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What to Inlcude in Your WordPress Sidebar

What to Include in Your WordPress Sidebar

If you have a WordPress website or a blog, or you are just planning to create one, you should know that your WordPress sidebar can be a great opportunity to lure people in to check out your posts and anything else your page has to offer. Therefore, you should take some of your time to plan out what to put in this area.

We’ll offer you some suggestions for what you can include in your WordPress sidebar. It goes without saying that what elements fit you best greatly depends on the type of content or services that you provide to your visitors. Still, in this article we will try to cover some basics that can come in handy for most site owners.

1. Add an About section

Sidebar area is a great place to introduce yourself to your visitors who will first end up landing on a random page of your site instead of your home page. Thus, you should place a short info about you or your company somewhere easily noticeable in your WordPress sidebar. We recommend that you put your about info at the top of your sidebar. This gives visitors an opportunity to learn a thing or two about what you’re about while checking your content. As a result, this could inspire them to further explore your website.

2. Put an opt-in form

Adding an opt-in form to your sidebar is great if you want your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, mailing list, YouTube channel, or any other service you may be offering through your website or blog. When it comes to opt-in form creation process, there are plenty of different ways available in which you can make one. You can easily create an opt-in form in any way you like with the help of some of the plugins that you can find online, such as MailChimp or OptinMonster.

3. Add social media links

If you have other places on the web where people can find you, then be sure to add them to your sidebar. Generally, this can be done in two ways. You can either use a plugin that will pull content from your social media to your page, or add social icons.

4. Add your most recent blog posts

This is also a great place to put any recent posts that you have on your blog. In this way, your visitors will be instantly up to date with the latest subjects that you’ve covered on your page.

5. Add your topics

Another suggestion is to add the list of topics you regularly write about in your blog. However, if this list is too diverse and it’s troublesome for you to add them all, then just select a few of the most recurring topics to give the visitors a general idea of what content you cover the most. Like this you will also be able to avoid clogging up your sidebar.

6. Put a banner ad or offer

Do you have any recent offer for your visitors, or you simply want to put a link that would lead them to any associated website or some other place that you want to promote on your page? Then putting a banner in your sidebar is an ideal solution. Once you design a graphic that corresponds with your ad, just link it to the page in question.


That about covers our list of suggestions for what you can include in your WordPress sidebar. We hope that this list will prove useful for your business website or blog in the long run!

We hope that you found this article to be helpful. If you liked it, please feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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