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How to Add Email and Phone Number Links in WordPress

How to Add Email and Phone Number Links in WordPress

If you plan to set up an online business or a web store, it will be necessary for you to add email and phone links to your page. By doing so, your future customers will be able to contact you with just a click to the link that you provided for them. On the other hand, you can add the special contact form that will help you communicate with your visitors professionally, fast and secure. For this purpose, you can always turn to practical WordPress contact form plugins.

Have in mind that setting up your contact details in WordPress isn’t a difficult task at all. In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily add email and phone links in your WordPress page.

Adding an email link

Step 1

The process for adding an email link is the same as adding any other link in WordPress. Therefore, first you should find a place on your page where you want to insert your email link and type the text that you want linked. This text can just be your email address, or it can contain a message such as ‘send us an email here’, or something along those lines. Then, select your text and click on the Insert/edit link option.

insert link wordpress

Step 2

After you do this, a box will appear where you will type in your email address. If you already typed and highlighted your actual email address upon clicking on the Insert/edit link, then WordPress will add ‘mailto:’ text into the box automatically. If not, then type in mailto: first and add your email address right after. Make sure that everything is written correctly and that there aren’t any spaces in your text.

email links wordpress

Step 3

Once you’re certain that your email address link is the correct one, click on the blue arrow to apply your email link.

email hyperlinks

Step 4

Finally, click the Update button.

email hyperlinks in wordpress

Adding a phone number

Step 1

In order to link your phone number, go to Text view in your WordPress editor.

hyperlinks in wordpress

Step 2

Insert the following code around your phone number (once again, there shouldn’t be any spaces or dashes):

<a href=”tel://yourphonenumber”> your-phone-number </a>


This part shows how your phone number will appear on your live website.

wordpress tel hyperlinks

Here you can either type in your phone number or add something more general, like ‘give us a call’.

Step 3

Once you’re done, make sure that you update your page.

Step 4

Finally, go back to the Visual view. There you will see that your phone number is linked.

wordpress hyperlinks

That’s how you add email and phone links to WordPress. If you put them somewhere visible on your page, your visitors will be able to reach you in no time!

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