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Top Massage Websites That Will Inspire You

Top 10+ Massage Websites That Will Inspire You

The very word massage instantly awakens positive associations of a pleasant experience, relaxation, and peace. Nowadays, massage is not only a luxury but often a necessity and even the first choice of therapy for various conditions. That is why today we have such a large selection of spas and wellness centers, massage studios and similar establishments. In order to stand out in the competition, it is necessary to create a well-designed, functional website that allows you to easily communicate with customers, make appointments, and effectively present your services.
We are sure that it will be much easier for you to decide what kind of online image you want to build for your massage business when you see other successful examples from the same industry. Therefore we give you examples of ten beautiful massage websites and a proposal of three themes that enable you to create amazing massage website yourself, with zero coding knowledge:

1. MassaGo


The MassaGo website is a practical and modern website that provides all the essential info right on the homepage. This website is a great example of the versatility of the powerful Bridge WordPress theme and the multitude of options that it comes with. The excellent structure and smooth design give off the impression of professionalism and inspire trust. The homepage welcomes you with a CTA for booking a massage and an easy-to-use contact form that invites you to ask any question you may have immediately. Testimonials and FAQ sections are also included on the homepage, which is also great for establishing a trustful relationship with customers.

2. Calm Beauty

The Calm Beauty

The Calm Beauty is an elegant website made with the wonderful, feature-rich Wellspring theme. Lovely icons, well-thought sections, and an interesting color palette based on orange tones create a fresh atmosphere that inspires trust. All the essential information as well as the CTA is contained in the header, which is a great solution when you don’t want the commercial elements to jeopardize the elegance of the theme.

3. This is life

This is life

The Aviana theme makes it easy to create a wonderful, classy website with plenty of beautiful design elements and useful features. This is life is a good example of how well this theme is at presenting a wellness business. Excellent structure and smart distribution of CTAs make a smooth user experience and beautiful imagery highlights that special classy feel. The Our Team page is carefully thought, the photos of the team members and their bios are followed by a testimonial section, which altogether gives off a very professional image.

4. Massage Naples

Massage Naples

The Massage Naples website is characterized by smooth navigation and excellent structure. The order in which the information is presented to the site visitors follows a very natural, logical pattern. The header contains a brief, concise menu while the most important features and info are found in the central place on the homepage – Prices and Book Appointment options are the first things that you see. The photo in the header is followed by the comprehensive contact section, so there is no chance that you’ll miss it.

5. Massage Elite

Massage Elite

The Massage Elite website stands out for its creative approach which is evident both in the copy and imagery. It gives an overall impression of supreme professionalism as the clean, modern design, creative concept, and excellent organization of elements convincingly tell a story about their expertise.

The main page comes with full-size slider images while the sticky menu provides a detailed list of their service and other important info. As you scroll down the homepage, you will see a service section with beautiful graphic icons that contains a detailed description of their services.

What also makes it great are the CTA buttons that are scattered throughout the website which is an excellent way to motivate the site visitors to interact.

6. Vitality


What makes the Vitality website so likable is its beautiful imagery. Graphic and design elements are used very skillfully to describe their services. You immediately notice the realistic atmosphere and how well they visualized the sensations of a quality massage session. The header of the site is also used in a great way – it contains the site menu with a logo and all the essential items listed. The homepage also contains the option to book an appointment.

7. Amber Dawn Hallet

Amber Dawn Hallet

Amber’s website is a great example of how effective a simple, but well-thought design can be. Its original choice of images instantly makes you curious. The homepage welcomes the visitor with a hero header displaying beautiful slider images. The services section on these types of websites is especially important and in this case, it has a well-structured, clean layout with thumbnails containing brief info and title of the service. Since this is a website about an individual professional, testimonials play a key role in her business success, and you’ll find them as you scroll down the homepage.

8. Massage Quantum Healing

Massage Quantum Healing

The Massage Quantum Healing website is a true eye candy. It features a perfect combination of colors and a very appealing design. The background music that you can turn on/off makes the experience even more special, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and trust. CTA’s are well distributed and fit perfectly into the overall design and color scheme. They are noticeable without being intrusive. The typography is also elegant and blends naturally with the design, highlighting the overall impression of harmony.

9. Zeel


The Zeel website relies mostly on its creative concept based on strong copy and carefully chosen, high-quality images. It instantly takes you in with a stylish, split-screen images homepage accompanied by a form for entering your location and the Book button, while the strong tagline leaves no room for second thoughts. What also contributes to its professional image are the clickable icons for different massage techniques.

10. Body Balance Massage & Float

Body Balance Massage & Float

We liked the Body Balance Massage & Float website because of its stylish design that promises a high-quality service. It welcomes you with a beautiful full-width image on the hero header with a well-structured menu and a CTA button to book a massage. In the bottom left corner, you see the simple, clickable message icon that also offers the option to chat, which is a great way to make the site visitor feel like they can get personalized info immediately. The parallax effect is also well used to highlight the overall elegance of the website’s design.

11. Remedy Massage

Remedy Massage

What sets the Remedy Massage website apart from others is its contemporary, minimalistic design paired with smooth hover effects. The main menu lists all the essential items in a natural, logical order and the imagery is captivating. The embedded Instagram posts at the bottom of the homepage are great for attracting more audience, and social media integration is well supported. Smooth hover effects, full-size photos contrasted with split-screen block and light-colored spaces make this website look very professional and modern.

12. White Stone

White Stone

The White Stone website embodies the saying “Less is more”. Its simplicity gives off an impression of elegance and sophistication while its excellent structure proves that every detail was carefully considered. The home page instantly grabs all your attention with a quality video background, the logo with contact numbers below takes the central place in the page, and the Book button is just below. The social media icons are well placed in the header menu along with neatly listed essential items. CTA buttons are smartly distributed in two different boxes, allowing the visitor to choose his next step.

13. Castle Thai Spa

Castle Thai Spa

The Castle Thai Spa website combines the two proven recipes for the attention-grabbing homepage – a video background paired with a catchy CTA on the hero header. The classy look is achieved with excellent typography and high-quality images, while the copy is very straightforward. The services page is beautifully designed in the form of a grid, and very informative. The Book button is available on every page, and so are the social media icons.

Best WordPress Themes for Massage Websites That Shine

If you’re ready to go to the next level and start your massage website, all you need is a premium massage WordPress theme that covers your needs. Here are our favorites.

Oaza – Elegant Spa and Wellness Theme

Oaza WordPress Theme

Oaza is an elegant and modern WP theme packed with seven home page demos of which three are predesigned for a Beauty Salon, Spa and Wellness center. It features parallax sections and smooth page transitions that give a certain refined flair to the website. Big collection of custom shortcodes such as the booking, schedule and working hours shortcode make it very practical. What’s also great is that it includes the WPBakery Page Builder for free, which means you can easily create and customize any layout.

Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bridge Massage WordPress Theme

The Powerful Bridge theme comes with an incredible number of 530+ demos that includes the demos for Wellness and Spa center. This versatile, feature-rich theme with sleek layouts, fast loading speed and abundance of interactive elements makes it incredibly easy for you to create a captivating massage website with zero coding knowledge. It also supports full social media integration which is great for growing an online community, and since it is SEO optimized, you should be able to reach and connect with your target audience easily, not to mention how important SEO is for your site’s ranking.

Pur – Spa Massage Salon

Pur WordPress Theme

Pur is a niche-specific theme tailor-made for spa, wellness and beauty salons, and similar establishments. It features a powerful theme options panel and allows for a lot of customizability. Video background and a variety of animated elements enable you to create a very interactive website. The theme is also easily navigable thanks to its integrated search functionality. Plus, it is integrated with WooCommerce making it easy for you to set up an online store, while the integration with MailChimp enables you to create effective email marketing campaigns.

In Conclusion

We hope this list managed to give you an idea of how to create your own massage website, and we are sure it certainly inspired you to go for a massage session. Your thoughts will certainly be much clearer after a nice spa treatment, that is what we can guarantee. But we can also guarantee you that you can’t go wrong by choosing any of the massage WP themes we proposed in this list as they are all beautiful, high quality, feature-rich themes with a lot of niche-specific functionalities.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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