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Best Personal Trainer Websites to Get Inspired

10+ Best Personal Trainer Website Examples to Get Inspired

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just another temporary trend. According to the number of people who are into it, a healthy lifestyle is here to stay. Millions around the world are switching to healthier food regimens followed by daily workouts. Clean eating and regular training gather everyone who wants to improve health, solve some sort of health issue, or simply improve the quality of life. Now, more than ever, having a personal trainer is more than welcome. When you have a professional who knows exactly which type of exercise will bring you the best results and who is ready to push you further, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals. On the other hand, if you’re a personal trainer with the right online presentation, you can truly thieve in today’s world. But what makes a great personal trainer website?

A personal trainer website needs to be eye-catching. As we all know, attention span is shrinking so you need to instantly spark interest among clients. The right combination of colors, fonts, and details is much better than too flashy designs. On top of this, you need high-quality images that allow visitors to immediately see what you have to offer. Next, make sure your website organization is clean and simple – focus on the important info so people can understand why your offer is better than others. Of course, be transparent about your pricing options, working hours, and contact details.

The easiest way of getting the best website is by building it with ready-made personal trainer WordPress themes. But first, have a look at the best personal trainer websites to get inspired so you can implement the best practices.

1. Scott Laidler

Scott Laidler

When you’re a true professional, you don’t need a revolutionary showcase. A clean, minimalistic, well-organized site will be just enough if your list of clients is relevant and long. The showcase of Scott Laidler proves this pretty well. This famous personal trainer created a brand from his name by working with celebrities including Kate Hudson, Natalie Imbruglia, and many others. Everything about this presentation is simple and easy-to-follow. Crucial information is organized in sections that provide you with everything you need to know to learn more about training programs and Scott’s approach to online training. Besides the list of happy clients, Scott has shared image galleries, videos, and links to his podcast so website visitors can get fully informed in one place. If you’re not sure about your branding direction, go with this website type since it looks timeless and user-friendly.

2. TS Fitnessnyc

TS Fitnessnyc

Grey, white, and black are the basic color of this modern website. TS Fitnessnyc is not focused on creativity but practical, user-friendly content-flow. The main purpose of this site is to deliver direct information to potential clients so once you enter the site you will get all the info you need to book your workout. On the website’s header, there is a call to action that encourages you to book a free workout. Next, as you scroll, you will walk through the steps you need to take to join this workout community. Moreover, there are neat and clean sections with detailed info on each program. As a result, users can easily find crucial info so they will get inspired to schedule a workout online. If you want to attract people who need a little push to start working out, the approach this site takes is a way to go.

3. Equinox


Equinox gathers fitness clubs located throughout the USA. This site can be a good example for everyone who wants to start a personal trainer showcase. What is visible at first sight is a simple yet powerful design. From the top to the bottom, each detail has its purpose. Black background serves as a canvas for presenting content with style and class. What we like the best is an interactive, animated section in which vibrant, introduction text captures the attention right away. Apart from elegant design, this site provides easy website navigation that helps visitors to quickly find any information about the services. On top of this, the website provides users with the opportunity to see the nearest Equinox fitness center by browsing a region.

4. Fit Well

Fit Well

This website deserves a place on our list of personal trainer websites for a reason. Fit Well is neat, well organized, and equipped with sections that provide essential information in an original style. The Video section placed on the top is the ideal tool for sparking interest in your services. Made for a personal trainer who offers workout apps or online programs, this website offers a clean website interface, light color palette, and beautiful details. Easy navigation with a detailed showcase makes the perfect combination for introducing and showcasing fitness apps of any kind. This kind of website is ideal for any personal trainer who wants to focus on online training and workout apps.

5. Forh


This personal trainer website will get you moving right after you enter it. Dynamic animation effects, interactive sections that follow your customer journey result in an eye-catching presentation no one can ignore. If your job is your way of life, and you want to spread healthy lifestyle inspiration, this website style is for you. From videos, galleries, FAQ-sections to blog and membership parts – this website covers it all. Ideal for female customers, Forh combines gentle pink and grey to deliver an enjoyable visual experience. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, go with a tailor-made solution with a similar look and feel as seen in Forh.

6. Aaptiv


Spread the information and inspire people to work out! If you don’t know where to start, have a look at Aaptiv as one of our favorites personal trainer websites. Everything about this site is carefully balanced – fonts, colors, images’ selections, and organization in general. Aaptiv offers design direction for personal trainers who prefer showcasing online services through fresh and neat design. Each element is carefully chosen to create a synergy of modern style and powerful website features. So, if you want to present yourself in the best light and gather customers from different backgrounds, this is a good starting point.

7. Freeletics


A combination of black and white creates a strong impression so Freeletics is the right option for everyone who wants a solution that stands out. From motivating image and video content to practical blog and shop sections, this site covers everything customers need to have an unforgettable online experience. Elements are organized and designed to help each client, choose the type of training program depending on the needs, its duration, and even the place for it. Simple, yet effective design, with a detailed description of the services and workout packages, with motivating photos, together with one-step registration make this website the safe choice for fitness lovers.

8. Makeit Netflix

Makeit Netflix

If you want to succeed, learn from those who are successful. Makeit Netflix can be a great source of inspiration for every personal trainer with high standards. Although Netflix has developed a training system for people who combine sports and entertainment, their platform shows the good design practices you could follow. The bold design style is reflected in strong colors, interactive parallax sections, and multiple video fields. Plus, there are even fun gifs to make the whole website experience even more original.

9. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines

You can’t make a mistake with a minimalistic, yet professional design style. Kayla Itsines knows this pretty well. Everything about her presentation is done right – from the color palette to font choices. The simple color combination of white used in background sections and vibrant pink used in buttons and similar detail results in a pleasant presentation suitable for female customers in the first place. Another great thing about this site is its ebooks section. Here, you can get amazing content made with the idea to inspire your fitness journey. Apart from this, people can join community groups or discuss fitness topics via forum.

10. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson

Without exaggeration, Tracy Anderson has one of the best personal trainer websites. Everything about this website deserves your attention if you truly want to do things right. The smart selection of colors, powerful before/after body transformation sections, video fields, and appointment booking options shouldn’t be missed out on any personal trainer website. This website offers live classes functionality, professional shop, personalized workout programs, and more. You can even check out Tracy’s fitness journey since there is a useful horizontal, chronological career showcase. Also, you can subscribe to Tracy’s newsletter or follow her via social media.

11. Martin Bugaj

Martin Bugaj

Martin is focused on body transformation, so it’s not surprising this is the main focus of his website. The dominance of white is suitable for presenting fitness programs since it doesn’t steal the attention from content that deserves the client’s attention. On top of this, you can learn more about Martin, his services or contact him with just one click – everything is placed in the intuitive menu. Lastly, if you want to check out if Martin’s program is the best choice for you, you can simply download his ebook where you can find all the crucial info.

Let’s Wrap It up

Being a personal trainer is a good career choice in today’s world. Make the most of it and grow your list of clients with ease – check out the best personal trainer websites to get inspired, find the right WordPress theme and you are ready to go!

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