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How to Quickly Build Out Different WordPress Post Formats

So, you have finally started a blog, and the way your posts should look like is one of the first things that cross your mind. This is where different types of WordPress post formats enter the scene.

As the name implies, post formats are different types of blog posts that help you define what the post should look like.

One of the first things you’ll notice about using WordPress is that there are numerous ways of styling your blog posts depending on their content. This can be very useful if you have the plan to share different types of resources with your reading audience.

When you create a post, you can define its appearance, by choosing between one of these formats: Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, and Audio. The content you input for each of the formats is a bit different. So a video post is perfect when you want to include a third party or self-hosted video, an audio post allows you to share your audio stories or podcasts, gallery post is an ideal choice for creating articles with a focus on photos and so on and so forth.

In this article, we’ll focus on the different types of WordPress post formats and give you some advice about when to use them.


Standard Post Format

This post format is the default post format for all posts. Thanks to it you can adjust the standard options like adding a feature image, choosing category and tags. If you plan to create traditional blog posts focused mostly on text, this format can be the right fit. Use it also to keep the consistency for your content. A Standard post looks something like this:


Gallery Post Format

Taking and sharing photos over social media became an integral part of our every day. It’s hard to imagine our breaks without scrolling on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. The dramatic rise in smartphone photography and the popularity of social media sites means that it is the right time to add a gallery as a WordPress post.


Gallery post format allows you to add more images instead of one feature image. But that isn’t all! The good news is that you can include the alt tags and the image labels which is good for the SEO.


Link Post Format

The Internet is a free, endless resource of knowledge. So, use your blog to share new-found stories by choosing the Link post format. Use this format to add a link to some page or another post instead of the featured image.


Your upcoming post will look like this:


Quote Post Format

If you want to inspire your readers with a motivational quote or to share a quote you find really cool, use Quote Post Format. Besides adding the quote, you can as well add the author and author label.


Here it is:


Video Post Format

Marketing experts are putting more and more attention to videos, as their popularity continues to grow. If you want to drive your marketing, or just love sharing the videos, use Video Post Format.


By choosing Video Service video type, you can just copy the URL of the video from YouTube, Vimeo…


When you finish the video uploading, your post type will look like this. Cool, isn’t it?


Audio Post Format

Are you an audiobook lover or do you enjoy listening podcasts from time to time? Surprise your blog visitors and add audio content to your blog. For Audio Post Format type, you need an audio file and featured image. Audio must be uploaded in media. Upload it and copy its destination (URL) from media:


Paste it here, and that’s it:


Check this out for more resources about post formatting.  We hope that you found this article to be helpful. If you liked it, please feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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