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Personal Website Examples That Will Boost Your Inspiration

10 Best Personal Website Examples That Will Boost Your Inspiration

As a creative, you already know that digital portfolios are much more relevant than a traditional CV or cover letter. When people see your works in one place and get a chance to explore them, they will be able to get a realistic impression of your skills and expertise. This is especially important if you are a ‘one-man band’. Whether you want to grow your freelance career as a designer, community manager, copywriter, or illustrator or to level up your customers’ base you need to make sure your site follows the essential website design principles and that it allows people to reach you easily.

The great thing about personal websites is full control over the content and the freedom to change everything whenever you feel so. In other words, you can customize elements as per your needs, update content with your latest works or change the whole design when you need a fresh start. Apart from this, a personal website will make you stand out from competitors and candidates that use traditional CVs as a tool to showcase their skills and works. So, if you are ready for a new step in your career or you plan to grow your list of clients, have a look at our favorite personal website examples. These sites will boost your inspiration and help you stay relevant and innovative.

The Best Personal Website Examples for Creative Niche

Let’s boost your inspiration! These personal website examples will give you an insight into how other creatives showcase their works and projects.

Visum Design

Visum design

Creative businesses are best presented through visually appealing content. Visum design uses full-width horizontal sliders for a memorable showcase. Interactive animations and minimalistic elements make navigation interesting. There is, as well, a hidden hamburger menu that allows you to navigate to different project categories with one click. If you like this website style, you can create a similar showcase with Boldlab theme.

Vika Valter

Vika Valter

Vika Valter site is the epitome of contemporary art. Organized in a stunning vertical carousel, works shown in this portfolio attract attention right away. Minimalistic menu, absence of footer, and a strong focus on works keep the spotlight on projects and author’s skills. Besides works, you can check out Victoria’s CV and learn more about her exhibitions. This effective site is built with a Lekker portfolio theme that’s packed with tons of portfolio layouts and features anyone can use with complete ease. So, if you prefer contemporary style, responsive portfolio elements, and ease of use – get Lekker and build your dream portfolio.

Garbi KW

Garbi KW

Garbi KW is an author who extends the discourse beyond the merely physical to transfer to the virtual space a premeditated system of artistic diffusion. His dazzling portfolio includes his street artworks, designs, and exhibitions. These minimalistic pages are an ideal canvas for showcasing vibrant works without stealing the attention from colors, details, and messages hidden in these illustrations and drawings. A well-organized menu allows simple navigation and there are separate About me and Contact pages as well. This site is created with the Boldlab theme so if you like this personal website example, get this theme right away and start customizing your dream showcase.



Vacades site allows you to step into a different dimension. This futuristic, minimalistic and elegant portfolio website puts creativity first. Animated, stunning works are organized in five-column galleries. As you scroll over a certain work, the info that includes the project’s name appears together with a discreet animation effect. The whole site is designed in grey color so works are in the center of the attention. Apart from this, the site has a powerful online shop where people can buy their favorite print. In case you like this design approach, check out the Lekker theme since this site is built on it.



Minimalism has never looked this good! Kleinart is white, minimal, and stylish in every detail (colorful website frame, vibrant logo..). The design of this site goes perfectly with the artist’s abstract art direction. Vibrant colors and shapes are at the center of attention since this site has no redundant details. Instead, it brings a fresh, contemporary vibe, perfect for artists and designers who want a simple, yet creative showcase. Use the Querida theme to create something similar in case you like this contemporary site.


10 Best Personal Website Examples That Will Boost Your Inspiration 1

Our list of personal website examples wouldn’t be complete without Lexposia. This is another site created in the form of horizontal, eye-catching sliders. The combo of a strong color palette, modern animations, and bold fonts works great for anyone who covers a creative niche. If you agree, check out Boldlab theme since it has everything you will ever need to create a similar site.



If you prefer a professional, yet authentic showcase, this site will steal your heart. It’s modern, timeless, and nicely organized, so you can use it not only for creative businesses but also for architecture studios or startups. First of all, Intramurs has a user-friendly menu that allows easy navigation. Also, its footer is very informative – it includes links to social networks, legal information, links to other pages, and a story about this artist. In case you want a traditional, yet very fresh portfolio, have a look at the Lekker theme since it’s behind Intramurs website.

Norm Grock

Norm Grock

When we talk about our favorite personal website examples, we have to mention Nom Grock. This lovely website is a personal portfolio of talented illustrator Norm Grock. His amazing works are organized into different categories you can explore with one click. Apart from this, there are contact, blog, and shop sections, which is a great option for any creative that looks forward to growing a career online. This site is built with Marceau, so if you like it, you should definitely check out this theme.

Natsai Audrey Chieza

Natsai Audrey Chieza

Natsai Audrey Chieza is a designer, founder and speaker. Her personal website is simple, yet it covers everything people may need to learn about her upcoming talks or contact her online. Full-width image dominates the first half of the site, while the second website part brings textual content. Parallax effect connects these two sections and makes content more interesting.

Laura Baross

Laura Baross

Laura Baross is a visual artist specializing in interior design, styling, photography, and content design. Her clean, elegant and simple website shows off her best works in an elegant manner. If you’re a fan of minimalistic sites, use this example as inspiration for your new portfolio.

The Best Themes for Personal Websites

Having a personal website is crucial for anyone who wants to grow the personal brand, start a freelance career, or promote skills and projects. With the help of artist portfolio WordPress themes, building a site is easier than ever. However, in case you liked the personal website examples we analyzed above, have a look at themes you can use to create similar online showcases.

Lekker – Portfolio WordPress Theme

Lekker WordPress Theme

Bring the energy into your online presence! With Lekker, a dazzling contemporary theme, you can easily present your works and projects in stylish style. Created for designers, illustrators, and freelancers, this theme is especially great if you want to showcase your talents in a memorable way. This theme is packed with tons of portfolio layouts and sliders, blog elements, and eCommerce features so you can spread your stories and sell illustrations or art crafts online. The combination of red, orange, grey, and white will boost the creative vibe of your presentation. However, if you prefer a different kind of color palette you can easily customize colors as per your needs.

Marceau – Creative Portfolio Theme

Marceau Unique WordPress Theme

Enjoy the endless summer with Marceau – a creative portfolio theme ideal for personal showcases. Crafted for illustrators and designers, this vibrant, colorful theme brings lovely illustrations, versatile fonts, and tons of templates you can style without limitations. In other words, with its customizable templates, readymade layouts, and a collection of carefully crafted elements, you can present your illustrations and showcase your work in a number of attention-grabbing ways. In the first place, the theme integrates a large collection of portfolio lists and single project templates. Secondly, it offers custom animations and hover effects so you can make your content more dynamic and fun. Also, it includes a practical blog and shop features which is great if you want to increase the website traffic or sell products online.

Oráiste – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Oraiste Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Oráiste is contemporary heaven. It offers bold fonts, eye-catching animations, minimalistic design, and tons of lovely layouts that will steal your heart. Whether you want to present your illustrations, showcase your talents, share your story or allow clients to contact you, you can do it originally with Oraiste. Thanks to its set of 12 innovative homepages, dozens of portfolio layouts, blog, and shop templates, you can cover every angle of your business like a pro.

Let’s Wrap It Up

When you’re building your career, you need to make sure your talents are visible to the world. Luckily, you can create a stunning online showcase with complete ease – there are many WordPress themes packed with everything you may need to showcase your talents. Also, you can have a look at personal website examples to get inspired before you create your dream site. This will give you an insight into how other creatives from your niche promote their talents so you can stay original and avoid clichés.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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