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Easy Steps on How to Clear WordPress Cache

You just made significant changes in WordPress, like tweaking something in your theme or modifying a blog post, but your changes are simply nowhere to be seen? The reason why this frustrating problem occurs is because your server or web browser serves a cached copy of your website. This can be troublesome because you won’t be able to instantly see any of the changes you made. If things like these keep happening to you, then the best solution is to clear WordPress cache.

There are tons of different caching plugins that can help you but our guiding steps below will show you how to easily clear WordPress cache and boost with W3 Total Cache plugin.

1. Install and activate W3 Total Cache plugin

As your first step, we suggest that you install one of caching plugins for WordPress. By using caching plugins, you will be able to control what content you want to cache, as well as specific times when you want your cache cleared. Our personal pick for this task is a W3 Total Cache plugin, which is among the most popular caching plugins on the web.


You can install it by accessing Plugins option in your WordPress Dashboard. Then, simply type “W3 Total Cache” in your search field, and search results will display W3 Cache Plugin for you. From here on, just click the Install Now button.

2. Go to Performance -> Dashboard

After you’re done with installing W3 Total Cache, your next step should be going to Performance option and clicking on Dashboard.


3. Click on empty all caches

The only thing left for you to do is click empty all caches button which you can find at the top.


Another way that you can solve this is by hovering on Performance option in your admin bar located in the top left corner of your page.


Finally, hit the Purge All Caches button and you’re all done.


Of course, alternatively you can install any of the popular plugins available on the market that contain the same feature as W3 Total Cache, like WP Fastest Cache or WP Super Cache.

And that about sums up steps on how to clear WordPress cache. By using our guide, you will find that this process is nothing overly complicated. Most importantly, it will play a significant role in enhancing your website performance in the long run.

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