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Why It Is Important to Have a Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

Why It Is Important to Have a Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

So, you have a WordPress website that desperately needs maintenance, and you want to let your visitors know that its downtime is only temporarily. Or, your site is one step away from going live, but there are still some additional things you need to take care of before it does.

In cases such as these, we recommend that you have some kind of coming soon plugin while your website is still not quite ready. Here are some of the main reasons why having a coming soon WordPress plugin is important for your website.

1. In order to avoid getting penalized by Google

While your website is still not completely ready and your pages still have placeholders or lorem ipsum texts, make sure to install a Coming Soon plugin to prevent visitors from inspecting your website. This is pretty important, since among those visitors there might also be a Google’s web crawler. This web crawler can index your website with wrong titles and content, and there are multiple complications when this happens. For starters, your website SEO rank will be impacted for sure because of the wrong content. Moreover, your readers or customers might paint a wrong picture of your brand. And lastly, this is something that can be hard to fix, as Google takes its time to re-index websites.

2. Coming Soon Plugins can be a strong marketing tool

With coming soon plugin, you can easily set up a subscription form or a plain and simple contact form that will gather emails you can use later on for your email campaigns. This is because most of the plugins can be integrated with MailChimp directly. Also, some plugins offer an option to add social icons, which will allow users to view your social media profiles.

3. You still get to show off your business visuals

Nowadays, having a proper visual representation is very important for businesses. Even if your website is still not ready, you can showcase your awesome design by uploading a background image that will dazzle your visitors and make them want to revisit the website. Some plugins even offer video background options and sliders.

4. They can prevent errors from popping up

While in development stage, websites can throw different kinds of errors that might contain important information about your website or business. It’s needless to say that in the wrong hands, all this information can be used against you. Having a coming soon plugin can help you avoid this.

5. Other useful options

Last but not least, there are many other useful options worth mentioning that coming soon plugins can help you integrate into your website. These include the possibility of adding a countdown timer, progress bars, a login button, IP blockers, email notifications, templates, and more.

Which plugin should you go for?

When it comes to coming soon plugins, there is a huge number of great ones online that you can choose from. Some of these plugins require payment, while some can be used for free. I’ve personally tried many different ones. Here are some of my top picks:

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