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WordPress Designers on Dribble Worth Following

WordPress Designers on Dribbble Worth Following

Want to give your website a boost and transform its visual identity? Need a helping hand that will make your journey to the authentic website all fun and games? Start at Dribbble. Although there are many great online resources with free vector illustrations and free stock photos, you won’t get far if you are creating your website from scratch, with zero design knowledge. This is where Dribbble enters the scene. This famous platform is a way to go for everyone who wants to find and showcase creative work. In other words, Dribbble is a perfect place to share portfolio and get noticed by both designer experts and potential clients. If you’re looking for talented individuals or famous design studios that can help you with your new website’s look or any other design matter, Dribbble is the right starting point. From animation, illustration, print and product design, to typography and web design, this website features all the design types and elements you might need. If you are particularly interested in WordPress, we have a real treat for you: a curated list of top 8 WordPress designers on Dribbble! The order is random, so your perfect candidate may be at the bottom of our list. So, make sure you read everything from top to bottom.

Milica Andjelkovic

Milica is a designer of all shapes and forms, but her work is primarily focused on web design. Versatile and professional, her Dribbble work selection covers everything from the portfolio, and architecture, to travel, and yoga niche. What makes Milica’s design style characteristics is the mixture of great color combinations and amazing interactive animations. Have a look at Sekko for example. The perfect combination of pastel colors and progressive typography makes each homepage of this theme a little piece of art. Another relevant sample is Mixtape. Thanks to vibrant colors this eye-catching template particularly made for musicians is great for a lively presentation of any other kind.

Ishtiaq Khan Parag

As a product designer at Elegant Themes, this Bangladesh based visual guru, definitely knows how to stand out from the crowd. The facts he works for the creators of the most-widely used premium WordPress theme, says enough. With 7k followers on Dribbble and a portfolio that attract attention, Ishtiag is one of the designers you can’t ignore. Take Art Gallery template he created for Divi Theme as an example. This modern, elegant layout crafted in a minimal manner is almost a paradigm for everyone who wants that perfect balance of simplicity and bold details. In a similar style he also designed Elachii Landing Page. Gentle colors and tiny details are what make this template an absolute winner. As Ishtiag always goes one step ahead, his work is a proven inspiration resource for many design enthusiasts.

Stevan Ivic

This talented design professional from Qode Interactive demonstrated great attention to detail in his works. Specialized in graphic design, illustration and logo design, Stevan creates lovely illustrations nobody can ignore. Here you can check out Bolge, all-in-one portfolio theme with dominant navy, gentle pink and white colors. Meticulously crafted, this professional template is great for any creative niche – from marketing and SEO agencies, to creative design studios and branding companies. Also, we recommend you to check out Krafti, a stylish theme made for anyone who creates arts and crafts. Nice colors and gentle shapes of this theme will make you love Stevan’s work.


JayJay is another professional web designer with a great reputation on Dribbble. His flawless works are designed to perfectly fit your website. Besides websites, this talented artist also covers mobile apps, project management dashboards and much more. The versatility of his work and eye for detail are probably the reason behind his amazing list of clients. JayJay has collaborated with some of the leading global brands so it’s not surprising many designers follow him to get inspired. Ocolus sums up his style perfectly. Well-balanced elements and carefully chosen colors are the reasons JayJay is so well accepted at Dribbble.

Jelisaveta Stosic

Jelisaveta is another UX designer that made web designer her favorite playground. Her great graphic design skills and strong visual sense is visible in all the works she shared on Dribbble. Let’s take a closer look at Mintus, a bright, dazzling theme for creatives. As its name suggests, this theme brings a lot of mint elements and design details. Another example that shows Jelisaveta’s talents is Dor. Made for architects, this elegant theme is a great choice for everyone who prefers a simple, minimalistic design style. Dor also proves that less is definitely more.

Marina Pavlovic

Marina is UI/UX designers with over 5 years of experience in creating beautiful WordPress themes. Her contemporary, progressive style always seems to surprise with little, eye-catching details. Also, Marina is one of the contributors to Bridge, a Theme Forest creative bestseller. If you fancy a modern website look and feel, you should definitely check out other works of this designer. For instance, BoostUp – SEO Marketing Agency Theme, which is a great example of a sophisticated, yet vibrant business fashion. On the other hand, for all sweets lovers Marina crafted Panaderia, a delicious theme for every bakery and pastry shop. This beautifully designed theme has tons of lovely templates, all with balanced colors and trendy typography.

Beatris Veres

Based in Romania, but open to collaborating with clients worldwide, Beatris is a member of INK9 Creative Agency. Her rich colors and their amazing combinations, show all the power of this visual artist. Although you can see different aspects of Beatris’ work on Dribbble, this time we want to shed some light on the works she did for Bad Jokes and Dance Festival. If you like simple, yet effective forms and bright colors with dominant red, yellow, purple and white, the first example is for you. On the other side, Dance festival layout demonstrates a strong sense of mixing shapes, images and bold typography.

Mateusz Madura

Mateusz is specialized in creating websites, mobile applications and branding in general. His sophisticated style and talent for bringing different design forms under one aesthetic umbrella, never stops to surprise. Although Mateusz shares multiuse templates, ideal for different niches, each concept displayed on Dribbble is one, independent story. Every work example this designer shared is well-thought-out, authentic and ready to shine. However, our favorites are Seabedee and VidyArk – both made to help your WordPress site bloom.

Milica Stefanovic

What is unique about Milica is her artistic sensitivity. In her work, she combines a modern design approach, bold colors and expressive illustrations. From using hand-drawn elements to creating unexpected color mixtures, Milica easily finds the way to offer a fresh, yet classy design artworks. This professional designer especially shines in web design. Take Smilte as an example. Inspired by antique rituals and aesthetics, this lovely WordPress theme is ideal for anyone who wants to showcase works in a breath-taking way. The mixture of peach, blue and orange followed with Milica’s impressive drawing skills makes this theme a real WordPress beauty. Another great example is La Comte – a refined eCommerce theme designed in a high-class style. Elegant color selection that features white, pastel green, gold and red is something every design expert will love about this theme.

Logan Cee

Logan’s portfolio is a mixed bag of versatile design projects. That’s why it’s not surprising he has huge support from the creative community at Dribble. Almost 7k followers, regularly follow his design updates. To introduce you to his work, we decided to present two website design examples. For starters, have a look at Ave Creative Agency Concept. This design type is ideal if you want to throw the light on any aspect of your business. The minimalistic design followed with gentle shapes and refined details are what this template is all about. On the other hand, Architecture Firm Main Page shows the dominance of black and white followed with the orange details that bring the dose of vibrant energy into this template.

Elena Kostic

Elena is not only a designer but an artist at heart. Her work is the best proof. That’s why browsing through Elena’s portfolio is like going to the gallery. Each piece of work she creates is a little piece of art. Colors, shapes, and animations she uses – all reflect her authentic artistic sensibility. Take for example Nill – an elegant eCommerce theme. The elegant color selection and carefully chosen art elements create a luxurious atmosphere visible in every detail of this theme. Designed in a similar, refined manner is Amedeo. As a true work of art, this portfolio theme set standards when it comes to presenting works. If you search for the first-class designer for your future projects, you should definitely have Elena in mind.

Dan Ambrosevich

Based in Ukraine, this professional UI/UX designer collaborates with clients all over the world. The quality of his work is the reason for this. Dan does not only cover versatile niches, but goes one step ahead in every piece of work he creates. Let’s have a look at his Law Services WordPress Theme. This template combines the best design and technical practices. Fully dedicated to the law niche, it’s designed to leave the lasting impression. Another proof that Dan knows much about design is Sirona – Medical Health WP Theme. The effective combo of white and navy blue brings a dose of refreshment into this design.

Tran Mau Tri Tam

Tran Mau has almost 11k followers on Dribble for a reason. This artist demonstrates his skills in many design areas but where his talent reaches its heights is the illustration. Brave enough to combine bold colors like dark blue, purple, gentle purple and pink, Tran Mau uses Photoshop as his playground. WPbuilders proves this. Minimized, yet powerful, this type of template will help you hit your business goals. Another example designed in a similarly simple manner is Cesis. This landing page layout combines different shades of blue and is ideal for professional product showcasing.

Svetlana Vucic

Svetlana is a professional graphic and web designer who currently works at Qode Interactive. Her creativity shines in almost every niche. From travel, portfolio, and restaurant websites to fashion stores and beauty shops – she offers high-quality design solutions. Biagiotti is a good example. Here, Svetlana goes with neat layouts. Clean style without redundant details makes this design ideal fit for anyone with a delicate taste. Estelle is another sample where Svetlana’s talent shines. Made for everyone who wants to present works and products in stylish fashion, this template brings the mesmerizing look and feel.

Corey Haggard

No matter what sort of business you run, there is something for you in Coray’s portfolio. This experienced design artist definitely knows how to merge colors, shapes, and other details into a well-balanced piece-of-art. Firstly, let’s take a look at WyeWorks. This simple, yet powerful template combines red, black and white colors to create a modern, yet fresh design piece. Secondly, Capacity Mobile is all about blue. Sophisticated and professional, this layout is ideal if you want to offer lovely design and top user experience.

Md. Shahadat Hussain

This designer does not only follow the design trends but establishes new design rules as well. The mixture of energetic colors, gradients and modern, flat illustrations is dominant in his work. Also, it seems Shahadat has his favorite color palette. All the shades of purple and blue can be seen in his design works. We recommend you to pay attention to Saasland – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Startup – POS. The contemporary design style shown in this example is like a gold standard among designers. Seom is another design work with the potential to turn heads. Its lovely bright colors and trendy flat icons are all your website needs to stand out from the crowd.


Katika is a professional web designer whose talents can be seen in every piece of work she creates. Besides great design skills, this talented artist also demonstrates a detail-oriented work approach. That’s why it’s not surprising everything she creates is a true state-of-the-art. For this reason, every design studio will be proud to use Sann – beautifully-crafted design studio theme. Lovely bright colors and carefully picked details visually awake vibrant summer days we all enjoy. Another example that perfectly captures Katika’s versatile skills is DishUp. This eye-catching theme features neon lights, flexible options and colorful layouts ideal for any sort of restaurant, diner, or café. To check out Katika’s wide scope of design skills, you can always take a look at her portfolio.

Alex Aperios

Alex is a professional identity designer that knows all about branding. Specialized in logo design, he surely has an eye for detail. Actually, each logo he creates is a little story for itself. By using simple shapes to express the brand essence, Alex finds a way to show that the real design is all about the details. Besides a broad range of logos, his portfolio includes versatile web design works. Digital agency redesign is a real example of a professional showcase. The combination of black and white is ideal for attracting new clients, sharing success stories, etc. Another piece of work that reflects Alex’s expertise is the Agency template. The minimalist style is followed by modern elements that create a strong impression.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Dribbble is a special place for the creative community with an endless amount of amazing design works. It’s also a perfect starting point for everyone looking for talented freelancers for part-time or full-time projects. Also, make sure you’re keeping up with respectable WordPress professionals who always share great tips and tricks for website improvement.

We hope this list got you inspired or helped you find the right designer for hire. Follow us for more as we’ll keep on updating it with fresh authors.

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