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Must-Have Web Design Elements for Your Startup Website

10 Must-Have Web Design Elements for Your Startup Website

Every business in today’s modern world requires an online presence. Having a website is one of the best ways to establish yourself and sell more products or services. However, a website can make or break a business that’s trying to create an online presence.

If you’re planning to start a website for your small business, there’re various design elements that you should remember. Also if you plan to redesign your website, plan this process very carefully. This article will look into the various website design elements that can make your site stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get into it.

Navigation Bar

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One of the things that will drive customers away from your site is ineffective navigation. A startup website looking to attract as many visitors as possible needs easy-to-use navigation. A complicated and confusing one can frustrate users as they locate things on your site.

It would be best if you designed the navigation bar according to your business. However, the bar should never be too big or small as that will affect the user experience. If you have too many menu options, you can utilize the footer to make them easily accessible. Focus on only including the most important menu options.


Aviana design

You can enhance your startup website design using the right font. Fonts add texture and create a hierarchy on your site. Decide on the topography that will fit your brand well and present its image. The better you choose when it comes to fonts, the better your content looks.

Besides, it is not recommendable to use more than two or three fonts utmost. That way, your website will look uncluttered. Also, some design elements can get hindered if you have too many fonts on them. You should also ensure that the font you pick matches the tone on your site. Testing multiple fonts will give you the desired results.


Design colors

You also need to consider your website colors when designing it. It would help if you aimed at having two or three different colors at maximum. The primary focus should ensure that these colors represent your brand accurately. It is best to go with the colors that already exist on your logo.

If the logo has too many colors, only pick the three dominant colors utmost. Going with two colors and embracing more white spaces on your site can also work perfectly. The aim is to ensure that the texts on your site look readable without too many colors distracting the audience’s attention.

Social Media Links

Social media has been a key enabler of online business today. It has become an essential element for businesses looking to create an online presence and use it to sell their products. As a business owner, you need to create social media pages for your business.

You can also improve your business by making sure your website and social media platforms go hand-in-hand. Your website needs to have a design that matches your social media page design. Besides, it would help if you made social media pages easily accessible from your site by including their links on every web page.


Call-to-action design

Your customers may not take the desired action even after reading your website content. It would be best to have calls to action after every informational piece. A call-to-action indicates what you’d like your visitors to do after reading your content, such as signing up for a service.

Your calls to action need to be easy to locate on your website. When designing the site, plan where you’d like to place them so that you do not lose potential customers. Besides, it would be best to make them short and concise to ensure your customers make purchasing decisions quickly.


It could seem too obvious, but a blog is one area many businesses fail. Many startup websites do not have blogs, which affects how they do business. The best thing about blogs is that they educate website visitors and help increase conversions for businesses.

Your online business will go viral if you can use a blog effectively. Ensure that you regularly update it with fresh content and build a community of loyal customers. A good startup marketing agency will help you develop a good content strategy for your blog. That will help establish your business as an authority in your industry, which means more business for you.

Make sure that your blog’s layout is clear and easy to navigate around. Important elements you should include are categories tabs for easy navigation and a search bar so readers can find articles they want to read immediately.

White Spaces

White Spaces

Many people tend to ignore the benefits that white spaces bring to a website. However, big brands are implementing this basic web design technique and benefiting from it greatly. You should avoid filling every space on your site and leaving spaces for your content to stand out.

White spaces on any website enhance readability and thus attract more readers. Besides, they make websites look professional and make the overall design elegant. One of the ways you can increase white spaces on your website is by a well-thought use of imagery.

Contact Info Page

Contact Info Page

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One thing people look at before initiating purchases is whether your website has a contact page. Every website needs it to look credible and stand out. Your contact page can also include a contact form that will help you gather vital information from your site visitors.

There’re various design elements that your contact page badly needs. For instance, you need simple fonts and colors that won’t make the page look cluttered. If it’s a contact form, you need to add various text entry fields to it.

Also, do not forget to make a few fields optional for a better user experience.

Using A Grid

You can make your content pop by using a grid-based web design. Using a grid gives your content a perfect structure and makes things look organized. There’re many websites out there that have embraced grid designs, and you can check a few of them to see how structured they look.

The best thing about a grid design is that it adds balance to your website. You have various size options to consider for images and text boxes. So, you will decide how you want your site to look. This design gives you endless options to explore and implement.

A FAQs Page

Your contact lines may flood if you do not have a FAQ page on your website. It can be tiring to reply to obvious questions that many people ask the first time they interact with your site. You should identify these questions, put them on your site, and provide answers.

It would help if you focused on designing an easy-to-navigate FAQ page on your site. Categorize the questions on your FAQ page with subheadings indicating the topics they cover. You should also link your FAQ page to either the site footer or the broader submenu.


Website designing is a very tricky thing for every business. Even the easiest designs can be tricky to achieve, making it necessary to hire an expert. But then, you can still design your website perfectly with the right tools, professional web design resources and guidance. Plus there are many web design plugins that can help you greatly.

You should keep the tips we’ve mentioned in mind if you’d like to DIY. This article will save you valuable time and effort by simplifying the web design process. It will also help you achieve a website design that your audience will find appealing.

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