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Political Campaign Websites That Win the Game

10+ Political Campaign Websites That Win the Game

Last year maybe wasn’t what we expected, but it will surely be remembered as the year of the American presidential elections. But as we live in unusual, and a little uncertain times, the way candidates ran their elections has changed.

During the corona pandemic, Presidential meetings and press conferences are reduced. As a result, digital channels became the main tool for informing voters and spreading political programs. This means only one thing: having an informative, well-organized website now is crucial more than ever. For some candidates, a professional website with all the latest updates can even be a deal-breaker. Modern design, practical options, and easy access to information can both win or lose the trust of voters.

So, if you plan to promote your political ideas and win the game, make sure your site is not too cluttered, old-fashioned, or too slow. You want to be seen as reliable and progressive, so your website should be professional as well. The good news is there are many amazing political WordPress themes you can turn to. These themes are equipped with tons of options plus don’t require coding knowledge for building stunning websites.

But, before you choose your ideal theme, take some time to explore. When you know the best practices, it’s easier to set a site that brings the results. For this matter, have a look at famous political campaign websites we carefully handpicked for you.

1. Jumaane Williams for New York

Jumaane Williams for New York

The personality of Jumaane Williams, a candidate for a public advocate in New York reflects in his political campaign website. Bold, modern, and straightforward, Jumaane Williams decided to share his ideas and program in the black and white website color scheme. Every detail on this site is there for a reason. Thus, nothing is redundant. No endless galleries, news, and videos – still everything looks perfect. The beauty of this website is in its simple organization which perfectly highlights what’s really important – Jumaane’s story on leadership and activism and political program. If you don’t want to blend in and go with a safe, already-seen website design, use this as the inspiration.

2. John Bel Edwards for Louisiana

John Bel Edwards for Louisiana

Democrat John Bel Edwards is a real Louisiana guy. His website perfectly captures his program and steals the attention of potential voters. What sets this website apart from competitors is a classy gold and blue color scheme. A simple menu, traditional sections, and standard website flow are good options if you don’t want to experiment too much. In case you want to keep it simple and safe, this website is a good starting point. However, this website has everything it needs to inform visitors, or to inspire them to join the movement, donate and make a donation.

3. Robert Foster for Mississippi Gov

Robert Foster for Mississippi Gov

Robert Foster’s conservative values are surely not visible on his amazing political campaign website. What we like at first is the mega menu hidden behind the Mississippi map. Secondly, social media icons are placed right there on the top, so people can visit these channels directly from a website. This website is pretty basic so you don’t have to read a lot to figure out what Robert Foster stands for. The campaign site is designed to be scanned, so it consists of only relevant info and elements that are made to inform and offer solutions. From the contact page, donation page to the online shop – this website has it all.

4. Tate Reeves for Mississippi

Tate Reeves for Mississippi

Tete Reeves is a democratic candidate, but his website is way too democratic. Have this website in mind if you don’t want to make the same mistakes. What we don’t like is its overcrowded section dedicated to social media. Here, you can find too many of Tete’s Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and articles. The scrolling through this content is almost never-ending. Other website elements are pretty basic and simple, as well. Yet, you can still make a donation and join the volunteers.

5. Matt Bevin for Kentucky Gov

Matt Bevin for Kentucky Gov

If you want to play it safe – go with this kind of website like Matt Bevin. It’s simple, yet modern and it has all the elements needed to provide voters with important info. However, it’s a bit generic. So, in case you want to build a stronger bond with voters through your website, try to express your character in website details at least.

6. Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump is known for his bold, eccentric personality. However, you wouldn’t tell this from his website. Every element here is carefully chosen so voters can get all the information they need easily. This means people can follow upcoming events, check the latest news, request to vote, or check their registration – everything with a single click. Also, this website includes an online shop where voters can shop exclusive merchandise. But, this website wouldn’t be complete without iconic Trump’s Twitter feed that’s incorporated on the main page.

7. Dan Bishop For Congress

Dan Bishop For Congress

Even if you don’t share Dan’s political views, you will surely like this website. Its simple design and attention-grabbing text blocks make a real difference. A minimal mega menu in combo with the big picture section creates the feeling of openness. It seems like nothing is redundant here. The site is very classy, well-balanced, and user-friendly. Good job!

8. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

During the presidential election, this website’s traffic won in every sense. With more than 1.4. million visitors, it’s real proof that websites really have power. The dominance of white in combo with red and blue works perfectly as a canvas for Bernie‘s program. Another thing we like is a video right there on the top. This allows people to instantly see the important messages without scrolling down.

9. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

This website perfectly reflects what Elizabeth stands for and does that effectively. An unusual combo of mint and navy blue is a smart move. It not only looks fresh but also ensures this website has authentic character. The site allows you to donate, shop, sign up for the newsletter and follow the latest news. With its innovative, yet professional design, it’s the perfect choice for more liberal candidates.

10. Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie is a conservative candidate for the governor of Virginia. His website proves that simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. Actually, it has everything one voter needs to get informed and join the movement. From donation functionality, and newsletter sign-up form to social share buttons – it covers all the features candidates need in a digital age. What is also interesting about this website is its pioneering status as it’s one of the first websites that included the integration of campaign updates.

11. Joe Biden for President

Joe Biden for President

In our opinion, this website is one of the best political campaign websites. Its authentic design and tons of useful options make the winning formula for an amazing user experience. Equipped with a call-to-action button, donation options, and amazing galleries, this website presents Joe Biden’s life with photos and videos and successfully interacts with visitors in many ways. If you want to represent your program in the best possible manner, go with this type of website.

12. Kanye West

Kanye West

If we have to use three words to describe Kanye’s website, we would definitely go with these: white, minimalistic, and artistic. Pretty unconventional, this website doesn’t look like a traditional political presentation at all. However, it contains all the crucial elements for providing voters with important info. For instance, Kanye’s program is shown through basic, yet attention-grabbing text sections. Apart from this, the website integrates an online shop so people can shop promo materials (hats, hoodies, etc.) online.

13. Doug Jones for Senate

Doug Jones for Senate

This website will surely engage the users to contribute to the campaign. Like some of the other examples we’ve already mentioned, this site is professional and well equipped with powerful features. It asks users for donations, displays Doug’s Twitter feed, and calls people to volunteer. Basically, it sums up everything one political website needs to cover.

Best Themes for Political Campaign Websites

If you need a perfect theme that covers everything your political website needs to impress voters, check out VoteStart.

VoteStart – Political Campaign Theme

VoteStart WordPress Theme

Our vote goes to VoteStart for a reason. This feature-rich site is fully equipped with everything you’ll need to easily create a modern political website. From donation and event templates to volunteer submission forms, this theme covers everything one candidate needs to get noticed. Use this theme to announce upcoming events, sell materials online, or to recruit volunteers – all with complete ease. VoteStart is retina ready, designed to look good on every device, plus it’s fully customizable. This means you can change every element depending on your needs and political program. Beautiful, powerful, and easy-to-use, VoteStart is the theme that wins a game.

Let’s Wrap It up

Being a politician is a responsible, and sometimes very challenging task. But if you strongly believe in your ideas and you know how to improve society, don’t be quiet. Spread your values and gather people who share the same views. The website will help you reach voters and keep them posted so don’t take it for granted. Do research on other political campaign websites and build a site you will be proud of.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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