short, full site editing helps you control the page content and global parts of the website. For instance, you can change a header or footer design while you work on the page content. Thus, you don’t have to leave the screen in order to make changes – you can use the same design tools. WordPress 5.9 promises better and easier web page creating with a block editor as well. Specifically, WordPress 5.9 will bring more improvements for the navigation menu block to boost user experience and its compatibility with versatile WordPress themes.

Additionally, this new release will bring several new, improved and consistent design tools. Plus, it will cover enhancements to colors, typography, and layouts. Moreover, WordPress 5.9 promises improved block interactions such as ListView drag and drop, improved inserter between blocks, block-level locking for patterns. Plus, you can expect a lighter navigation block experience, easy elements’ alignment, query block improvements. The main idea behind WordPress 5.9 is easier and faster customization. So, the tools that are on the way aim to let you change design elements like typography, spacing, and colors to your entire site at once.

When it comes to other upgrades, we want to mention a few more features. WordPress 5.9 promises active embeds for Pinterest, the ability to show login screens in different languages, an update to jQuery 3, etc.

Twenty Twenty Two Theme and New Themes for Gutenberg

Another upgrade we look forward to is the introduction of new block themes for Gutenberg. This will surely give users more flexibility and freedom. When it comes to default WordPress themes, there will be a change as well. WordPress 5.9 will likely be required to use Twenty Twenty-Two, as it is a block theme.

This lovely, beautifully designed theme is packed with amazing customization options and user-friendly features. Equipped with versatile color palettes, page templates, headers, and footers, so users will have everything they need at their disposal.

Featuring beautiful illustrations of birds in flight, refined typography such as Source Serif Pro, and gentle colors inspired by nature, Twenty Twenty-Two will surely work perfectly with WordPress 5.9.

Twenty Twenty Two Theme

Other Important Fixes in WordPress 5.9

Any upgrade aims to solve the existing bugs and offer a better user experience. WordPress 5.9 will bring a number of bug fixes.

Specifically, WordPress 5.9 has proposed the fix of the lazy-load on the very first content image or content iframe. Excluding featured images is also under discussion. In case you use Dark Mode, you already know that the widget screen also shows in Dark mode. Due to the bug, the widget text is gray on the white background, which makes it difficult to work with. In the new WordPress release, this will be solved as well.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you use WordPress for a long time, you already know that each new release brings improvements that really make the difference. As the launch of WordPress 5.9 is getting closer, we are all excited to try it and enjoy great new improvements!

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