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Top WordPress Themes Sites to Buy a Perfect Theme

5+ Top WordPress Themes Sites to Buy a Perfect Theme

Are you thinking of expanding your digital presence beyond what social networks can offer? Starting your own website can be a real pleasure, not to mention all the ways it can improve your professional status or your business. WordPress allows everyone to create great personal and professional websites for free and with zero coding knowledge. But if you want a website that stands out and looks truly amazing, you’ll need a quality WordPress theme too. Good news is that there are plenty of beautiful WP themes out there, you just need to know where to look.

Free or Premium Themes

Premium themes cost you money for a good reason, so before you decide whether you are buying a premium or going with a free theme consider the following three reasons to purchase a premium theme:

1. Support and Updates

Free theme developers hold no obligation towards you. If you are afraid that your free theme’s creator could suddenly run off to become a beekeeper and leave you out of support and updates for your theme, that’s not your wild imagination. With a free theme that’s a real possibility. Premium themes come with full, professional support that you can count on for at least 6 months, and often for a year whereas the free WPthemes developers usually only offer support through WP forums. This means that with a free WP theme you can’t count on dedicated and personalized support.

2. Features and Functionalities

Some very useful functionalities like adding certain widgets, creating landing pages, using shortcodes or creating buttons can simply be out of reach with a free theme. Many professional websites require some extra features so you need to be aware of what exactly you expect your website to do for you.

3. Design

Even when you choose an excellent free theme, bear in mind that it is downloaded by millions of users worldwide. That means that millions of websites might look very similar to yours, as they are built on the same template. Premium themes come with premium design. They have a lot more space for customization and allow you to make your site look unique.

Best WordPress Themes Sites

Online shopping is the joy of our digital lives. There’s actually no other way to buy a WordPress theme but online. And just like it’s easy to get lost in a huge shopping mall looking for that one dress or suit that you know will look perfect on you, you can easily get overwhelmed not only with the choice of WP themes but also with the abundance of marketplaces that sell them. Looking for the right theme in the wrong place could eat up too much of your time – time that you could otherwise spend polishing your website’s new look. So, we made sure you have a pleasurable shopping experience by making a selection of the 5+ best WP themes sites:

1. ThemeForest


ThemeForest is a part of the huge Envato market family, a comprehensive digital marketplace where you can buy everything from code to audio files. ThemeForest is the largest and one of the most popular marketplaces for WP themes. It has it all – cheap, affordable, and luxury WP themes with prices ranging from $13 to $350. The reason why the quality of the themes on ThemeForest varies from basic to premium is that anyone who meets their minimum standards can sell their work here. There are a lot of themes made by independent developers standing next to the themes made by specialized agencies. If you don’t know how to separate a good from a bad theme, make sure to check the theme developer’s portfolio, comb through the user reviews and ratings, and read the comments. All this info is available for every theme on ThemeForest. To narrow your search down, simply enter the keyword into the search field and you will get a neat list of all the themes related to your search. You can also search and browse the themes by category. Most of the themes come with at least 6-month license, including support and updates. The type of support and documentation that comes with the theme depends entirely on the developer and it can vary greatly, which is why you should always check the quality of support that is offered.

Features that make ThemeForest a great place to buy WP themes:

  • Easy Filtering
  • Abundant Choice of Themes
  • Community Features – Ratings, Reviews, Comments

2. Qode Interactive

Qode Interactive WordPress Themes

Qode Interactive isn’t actually a marketplace but a company that specializes in developing top-notch WordPress themes for literally every niche you can imagine. Their amazing flagship multipurpose WP theme – Bridge, which includes more than 500 demos, might easily be the only WP theme that you’ll ever need. Every Qode’s theme is developed with the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. While many focus on adding too many features, Qode has a deeper understanding of what a WP theme should do for you. Special attention is directed to theme design. Therefore every theme of theirs is a unique piece of art, made with a clear vision of the impact that a well-designed, functional website can have on your business. As for the features, a lot of extremely useful ones, like social share functionality, responsiveness, and adaptable code are guaranteed for every theme. They are also SEO optimized and well documented, not to mention the expert professional support that is at your disposal after purchasing a theme.

What makes buying Qode themes especially convenient is the dynamic and smooth user experience that you get when you visit their website. It has excellent filtering options – you can search for themes by category, appearance, or browse through their attractive, interactive online catalog which is a true fiesta for the eyes. To see how the theme looks like for real, you can simply click the LIVE THEME button available next to it and you will instantly know if the theme is right for you. As for the prices, they are more than reasonable considering the premium quality that you get. The shopping itself actually takes place on ThemeForest, which means that all the Qode themes pass ThemeForest’s quality control too. You simply buy the theme that you like, download it, install it, and register with the license that you got with it. Every theme comes with a single website license and unlimited updates. Once you buy it, it is yours forever. There are no complicated subscriptions and packages, and all the themes are easy to install, complete with the unique one-click demo import.

Features that make Qode Interactive a great place to buy WP themes:

  • Supreme Theme Design and Functionalities
  • Unlimited, Lifetime Updates
  • 1-Click Demo Content Import for Every Theme
  • Easy Setup

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a very versatile theme marketplace that also covers a whole range of different niches. They are the company behind the Divi builder, a popular drag-and-drop page builder. They both create and sell their themes and plugins, and what makes them unique is their pricing model. Instead of buying just one theme, you buy a yearly WordPress theme membership which gives you access to all of their products throughout the whole year, along with the support and updates. As the year expires you can choose to renew your membership or not, but this is definitely a very attractive model as it gives you the chance to explore the possibilities that are simply out of reach when you buy only one theme. You also have the option to buy a lifetime license, and at a very affordable price considering all the advantages that you get with it. No matter which of the two options you go for, you can use all of their products on an unlimited number of sites. Plus, when a whole company, not just a single developer, stands behind a certain theme’s code, you can be sure that the coding is of good quality which reflects on your website’s speed and performance.

Features that make Elegant Themes a great place to buy WP themes:

  • Themes Compatible With a Wide Range of Plugins
  • Attractive Pricing Model



WPZOOM has been around for more than ten years. They managed to pick up a variety of reputable customers during this time, which usually means their products are worth paying for. They create and sell a very diverse range of products that includes themes as well as plugins. The company is led by a team of developers who work diligently to keep up with the latest trends in the WP theme’s industry. All of the WPZOOM’s themes are based on their robust and powerful Zoom framework that provides access to a range of customization options while requiring zero coding knowledge from your side. Another great thing is that the themes come with automatic updates.WPZOOM also provides regular customer support throughout the paid period. As for the pricing, three pricing models are available. You can choose between three different yearly packages that include 44 themes, access to all future themes, and one year of support and updates. The main difference between packages is in the number of sites that you get the license to use the themes on.

Features that make WPZOOM a great place to buy WP themes:

  • Clean Code
  • A Range of Free Plugins and Widgets Available With the Theme

5. StudioPress


StudioPress is a well-known company that develops themes and plugins, also famous for creating the Genesis, a strong WordPress framework that provided a solution for many of the WordPress’ shortcomings. Their themes come with a high level of SEO optimization and some handy, additional SEO options, which is a big plus since your site’s ranking affects your business to a huge extent. As in most other cases when you buy themes from a specialized company, Studio Press offers rock-solid code and automatic updates so that you don’t have to worry whether your code is up to date. The selection of themes is also very wide, as they also offer themes developed by third-party developers. Their design is excellent and the Genesis framework makes it easier for you to develop your child theme. What makes StudioPress especially attractive as a theme marketplace is that they also offer free themes along with chosen themes packages. You have the option to buy a single theme or go for a pricier membership plan which is actually affordable if you take into account that it gives you access to all of the themes that they sell. All of their pricing plans include a one-time fee for unlimited updates and support.

Features that make StudioPress a great place to buy WP themes:

  • Themes With Simple Features
  • Lightweight Coding
  • Easy Setup
  • Free Themes on WP Engine

6. WordPress.org


If you still don’t feel confident enough to spend money on a theme, or you are satisfied with the one that you have but simply itching for a change, you can always choose a nice free theme on WordPress.org. It is indisputably the largest collection of free WP templates with more than 4800 themes to choose from. The fact that they are free does not necessarily mean they are of low quality. If you know how to choose a good WP theme, you can enjoy the multitude of advantages that come with it. All of the themes on WordPress.org go through a rigorous review process, as they simply must follow the official best practices and stick to WordPress directory guidelines.

If you are a new website owner, and especially if you need a website for personal use only, a free theme might satisfy all of your needs. Free themes are usually made with beginners in mind, so they are really easy to use in most cases. They are also a good idea for people who like to experiment and change themes often, as it wouldn’t pay off to buy a new theme every now and then.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what and where to look for, you can pursue your vision and enjoy creating your unique website. Don’t get impressed too easily by the number of features that come with a theme, rather consider how many of them you are actually going to use. If you already know which plugins you’re going to need, be sure to check whether the theme that you like is compatible with them. Support is very important. Check all the available reviews, especially if you are not a proficient WP user. Also bear in mind that with so many choices available there is really no reason to compromise with design due to functionality. Somewhere, probably on one of these six sites, your perfect theme is waiting for you. Good luck and enjoy your shopping tour!

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