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Website Strategy Should Always Include Long-Term Thinking

William Chin About Website Strategy: Why You Need One

When setting up a WordPress website (or any website, for that matter), having a well-thought-out website strategy is a must. That’s why we had a chat with William Chin, SEO consultant of PickFu feedback platform. He was kind enough to share his advice on what website strategies work the best when it comes to building your WordPress site, what to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress theme, tips on improving user experience, and much more.

From the user’s perspective, what WordPress feature needs the most improvement?

The thing that needs to be improved the most from the admin user’s standpoint is the wp-admin functionality. It would be fantastic (especially for editors and admin users who have to add content to the CMS) if you could edit content on the fly as long as you’re logged into the wp-admin dashboard. This means you could interact with the site’s front end naturally. Now, there are plugins and themes that actually do this, but they’re glitchy and usually very bloated.

What are the 5 things that every owner should include in their website strategy when choosing a WordPress theme?

  1. Design and Layout.

Ensure the design and layout of each template are specified to your needs. You want to make sure the use case for updating your theme is satisfied. For example, every page on Amazon’s site serves a purpose – see that your theme does as well.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness.

It’s a fact that most sites have more mobile than desktop traffic. That’s why your theme should reflect a mobile-first design. This is especially true for e-commerce stores.

  1. Pagespeed.

Your theme should also naturally be fast when it comes to the load render for users. You usually want a load time on mobile of 2-3 seconds. Test the theme’s demo with PageSpeed Insights before you purchase it.

  1. Plugin compatibility.

You should always watch out for this. Some themes don’t play nice with plugins, custom or otherwise. You can always message the theme creators for more information.

  1. Support.

Is the theme supported and does it look like the support team actively helps their clients? We live in an age where things are extremely fluid and knowing that you have strong customer support can go a long way.

What are your favorite tips for improving the user experience on WordPress websites?

Switch to the Gutenberg builder. Despite there being a learning curve, having the ability to build blocks and save them (like some custom themes do) is extremely useful. Also, the blocks don’t clog up your site.

What are the frequent mistakes marketers make when they try to improve website traffic?

The most frequent mistake marketers make is not having long-term thinking. Most marketers will take the path of least resistance to rank or gain traffic since that’s usually the purpose of marketing. However, making money and targeting “purchasing keywords” should be the ultimate goal of all marketers.

In your opinion, what is the most frequent mistake SEO specialists make?

Trying to optimize everything at once. It’s important to optimize slowly and be sure that the optimizations have a positive effect. Making too many changes at once can muddy the waters and not actually give you a good understanding of what worked and didn’t work. Also, there is such a thing as over-optimization.

How does a PickFu poll actually work?

When a customer starts a poll, PickFu makes that poll available to our pool of thousands of respondents. Only respondents that match the customer’s requested audience targeting will be able to respond. The respondents answer the poll on a first-come, first-served basis, and PickFu collects, analyzes, and presents the results back to the user. For simple polls, this entire process takes as little as 15 minutes.

In your opinion, in what area is PickFu valuable the most to digital marketers?

Pickfu is valuable to digital marketers due to the ability to actually gather quantitative feedback from specific audience segments. For example, if you wanted to target a specific type of geographic segment, Pickfu will allow you to do that with a click of a few buttons. It lets you emulate and create a unique user pool and test your website strategies on that user pool. This is extremely valuable as A/B testing can be costly and take time (Getting to statistical significance is a pain).

What differentiates PickFu from other feedback platforms?

PickFu‘s combination of simplicity, speed, and insight makes it unique among feedback platforms. Customers appreciate that polls take just one minute to set up, and love that the feedback comes back in real-time and with thoroughly written insights from our panelists.

What does your usual working day look like?

In the morning, I always check my clients’ ranks to see if anything drastic has changed overnight. Then, I will quickly scan some of my top search engine blogs for any new updates in the world of digital marketing. After this morning routine, my day of work will actually start!

I will look through the tasks assigned to me in Asana, think about the ones that can provide my clients the best pay-off and complete them like that.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

I love to exercise and take the time to learn new things. Whether it’s a language, an online strategy or cooking – I have a consistent hunger for knowledge. If I’m not doing that, I’m hanging out with my family and friends.

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