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Captivating Newspaper Websites Design You’ll Love

10 Captivating Newspaper Websites Design You’ll Love

Being a journalist is one of the most responsible professions out there. As someone who finds and shapes the crucial information, a journalist must be creative, professional, and oriented to details. Especially in a digital age where information flows faster than ever. To reach readers and stand out from competitors, journalists need not only first-class articles but also powerful online tools. A newspaper website is one of them. With the help of WordPress plugins for writers and themes made especially for journalists, you can share the breaking news professionally. But, before you find your dream design, have a look at famous newspaper websites to get inspired:

1. Telegraph

Telegraph newspaper

During the years, the Telegraph has built credibility and trust. So, if you don’t want to risk with your website look, learn from experts. On this website, every element is focused on displaying articles in a professional manner. For this reason, the Telegraph decided for a white, basic design that provides readers with enjoyable reading experience. Apart from this, the Telegraph pays special attention to intuitive navigation. That’s why the menu is organized in specific news categories. Readers here can also search the news. Finally, on the right side, there is a grey section with highlighted, exclusive articles that only subscribers can read.

2. Time


One of the most beautiful newspaper websites, in our opinion, belongs to news gurus from Time. The first thing you will notice about this website example is a clean surface on its top. Here, readers can subscribe to join the newsletter. Next, below, there is a hamburger menu followed with a traditional menu style. These sections make navigation easy and speed up news finding. But, what we like about this website the most is the perfect balance between written and visual sections. Articles are followed with images that make reading more enjoyable. Plus, special stories are highlighted in separate, visually appealing boxes.

3. The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian has a long tradition. Behind its well-known name is the army of professional journalists. The credibility of this news portal reflects in its design. Unlike the majority of the newspaper websites that are focused on white color, Guardian decided for a maroon-white combo with certain sections highlighted with red, yellow, and grey. Most viewed articles are organized to steal attention. You can also listen to podcasts on specific topics or watch video reports.

4. Washington Post

Washington Post

If you want to do things right, this website is an example to follow. Here, a professional approach is visible in every detail. First, colors are basic and nothing will distract readers from focused reading. Like a real old-school newspaper website touched by the modern vibe, Washington Post meets the needs of different generations. Like other newspaper websites we previously mentioned, this platform provides detailed news categories and intuitive menu bar.

5. CBS news

CBS news

This website puts video format first. As more and more people prefer video news, CBS news uses this format to the fullest. Besides videos placed on the top of the home page, people can enjoy live news thanks to live stream functionality. When it comes to design, this website will pleasantly surprise all esthetes. Combo of black and white sections provides a more dynamic reading experience. Apart from the latest news and most-read stories, this website offers a lovely newsletter subscription form in the middle of the homepage. Thanks to it, readers can subscribe to the latest news without scrolling to the end of the page. Lastly, we want to mention the professional organization of each category. Here, the featured image is placed on the top, followed by headlines of the article.

6. Huffpost


In the modern age, a good website organization is crucial. Especially when it comes to newspaper websites. HuffPost combines the hamburger menu and an ordinary menu style, so readers can easily find a specific article. On top of the homepage, the most important story is in the focus. With a large featured image, it surely grabs the attention instantly. Next, all hot news is placed on the right side. This helps readers go through the latest articles without a need to scroll down. There is a very cool video section for those who prefer this content type. We also like the way important news is featured. Besides image, headline, and small story excerpt, there is a list of authors, shown in this section as well.

7. Variety


Variety is another inspiring newspaper website example. As its name suggests, this website brings a variety of entertainment, reviews, and news. The website delivers content in a stunning manner using a fixed background image. Videos and featured TV shows are placed on the top of the page. This allows readers to easily find video content. On top of this, social media icons are also added so it’s a lot easier to share articles via social media. Finally, this website also comes with a carousel, banner ads, newsletter, sticky menu, and more.

8. Reuters


Reuters is a synonym for professional journalism. Apart from minimalistic, iconic design, this website provides numerous options for a visitor to read the news by location or category, etc. The first thing a reader will notice is the group of 5 articles that are lined up which changes thumbnails once the article is being hovered. There is also a slider for the new line, which a user can play or pause. To provide readers with an exceptional experience, Reuters ensures that each article comes with a captivating image or video as thumbnails.

9. NBC news

NBC news

Those who want to run away from boring newspaper websites should look at this example. NBC News has all the essential features a newspaper site should provide. Apart from bold typography, good organization, and powerful functionality, NBC News also provides versatile news categories. Another thing we like about this website is its set of headers. Besides the carousel header, this website offers a sticky header style, which brings more dynamics into the website’s look and feel.

10. Self


Want a fresh fitness news website? Look at Self. This white, modern and beautifully organized website shows that even fitness content can look elegant. The first thing we like about this website is its menu. Here, icons are incorporated into the menu, which illustrates content to the core. Organized in various categories, the blog articles instantly attract attention. Also, trending stories are highlighted in a separate yellow section, so readers can browse through them effortlessly. When it comes to design, Self shines as well. Minimalistic style is followed by vibrant illustrations and images that bring a playful atmosphere.

Best Themes for Newspaper Websites That Shine

After you find inspiration for your newspaper website, it’s time for the next steps. The good news is you don’t need advanced coding skills to get your website up and running. With the help of professional, feature-rich newspaper WordPress themes, you can start your dream job right away. Here are our favorite examples that deserve your attention.

Buzzy – Creative Magazine Theme

Buzzy WordPress Theme

Buzzy is here to help you lead the news industry. Whether you are starting a modern blog, a news site, or a contemporary viral magazine, Buzzy has all you’ll ever need to get your site up and running and spread that buzz around. You get tons of post blocks and layouts to mix and match, 2 free premium plugins including a drag-and-drop page builder, and all the magazine elements to help you establish yourself as a force majeure in the blog, news or magazine world. Plus, there is a large set of shop layouts so you can sell your publications online.

Magazine Vibe – Magazine Theme

Magazine Vibe WordPress Theme

Start your online publication with Magazine Vibe. This magazine WordPress theme has absolutely everything for any sort of newspaper website. Magazine Vibe comes with 12 amazing homepages and a wide array of post list layout, slider examples, and content block templates. This theme is an ideal choice for any news portal, fashion magazine, or digital magazine. Besides premium plugins included for free, this theme brings a huge collection of custom shortcodes that will uplift your news content.

Maggz – Magazine Theme

Maggz WP Theme

Maggz is a viral magazine theme that is a stellar choice for all types of magazines and online publications. It comes with any magazine layout you will ever need and also with a collection of carefully created home and inner pages that can be easily imported and adapted to the needs of the user. All of its features are easily customizable and the theme itself is fully intuitive, ensuring an effortless news website creation. Maggz comes with a set of shortcodes that have been specifically created for the needs of newspaper websites.

Let’s Wrap It up

We hope our selection of leading newspaper websites will inspire you to start your business soon. Make sure you go with simple, basic colors and minimalistic design style. Also, make sure your stories are organized in detailed categories for easier navigation. Have fun and good luck!

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