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10 Free Social Media Icons for Your Website

10+ Free Social Media Icons for Your Website

Can we imagine the modern advertising world without a carefully curated online presentation? No, we can absolutely not. When doing a promotion of a brand, or a single product, more and more companies tend to invest as much as possible in the visual aspect of their campaign. The arrival of modern technologies has turned the whole process of buying and selling upside down, and, instead of relying on all of our senses, these days we mostly rely on the optic one. What we see is what has the most persuasive power when it comes to deciding if a product is of good quality or not. If we add to this the fact that the basis of any brand lies in the website we’re displaying it on, it is no wonder why many digital marketing experts, graphic designers and brand owners insist that every detail of that site is treated with utmost attention. From the font size and style, to the small icons we place on our site to connect them to their apps, it is really important to try and choose the best possible fit.

Luckily, there is a variety of online websites that offer basically every possible element that can be placed on a single page. From photo stock websites that allow you to download the images you need for your own site, to the ones that let you download all sorts of fonts and icons you could possibly imagine. In this article, however, we have decided to focus on social media icons that are an indispensable part of any website today, which is why we have put together a list of free social media icons websites where you can find and download them for free. Wait no more, let’s see what we have prepared for you!

1. Icon Monstr

Icon Monstr

Icon Monstr is a web-based digital collection that gathers over 4000 different icons, amongst which you can find those related to social media platforms in particular. What is characteristic about this site is that it provides you with black and white icons only, however, you can filter all of them based on the 3 categories they offer – filled icons, those with bold outline and the ones with a thin outline. In addition to this, every icon can be downloaded in 4 different formats – svg, eps, psd and png. So, if you are looking for a simple solution for your website, all you need to do is press the download button and the icon is yours.

2. PNG Tree

PNG Tree

This all-encompassing website is a little piece of heaven for graphic designers. Its branches cover all sorts of png, vector, psd and clipart files (images, backgrounds, font effects etc.), so you can find basically everything you need for your brand’s visual identity. Speaking of social media icons only, the options are almost limitless. PNG Tree offers a vast assortment of social media icons − from the classic ones, to those with different colors, outline shapes, and sizes of course. Furthermore, all of them can be found in the previously mentioned types of files, so you won’t have to bother to convert them yourself. However, we need to mention that PNG Tree is not an entirely free-download website. To be precise, it offers you 2 free downloads per a day, but, on the other hand if you are a graphic designer yourself, you can upload some of your authentic work and get coupons that can be used later for your personal buys.

3. Iconscout by LottieFiles

Iconscout by LottieFiles

With over 3 million design assets, Iconscout is one of our favorites platforms where you can find both free and premium social media icons. Everything from vector icons, illustrations, and SVGs to 3D graphics can be found on this site, which makes it one of the best places for designers and creators. When it comes to icon collections and specific icon types, this platform especially shines. Not only does it offer any icon type but also it allows you to completely customize any icon you choose. Firstly, you can change the icon’s color following your branding style. Just select the color of the element you want to change and select the desired color from the color picker. You can also add specific HEX or RGB values to change your color. On the other hand, you can play with monochrome or gray color mode as well. But what we also like about Iconscout is the fact it allows you to add different tile options – square, circle, beacon, or squircle. So, if you’re searching for a great source of free icons, don’t miss out to visit Iconscout.

4. Vecteezy


Vecteezy is another marvelous treasure trove for the web-design community. It offers high quality vector graphics that can be utilized both for personal and commercial use, and the best part is, most of them are completely free of charge. Of course, there is a small portion of graphics that are for sale, but the amount of the ones you have for free is significantly bigger. When speak about the diversity of social media icons you can download from this site, the only adequate thing to say is that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Flat, round, colored, transparent, lined, pointer icons – these are only some of the variants you’ll find on this well-stocked website. However, the possibilities don’t end here. Vecteezy has a specially designed editor that allows you to modify and change all of the graphics available on the site before downloading them. You get the chance to tailor every icon based on your needs and get exactly what you wanted for your website.

5. Free Vector

Free Vector

The very name says it all. Free Vector puts all sorts of vector files at your disposal and no credit card is needed when downloading them. This site allows you to browse through popular categories, and, naturally, you can find the social media icons among them. The icons are divided in 2 groups – free and premium. The latter ones are dedicated to commercial use only which is why it is necessary to make a payment, while the icons destined for personal use are all for free. Anyhow, when it comes to free social media icons you have plenty of choice – from the app icons, to every possible reaction emoji, sticker or any other element that can usually be found on the social media apps. No need to say that all icons are available in many different versions. The best part is, Free Vector gets updated every month, so you get plenty of new vector goodies on a regular basis.

6. Icons8


Icons8 is a simple, modern yet carefully organized icon-providing website, that can also be downloaded as an app if you prefer searching for your perfect icon that way. All of the icons come in different design styles and are available both in png and vector formats. Each design style has a pixel-perfect size, so you won’t have to worry your icon will look blurry and imprecise. You just need to find the one which matches your website’s style. Another advantage Icons8 offers is that it allows you to browse the icon styles based on the operating system you use, then by popular categories and lastly, even by trends. Finally, to top it all off, this handy website comes with an online icon editor that will allow you to change the icon of your choice based on your necessities – change its color, outline, add elements and make as many modifications as you wish, this is all just a couple of clicks away.

7. Free Vectors

Free Vectors

This website was created with the aim to help the web-design community exchange their work and help each other in the designing process. This is the very reason why every available graphic on the site is 100% free for personal use, and most of them can also be used for commercial purposes without having to pay for a license. Free Vectors doesn’t gather only icons, but rather a whole specter of graphic files that are essential for brand-building. However, given the fact that this article is dedicated to social media icons only, you get to find them on this site by just typing these key words into the search box (unfortunately, there is no browsing by categories, so the good old ways come in handy). By doing so, you will get a list of all the available icons of this type, and the only thing that is left for you to do is choose among the vast number of possibilities at your disposal and download them immediately.

8. Pixabay


If you wish to sail into a bay full of graphic treasure, Pixabay is the one. This website offers plenty of different graphic content for you to choose from. However, in order to get the preview of all the free social media icons this website has in stock, first you need to tick the type of graphics you wish to browse through (in our case those would be the vector files) from the drop-down menu situated on the right side of the search box. The next step is, by all means, typing the key words and there you go – a large list of social media icons will appear on the screen. Apart from the diversity this website has to offer, it is also quite user-friendly given the fact that it allows you to filter all the content by different parameters such as color, size, orientation category etc. We guarantee that you will be able to find and download any social media related icon on this site and of course, all that completely free of cost.

9. Flaticon


Flaticon represents one of the largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. All of the icons are available for free or premium download. If you desire to download it without any charge, you are obliged to attribute the author of the icon by placing the link you’ll be provided with during your download process. If you, on the other hand, opt for a premium membership (9,99 € per a month) you get access to over 2 million icons with limitless download possibilities. Flaticon also offers the option to use their special editor that helps you modify every icon from this site until you get the style you were looking for. In addition to this, you can filter the lists by the icon pack’s popularity, style and, of course, by the license requirements. Finally, you can choose to see only the icons designed by a certain author whose work you like the most, follow his or her profile and get regular updates on the novelties in their portfolio.

10. Iconfinder


This iconic website has a collection of over 4 million icons all of which can be downloaded in 6 different formats (png, svg, ai, csh, ico, icns). Just like many other websites of this sort, unfortunately, not all of the icons are available for free download, however, there is a significant collection of those which can be downloaded without having to spend a penny. Furthermore, Iconfinder is equipped with an online editor, and, in case you are not familiar with the way these online editors function, they have also prepared a demo for you to watch and learn from. This special editor will also enable you to add text to your preferred icon and finally export it in png or svg format. As for the style of the social media icons you can find on this site – well, there’s a reason why this site is called Iconfinder – you can basically find anything you wish.

11. Freepik


Apart from being an endless resource center for photos, Freepik is also a place where you can find all sorts of graphic material. However, in a sea of these magnificent graphic items, we have paid particular attention to the ones of our interest, icons. When it comes to social media icons, the lavish choice you’ll be offered will leave you with the sense of certainty that the one you’re looking for is right there. From logo packs, to individual icons that can be found in as many colors and styles as you wish, you can rest assured that your website will be all “glammed up” with these little pieces that most certainly make a difference. Freepik, however, doesn’t offer all of its content for free. Anyhow, the number of free icons is more than satisfactory, and if these icons, by any chance, aren’t enough, you can get your premium license with unlimited number of downloads for only 9,99€ per a month. In addition to this, by uploading your personal graphic work, you can earn some cash that can be used later on for you other purchases.

To Conclude

So, if you wish to build a brand that is excelling to the very last detail, and not spend a cent in the process, these 10 free social media icons websites will help you out. Not only will they provide you with incredible icons that will bring the final touch to your visual identity, but most of them will also provide you with plenty of other graphic material you need while building your website. All in all, an iconic website is just a couple of clicks away! However, if you wish to equip your brand with some more unique details and are unable to find what you’re looking for on these 10 amazing free websites, you can always turn to the premium ones that offer additional graphic content. Some of the pages we advise you to visit are definitely Adobe Stock, iStock by Getty Images, Creative Market, Myicons etc. Having said all of this, we sincerely hope that our list has helped you at least a bit in your quest for the perfect icon.

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