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What is the best WordPress tutorial to start with

What Is the Best WordPress Tutorial to Start With?

Whether you want to update your WordPress website, add image credits, or to unpublish your WordPress pages, having proper WordPress knowledge and experience is mandatory. But, what if you are a complete newbie with no coding background? If you want to upgrade your WordPress knowledge or start building your website from scratch, you have two options. You can choose the easier way and hire an expert who is ready to assist you. Or you can take a look at a specific WordPress tutorial, created by professionals. In this article, we asked digital marketers, WordPress enthusiasts, and business owners to tell us which WordPress tutorials they follow beside the well-known WPKlik WordPress tutorials.

Lucas Robinson – CMO of Crediful

Lucas Robinson

The best resource that I’ve come up with regarding learning WordPress is WordPress Lessons. WordPress Lessons is an easily overlooked resource when it comes to seeking tutorials on how to proceed with WordPress. Personally, it is a resource I bumped into when going through the WordPress Codex and I disapproved of my earlier net scouring efforts. It covers every single feature of WordPress making it a vital resource both for beginners and advanced users of the CMS. The beginner’s sections are specifically appealing for its simple yet comprehensive breakdown of all WordPress features. It is also current and a great place to know any new changes you can use. A good number of times, WordPress Lessons may be the only resource you ever need. If you are not familiar with WordPress, this should be the first place you visit.

Carole Murphy – Creative Content Designer at TopSewingMachines.UK

Carole Murphy

The best WordPress learning resource I could come up with for the beginner seeking to advance his or her WordPress skills is WP Hub. Tutorials are published every month which enables them to be thorough on all the steps to be followed. There is also a large number of technical topics managed so the advanced user can also benefit from visiting the site. WP HUB is a great site for anyone seeking to know what options they have when it comes to website configuring and managing options. It also handles topics on website responsiveness and database management, hosting, and plugins meaning you have a broad range of tutorials to learn from.

Yasir Nawaz – Digital Content Producer at PureVPN

Yasir Nawaz

Here are some of the best books that’ll teach any beginners about everything important they need to know about WordPress:

  1. WordPress All-In-One For Dummies: Just like other For Dummies books, this one breaks down all essential elements associated with WordPress i.e. SEO, plugin development, and multisite networks. For someone who’s just getting started with WordPress, this will be a fun and light-hearted way of understanding key technical terms and how to use this immensely powerful tool in the proper way.
  2. WordPress To Go: There are few books that deal with a subject in such simple terms with such depth. WordPress To Go covers all the basic steps such as purchasing a domain, getting a WordPress hosting account, installing WordPress and creating an online eCommerce store. You’ll also learn about all the essential plugins you need to install and the kind of content you want to add to your website.
  3. WordPress For Beginners A Visual Guide To Building Your WordPress Site: If you’re a fan of visuals and infographics, this is the perfect WordPress tutorial book for you. It covers all important bases such as creating and registering a domain name, getting web hosting, and other important widgets to use. By the end of it, you’ll know all the basics of creating a great WordPress site.

Domantas Gudeliauskas – Marketing Manager at Zyro

Domantas Gudeliauskas

I feel like the best option is sticking to a single source that delivers reliable and easily digestible information under the same style. It’s definitely way easier to get familiar with a single blog that covers everything from A to Z, rather than bouncing between ebooks, blogs, and articles, where different methods might start clashing.

That’s why I would suggest Hostinger’s tutorial website’s WordPress section. All the subjects are explained in the simplest way possible, it’s easy to jump from one subject to another, and completely free.

Whatever you need, from the basics of starting a site, creating your own theme, or running the CMS on different hosting types, you’ll find it there.

Balint Horvath – Founder of Projectfather

Balint Horvath

When I started my website I was overwhelmed with the long list of tasks to carry out in order to properly set up my WordPress blog. But then I came across the video series by Bluehost. It is a bit outdated now, but it still shows the principles of how to set up a website. It walks you through the steps of how the login and admin area looks, how to create pages, category and tags, plugins, how to customize your theme, etc. I think anyone starting out could benefit from watching this series. And once you watch this series, you might want to watch the 2020 video by Tyler Moore. It shows the basics of WordPress, but it also goes into the details on how to set up Elementor, the most popular WordPress builder tool.

Melanie Musson – Published Insurance Expert at CarInsuranceComparison.com

Melanie Musson

WP101 is an excellent online video-based tutorial for beginners. Some web-based WordPress tutorial programs can be overwhelming to someone just starting out, even though many have excellent content. WP101 is tailored to meet beginners where they are and lead them intuitively forward.

Another perk of the WP101 course is that it’s not a monthly subscription. You pay once and have access to their current content as well as any future content they create. The videos are high-quality and easy to understand. Once you complete the courses, you’ll be able to confidently start working on WordPress. Then, as you become comfortable with the program, you can look into more advanced courses. For beginners, though, it’s hard to beat

Brack Nelson – Marketing Manager at Incrementors Web Solutions

Brack Nelson

Udemy provides the greatest number of lesson plans and courses when you are trying to learn WordPress. It’s slightly of a marketplace atmosphere, where any teacher can make their course and sell it on Udemy. Therefore, you’re not limited to the views or arrangements of one individual or organization. WPSessions offers WordPress training taught by experts. They have a growing library of practice sessions and courses. The topics are on a kind of subjects such as WordPress Maintenance, SEO, Creating a Plugin, and Speed Optimization. It is a paid tool. The cost of memberships is $15 per month or $149 per year.

James Canzanella – Owner of Isolated Marketing Nights

James Canzanella

One of my favorite ways of learning WordPress, ironically enough, has been through Siteground. While their tutorials aren’t as well known as many other popular resources around, they cover all of the important topics for using WordPress such as hosting, themes, plugins, security, and so on and so forth. Their tutorials are straight and to the point, meaning that they don’t waste any time giving you the information that you need to know.

The other big reason why I like their tutorials is that they also come with a big Frequently Asked Questions section. In my opinion, that’s where a lot of the snags happen and that section can allow you to quickly get unstuck.

Eugene Romberg – Professional Home Buyer at We Buy Houses in Bay Area

Eugene Romberg

When I started designing my website, I had no information on how to do so. I didn’t want to spend money on courses, and YouTube videos could only get me so far. So I searched around for some free tutorials that had an infrastructure for me to follow, and that’s how I found Dreamhost. What I love about DreamHost’s WordPress Academy is how easy it is to follow (and for the fact that it’s free.) Everything from setting up WordPress, to the installation of themes, all the way down to speed and performance optimization is covered. All the guides are cohesive, and they give examples of how you should implement things. It helped tremendously when I was starting my business, and it’s a great reference point for when you add different pixels, plug-ins, or custom landing pages. If you also want to create your own theme – DreamHost has you covered. They have a whole portion dedicated to developing your theme, and how it would look on your webpage. If you’re looking to start an e-commerce business, they will also show you how to install WooCommerce and how to implement it within your WordPress website. I highly recommend using DreamHost for all new businesses looking to design their website with WordPress – it saves on cost, time, and it provides a huge amount of value.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Today, more than ever, it’s easy to upgrade WordPress knowledge. Since there are many blogs, platforms or videos dedicated to WordPress subjects, you can use any WordPress tutorial that meets your preferences. Choose the option that works the best for your level of knowledge and start your WordPress adventure today!

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