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Great Website Logo Makers For All Purposes

5+ Great Website Logo Makers For All Purposes

Logos are powerful. We bet you you can name at least ten off the top of your head and describe them from memory. There‘s a reason for that. These little bits of graphics are there to draw your eye towards them or, if they‘re more discreet, to mark goods or content and tie them to a brand.

What might you need a website logo maker or a logo for, if they‘re supposed to be so unique? You might not immediately know what style or logo would best suit your business, for one. Serious or playful? Businesslike or casual? Monochrome or colourful?

Accompanying an image, or text only? With a website logo maker, you can play around with different options before deciding on a direction you wish to go, and either do it yourself or hire a professional designer – and a professional designer will appreciate clear guidelines or even a mock-up.

Speaking of mock-ups, you might be a web designer and you want to fit a logo to your website, maybe you are designing props for TV or film, or you just want to see what a logo might look like on a piece of stationery, business card, or merchandise such as a T-shirt, you may also want to generate a couple in different shapes, styles or layouts and try them on.

So, without further ado, we give you this list of website logo makers.

1. Logomakr


We begin with Logomakr.com, an easy first step for beginners. In fact, the link immediately lands you before a handy video tutorial walking you through all of its (admittedly, not very numerous) functions. You can choose from a large menu of some simple graphics, to which you can then add text (such as your company name, slogan, year of establishment, and so on in a variety of typefaces).

You can also spruce up your logo with some simple geometrical shapes and change the colour of each element, and that‘s about it. As we said, not a fantastic amount of options with this one, but it will do if you only want to set up a basic layout, and, not having very many options, this website logo maker is very easy to use.

You will need to pay a license for high-resolution and vector version of your logo, but a low-resolution version, with attribution required, is free.

2. Logaster


Logaster is another easy way to get a start on designing your logo. You begin by typing in your brand name, and are then taken to a screen with drop-down menus for style and colour, with the option to reinput your brand name (use initials instead of a full name, say) and a field to enter a tagline, such as a motto or slogan, to supplement your design.

Once you have given Logaster your preferences, the logo maker will generate several versions of your logo, and supply you with mock-ups that fit your criteria. Then you may select a version which you like and, once you create (at least) a free account, see it in various versions for display in different contexts: from price tags and coffee cups, to letterheads and social media assets.

In order to use the design, however, you will have to subscribe to at least one of Logaster‘s price plans, or download a small version of the logo for free.

3. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator

Next up, we have the Hipster Logo Generator. As the name suggests, this one was made to fit a certain style, and might therefore not be for everyone. Still, you may like it for its retro appeal and minimal style. It does not sport a broad range of options, but you can mock-up a basic logo layout in no time at all.

Simply select a basic layout, add some text and some vaguely hipster-themed shapes, and you are set with a bare-bones mock-logo for your heritage, sustainable, gluten-free, artisanal whatever. A PNG file is free, but you have to pay for the high-resolution version.

4. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

The next item on the list is Free Logo Design. You start by entering a brand name and corresponding industry, and are then taken to a massive menu of ready-made graphics you can select a logo from. These are all subdivided into individually editable elements, so if you like the basic shape of one but are not thrilled with, say, the spacing of the graphical elements, you can adjust it however you wish.

You may also change the colour of each element, to easily make it fit your brand identity or website design. There are also numerous text options, including one that makes your text crawl above or below a Bézier curve for some really elegant solutions. You can also use the Logo Ideas page for a quick overview of logo designs by industry. The developers of this website logo maker also run a design-themed blog on their website.

A low-resolution PNG is free, but for the full package, including a vector version of your logo, you will have to pay.

5. Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker

With Online Logo Maker, you get a fast and easy path towards a logo of your own. From the outset, you are taken to the editor with a pre-generated placeholder logo which you can then proceed to customize, or change completely. This logo maker relies on a large library of symbols subdivided into customizable parts. For instance, a face “symbol“ will allow you to change the colour of its hair, eyes and lips.

What‘s more, this logo maker will allow you to upload your own image, in case you have already been working on something, and let you play with it by adding on various other shapes and text. So you can see how it matches up with different typefaces and in different layouts. A special option allows you to generate automatically several layouts for business cards using your basic design. This logo maker also comes with a comprehensive tutorial page.

In order to download the logo you have just created, you will need to open an account with Online Logo Maker. However, the only thing you can download for free will be a low-resolution copy only fit for non-commercial use – which is fine if all you are looking for is a mock-up.

6. Logogenie


Logogenie is another logo maker which you can use to generate a professional-looking logo quickly. After you input your company name, you will be taken to a page with many out-of-the-box logos and a side menu which you can use to change the company name, add a slogan or motto, and search the grid of options by keyword.

You will then get your chosen solution subdivided into editable elements, each of which you can scale, move around, and change the colour of. With a few easy actions you can also add more graphical elements, texts, and change the background colour. In order to use your logo, you will need to open an account. None of the versions of the logos you generate are free, but you can tailor your shopping cart to your needs (if you only want a logo for your social network profiles, say), and you can also make your design exclusive by buying it out of the developers‘ library.

7. Ucraft


Ucraft is a website logo maker relying on a vast searchable library of over one million icons which you can use as a starting point for your logo. It has a minimal interface which makes it very simple to use, including a grid for easy editing. Other than icons, you can also add text and simple shapes to your logo. We were left feeling that the font options on offer are a little sparse. Never mind, though, because you can add your own – especially useful if you have a proprietary typeface or if a client has expectations in that respect.

In order to download it, however, you need to create an account. As a registered user, you get to create, save and download however many logos you like, but only in the PNG format, and 600×600 pixel resolution. For a high-resolution vector file, Ucraft will charge you.

8. Placeit


If you are looking for a complete, ready-made logo, you ought to take a look at Placeit. You simply name your brand, pick an industry for which you are looking for a logo, and select one of the ready-made logos from a grid. Then you can customize it by changing the colours and text which appear in the pre-generated logo, but not much else. In case you change your mind, or can‘t decide, you can always pick another design from a preset. A novelty here are animated logos, specifically geared towards the website builder.

These professional designs, while very well executed, are not free. You can buy the one you created, but also subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan.

9. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Finally, there is Tailor Brands, the AI-assisted logo maker. This logo maker‘s developers have really You begin with a brand name and a tagline, choose an industry and optionally write down a couple of words about your brand, and finally choose between an image-, name-, or initials-based logo. You can then choose between an abstract shape and something from the logo maker‘s library of icons, and only then do we get to the AI bit. You will be shown several examples of typography, and the algorithm behind the Tailor Brands logo maker will choose a style for you.

You will then be taken to a page showing the logo maker‘s chosen logo in a variety of contexts, such as a Facebook page or stationery. And in case you don‘t like it, you can customize it by changing the style and colour of the typeface, the icon, and the colour palette. Each of your options will earn you a buzzword-laden comment form the AI, along with an explanation of why a certain choice of colours goes with a certain icon, and so on.

However, your free account only lets you download a low-resolution sample. As in most cases, for a premium solution, you need to pay a premium price.

To Conclude

And this brings us to the conclusion. Of course, none of these websites is a substitute for professional logo design – nor will any one magically turn you into a designer. That takes skill, time, and talent. However, not everyone needs a completely unique, professional logo. Sometimes, just a quick mock-up will do. And if it will do for you, you will find what you need somewhere on this list. We guarantee it.

We hope that you found this article to be helpful. If you liked it, please feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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