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Website Strategy and Design Trends

Website Strategy and Design Trends for 2023

The digital world is constantly evolving. What was a trend last year, won’t be in fashion the next. This is why it’s crucial to monitor the current trends and keep track of the upcoming changes. With thousands of brands and businesses that are fighting for a slice of a cake, it’s essential to be flexible, well informed, and ready to adapt.

Inflation of content, trends become overused faster than earlier. So, if you want to stay relevant and attract attention, don’t be stagnant. On the contrary, make sure your website strategy is open to changes and new trends. To keep your site at the forefront of design and Google ranking, it’s vital to frequently check out the best web design resources and follow the latest trends about website strategy. In this article, we will walk you through the hot new trends that will make a difference.

Define Your Target Customers

Every change brings new possibilities. So, if you are planning to create your first site or you want to redesign your website, you need to define your target audience. Do you target millennials, baby boomers, or gen z? Defining your target audience is crucial for your website strategy.

Firstly, when you know whom you address, you can better plan your design direction or online advertising. The best way to determine your customer’s profile is to create a so-called Buyer Persona. If you already run a site, but you want to improve it, you can get the best insight from Google Analytics data. However, if you don’t have this data and want to build a site from scratch, our advice is to conduct a survey and ask your potential customers to take part in it.

Establish Your Top Goals and Set Priority

When you know we are going, we will reach our final destination faster. Knowing why you’re creating a site is a very important part of your website strategy. Do you want to build brand awareness? Or do you want to showcase your projects? Is your site focused on sales? Are you trying to grow your newsletter list? Or do you want to catch attention from potential clients? Take time and answer these questions before you launch your site.

Determine Your Branding Strategy

If you want to be recognizable and leave a lasting impression, you need strong branding. This is where your brand identity enters the scene. Everything from your logo, brand colors, and slogan to typography and design style matters. So, make sure your website strategy covers your branding as well. In case you need help with this, you can hire professional marketing agencies that will help you define your brand’s purpose, promise, beliefs, and personality.

Research the Keywords for the Best Website Strategy

No matter when you are starting your business, keywords will be there. Also, every industry has a certain set of keywords in search engines that people search for. Defining the keywords is another important step in your website strategy. Before you write your website texts and blog post, take time and research the keywords that will bring you results. We recommend you to find keywords that have at least 200 searches per month and less than 2000 searches per month. Also, use keywords that are relevant for your industry and have a cost per click.

Create SEO strategy

Every website strategy should include SEO plans and goals. With the right SEO strategy, your site will rank better and you will generate more leads. Thus, your site will bring results and help you turn visitors into customers. For starters, use the potential of your About us page. Implement your keywords in headline and page text so your business story is beneficial for your SEO as well. Apart from this, use links wisely. The smart usage of external and external links will boost the authority of your pages. Also, don’t forget to use different header tags to organize your headings based on their priority. No matter what you want to accomplish, you can do it without hiring experts – just follow professional WordPress SEO tips.

Pay Attention to Responsiveness

More and more people are visiting sites via mobiles and tablets. For this reason, your website strategy should cover responsiveness as well. In other words, you have to make sure your site will properly respond to different screen sizes and device types. Your image galleries, buttons, and forms should look great and work without interruptions. Also, make sure your pages load correctly and that all buttons/links are clickable. If you want to make sure your site will be responsive and user-friendly, you can hire professional developers/designers or use one of the responsive WordPress themes.

Create Web Pages as Landing Pages

Your website strategy should treat each website page as a landing page. This means that each page is designed to stand independently and yet cover it all. For instance, if you sell products, each page should include shop elements and links to products. On the other hand, if you want to showcase your work, make sure each of your pages contains image galleries or links that lead to your portfolio. To achieve this level of practicality, use CTA buttons on each page, break the essential information into images, bullets, and videos. Also, don’t forget to include contact forms and newsletter subscription fields wherever it’s suitable.

Keep it Simple

If you want to thrive in 2022, keep things simple. When it comes to design, your website strategy should focus on simple colors, wider sections, and gentle motion. In other words, you should use fewer words, a clear call to action and a calming color scheme for the best results. Don’t put everything on your main page – encourage people to explore deeper and enjoy the process. Design is all about space, clear information, and balanced animation effects. Avoid complex animations, infographics, and too many sections.

Put Safety First

Pandemic makes us feel overwhelmed. Luckily, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! To celebrate a fresh start, make sure your site will give people space and help them feel cozy and safe. Use organic, natural shapes and colors that evoke the feeling of freedom. Also, make sure your visitors will feel as safe as they are at home. Spacious sections, inviting messages, and calm colors will be a big tren.

Don’t Forget Interactivity

Website visitors don’t want to be overwhelmed, but they don’t want to be bored either. That’s why it is crucial to keep things simple yet interactive. In recent years it has become extremely popular for businesses to have interactive features on their websites, but it is important that you are using the right features to fit your business goals. To help them stay engaged, use videos and interactive images, add a live chat feature, and include a review section if you sell products. Also, you can create a FAQ section or conduct surveys to gather information.

Smart Storytelling

There is no successful website strategy without carefully planned storytelling. Make sure your story has a clear plot, characters, and conclusion. Tell relevant things but don’t bother customers with redundant details. Also, use interactive effects to engage readers and use clear visual elements that illustrate your story.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you are ready to skyrocket your business, take some time and carefully plan your website strategy. Pay attention to design, SEO and storytelling. Also, don’t forget to define your customers and define priorities. Good luck!

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