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How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce (Full Guide)

In the last decade, E-commerce grew to become one of the most promising business fields globally. With so many industry giants leading the way in E-commerce, it’s no wonder there are new shops popping up in cyberspace every day.

If you run a WordPress website and you want to add a shop to it, you’re probably thinking of doing it using the WooCommerce plugin, a simple and powerful solution for every online store type.

WooCommerce is the world’s leading, free plugin made for E-commerce platforms. With this feature-rich tool, anyone can transform their WordPress website into a powerful online store in a few simple steps. The plugin requires zero tech skills and is made to help you launch and manage your own E-commerce store with ease.

Our guide consists of 90 pages full of insightful information on how to create an online store with Woocommerce and covers all the steps you need to go through to set up and launch your E-commerce store. Below, you can find a summary of each of the chapters in this eBook.

Chapter 1


The number of people shopping online is constantly on the rise. This makes E-commerce a promising opportunity for every business. With an E-commerce store you’ll not only be able to cross geographical boundaries but also to run your shop 24/7, without days off, holidays or the need for loads of employees.

Chapter 2


In short, the WooCommerce plugin is the most popular E-commerce tool for WordPress websites. It contains everything one online store needs and it’s free and easy to use.

Chapter 3


The secret of successful online stores is in careful planning. Before you start setting up your store with WooCommerce, you should:

  • define your niche/audience
  • choose a name & domain
  • register your business
  • decide on your products and vendors.

Chapter 4


To get your online store up and running with WooCommerce, you’re going to need:

  • self-hosted website
  • SSL certificate
  • WordPress installed on your website
  • 1-2 hours for the initial setup.

Depending on the type of store you plan on running, you might also want to consider some WooCommerce add-ons.

Chapter 5


This section of the eBook covers everything from installing WordPress and choosing a WordPress theme to downloading and installing the WooCommerce plugin. We also go through the initial set up process and teach you how to add and manage products, orders and coupons.

Chapter 6


A good eCommerce strategy can be the key to your online store’s success. With knowledge on how to create a digital marketing plan, advertise discounts and learn from your shop’s reports & analytics, you can do it like a professional.

Chapter 7


Now that you’ve set up your E-commerce website, it’s finally time to open the digital doors and get customers streaming in. With the help of the WooCommerce plugin and our guide on how to create an online store, you can launch your store in no time.

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Bonus – Grow Your Store By Adding Wholesale

Adding wholesale features to your store is a great way to grow your income. Instead of just selling to retail customers or direct to consumers, why not sell to other businesses as well? Wholesale Suite is the most popular and comprehensive way to add wholesale to WooCommerce.

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