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Website Ideas for an Online Side Hustle

25 Website Ideas for an Online Side Hustle

If you have the Internet connection, laptop, and business idea, you have no excuse to start a lucrative side-hustle. Today, when everything is just one click away, anyone can start a business that can become sustainable without big investments. The best part is you don’t have to be a programmer to create a website. Start by choosing your domain name – don’t forget to check domain name availability before everything else. Next, choose the best hosting for your website type. Once you’ve covered the basics, take some time to decide which WordPress page builder is the best for you. Finally, choose the perfect WordPress theme and you’re ready to go. Without further ado, let’s jump into the ocean of possibilities you should consider.

Start a Personal Blog

Start a personal blog

Personal blogs give you the freedom to write about topics that are your area of expertise. Thus, they are not limited to one particular niche. They are a great choice for anyone who wants to earn some extra money while covering topics of their interest. If you want to set up a personal blog, you need one of personal blog WordPress themes, since they are packed with a set of features tailor-made for bloggers. Once you get your site up and running, start thinking about monetization. You can earn from advertising products, use affiliate marketing to promote products, or sell your ebooks, courses, and more. No matter what your niche is, don’t forget to constantly improve your writing style. These content writing tips can do wonders.

Build an Online Store

Selling products online is one of the best website ideas. Today, anyone can start an eCommerce site with WooCommerce. Thanks to this amazing plugin you can sell simple products, virtual products, variable products or any other product type. WooCommerce covers endless useful options and lets you easily set up WooCommerce pages. Another thing you should have in mind is the full flexibility you will have when selling products online. Just describe your products, let people write reviews, and upload the product images so people can get a realistic impression of the products. Lastly, don’t forget to optimize your store for search enginesWooCommerce SEO tips will surely bring you better results.

Make a Membership Website

Membership websites are a great way to share exclusive content with a special audience. For instance, if you create podcasts, audio content, or run forums you can limit your content for paid members or subscribers only. Although this may sound complicated, it can be done with zero effort with many WordPress membership plugins that will allow you to sell membership plans or restrict access.

Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses

Online learning is at its peak. Millions are now able to upgrade their knowledge and join the best educational institutions, no matter where they are located. Online courses are ideal for improving skills, learning languages, or exploring new possibilities. If you have the expertise in a certain field and you want to monetize your knowledge, you can easily create a course, and sell it online. Get the right online course WordPress theme, install one of WordPress LMS plugins and grow your audience!

Create a Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is still going strong. If you want to sell products, but you don’t have the storage capacities, you can purchase the items from a third-party supplier that will ship them to the customer. In other words, you can sell online without handling products directly. You can create any store type, depending on the niche you want to focus on. Also, you can use one of WooCommerce discount plugins when you want to offer special prices or create sales campaigns.

Make an Affiliate Website

One of the website ideas you should consider is starting an affiliate marketing website. As you may know, in affiliate marketing a seller or product owner pays you a small commission, each time someone purchases the product from your referral link. This business idea gives you complete flexibility since you can cover any niche – fashion, beauty, tech, etc.

Launch a Fashion Blog

Launch a Fashion Blog

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative business fields. If you love new fashion trends and designers, why don’t you turn your passion into a side job? Start with fashion blog theme and create articles about your favorite brands and fashion items. Next, you can collaborate with fashion companies and earn by reviewing certain products. Finally, you can interview fashion icons and share their stories on your blog.

Start a Travel Website

Are you a travel lover? Starting a travel website is another website idea you should have in mind. Whether you want to travel solo or to organize tours, you can do it with a simple site that will showcase your services in detail. In case you lack inspiration, you can always check out the best travel website examples built by professionals.

Make a Food Website

Writing about food and experimenting with new recipes sounds like a dream job. If you want to inspire people to eat better or to experiment with food, you should start a food blog. The best part is you don’t have to hire developers since there are many food blog WordPress themes you can combine with recipe plugins, in case you want to focus on recipes.

Start a Podcast Website

Start a Podcast

Podcasts have skyrocketed in the previous years. This simple concept lets you talk about different topics with guests that are relevant in a certain niche. People love podcasts because they can listen to them while driving, running, or working. In case you like meaningful conversations, you can get a podcast WordPress theme, install the best podcast plugins and start your podcast journey.

Start a Job Hunt Website

People change jobs constantly. If you want to help them find their dream job, you can start a job hunt website. Basically, your site will let companies post jobs and recruit talents. To create this website type, we suggest you use one of directory WordPress themes.

Make a Coupons Website

People love discounts! They will also love the website where they can locate the best deals and discounts. If this sounds like one of the good website ideas, you can build a site that contains the best coupon offers gathered in one place.

Create an Online Marketplace

If you want to go one step further and gather numerous sellers under your selling platform, marketplace WordPress themes may be the tool you need to do this effortlessly. These themes integrate with the Dokan plugin, which is the leading multi-vendor market tool.

Start a Restaurant Website

If you run a restaurant, you need a site to allow people food ordering or table booking. The best part is you do this for free with free restaurant WordPress themes that bring great templates and practical features.

Build a Reviews Website

Reviews are a strong sales tool. They help people make decisions faster. If you like to share your views about products in a certain niche, you can monetize your passion. Install one of review WordPress themes and start collaborations!

Make a Photography Website

Make a Photography Website

As a photographer, you already know the power of images. In case photography is your hobby, you can launch a photography website where you can showcase and sell your works. With the help of themes that offer versatile photography website templates ideal for presenting works in detail.

Launch a Portfolio Website

Freelancing is a great way for a side income. Whether you’re a designer, copywriter, videographer, developer, or creative photographer, you can easily earn from your talents. However, you will get nowhere without a proper online portfolio. Have a look at artist portfolio WordPress themes, designer portfolio WordPress themes, photography portfolio WordPress themes, and choose the option that will help you introduce your talents to the world.

Start an Online Food Delivery Website

More and more people order food online. Fresh dishes delivered straight to their doorsteps are always a good idea. In case you want to join this trend, you can always gather different restaurants under the umbrella of your food delivery website.

Sell Handicrafts Online

One of the website ideas that can turn into a lucrative business is selling handicrafts online. Whether you create jewelry, ornaments, home décor or candles, you can monetize your talents and sell your handicrafts online. To present your works, you can use arts and crafts WordPress themes that are equipped with different image gallery types, versatile portfolio templates, and practical shop features.

Start a Pets Store

Our furry friends deserve only the best! That’s why it is not surprising the number of pet shops is constantly growing. If the idea of selling pet food, accessories, or toys sounds fun to you, get one of the eCommerce WordPress themes and start your new business journey.

Start a News Website

It seems that the golden era of television is behind us. Today, digital channels serve as a source of information for millions. So, if you are into current affairs, politics, or daily news, you can monetize your interests by creating a news website. You can use one of news portal WordPress themes to spread the word, publish articles fast and interact with readers easily.

Create a Book Blog

Create a Book Blog

Do you like reading? In case you enjoy books, you should start a book blog and write book reviews, promote new publications or interview writers. You can also promote certain books for money or even sell your favorite headlines.

Start a Business Consulting Sites

Are you a law expert? Finance professional? Marketing guru? Why don’t you monetize your knowledge by creating your personal website? To get inspired, you should take a look at best consulting website examples as it will save your time and help you find your unique style.

Craft a Nutritionist Site

Clean eating is the key to good health. A nutritionist knows how proper food selection and usage can promote health and manage diseases. So, if you’re competent in this field, get your favorite nutrition WordPress theme and share the story about your services and expertise.

Launch a Crypto Site

Crypto market is stronger than ever. Don’t miss out a chance to join this lucrative field – get one of crypto themes such as BitPal and present your new products like a pro.

Let’s Wrap It Up

In digital times, possibilities are everywhere. If you want to earn extra money, you can always start a new hobby or part-time side hustle. However, if you lack inspiration, the website ideas we analyzed in this article may be the right starting point. Find the area that inspires you and get ready to turn your side hustle into something big!

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