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How to Allow Users to Edit their Comments in WordPress

How to Allow Users to Edit Their Comments in WordPress

Blog comments are one of the greatest ways to feel the pulse of your readers, followers, customers, and website visitors. Blog comments boost engagement and time spent on the page. They can also be a great source of pointers for your future work, and have a positive effect on your SEO.

If you want to encourage a lively conversation, it’s in your best interest to provide website visitors with a seamless experience in the blog comment section. One of the simple tricks that can go a long way is enabling users to edit their comments after posting them.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add this option in two simple steps using free plugin Simple Comment editing.

Step 1: Install the Simple Comment Editing Plugin

Simple Comment Editing is a tool that enables anonymous users to edit and delete their comments for a period of time.

Open the admin panel on your WordPress site and click on Plugins>Add New to open the library. In the search bar located in the upper right corner, type “simple comment editing” and click on the result. Install it.

Once WordPress downloads and installs the plugin, you will see the activation link. Click on it to activate the plugin. Don’t skip this step – installed plugins won’t work if they are not activated.

Simple Comment Editing Plugin

Step 2: Set up the Plugin

Go to the admin panel and click on Settings > Simple Comment Editing.

Simple Comments Settings

The only setting you can find here is the time frame for comment editing. The set default is five minutes, but you can change it to several hours. When this period elapses, users won’t be able to edit their comments anymore.

Simple Comment Time

This is how the editing option will look like on your website. Next to the editing button, users will be able to see how much time they have left to edit their comment.

Edit Comment Sample

That’s it! Want to learn more about useful plugins for your blog comment section? Take a look at this guide on how to display the number of comments on your blog post.

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