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How to Use Grammarly for WordPress to Level up Content

How to Use Grammarly for WordPress to Level up Content

Being your own editor is often a very challenging task. However good your writing was, the fact is that it is simply much easier to track typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes in a text not written by you. And even if you are an awesome writer, you are certainly not immune to all kinds of writing mistakes that can make your text lose quite a bit of its charm. There are plenty of useful content writing tips that will help you with choosing the topic, setting the tone and style, etc, but you will still need some kind of support to eliminate the common writing mistakes we are all prone to. That’s why it is important to spell-check and edit your texts before publishing. Microsoft Word has some basic spelling and grammar checks, but it is not the most practical option to always create initial drafts in Microsoft Word and then upload them to your site. It would be ideal if you could do all the editing as you write, right there in your WordPress, wouldn’t it? We have good news – that’s entirely possible.

In this article, you’ll find out how to check spelling and grammar mistakes in WordPress.

How to Add Grammar and Spelling Check Option in WordPress Post Editor

We’ve tested a few online grammar and spell checking tools and in our opinion, Grammarly is the most reliable and budget-friendly tool.

Grammarly is a free tool that allows you to track and correct your mistakes as you write. You will see spelling and grammar mistakes highlighted throughout the text in different colors so that you immediately know the type of mistake you made.

Its free version offers grammar, punctuation, and spelling error tracking and suggestions, while the premium version comes with more advanced options for editing style and structure of the text and for detecting plagiarism.

Generally, the free version is quite enough, especially for more experienced writers who already have built their own writing style and need just the tool to keep the text free of common grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

How to Install Grammarly on Your Web Browser

Installing the free Grammarly browser extension is the simplest way to use Grammarly with WordPress. This way, not only will you have instant proofreading in your WordPress but you will also be able to check your emails, Google docs, social media content, and more.

To install Grammarly go to the Grammarly website. Grammarly automatically detects your web browser and the button for adding the extension will be immediately displayed. Click on it and simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Install Grammarly

After the process is completed, a new Grammarly Icon will be added to your browser. When you click on the icon, a Sign-Up button will appear in a small popup. The procedure for creating a Grammarly account starts now. You can select whether you want to use your email address or your Google or FB account to sign up. To start the setup process, enter your email address, or choose one of the other options for signing up and click on the button Agree and Sign up:

Sign Up button

Now it is time for a bit of customization. You will be offered options to set the level of writing skills that you have and the purpose you use Grammarly for the most. This step is not mandatory, you can simply skip it, it will not seriously affect the way you use Grammarly.

Set the level of writing skills

The next step is about choosing an adequate plan. You can start off by choosing a premium plan immediately or stay with the free plan as long as you like it and upgrade later if you change your mind.

Choosing an adequate plan

Let’s say you start with the free edition, you will be taken to your Grammarly account page.

If you opt for the premium version, you’ll have to follow a few simple steps more, but for the purpose of this text, we’ll only use the free edition. So, after you signed up successfully, the Grammarly browser extension will be active in your WordPress post editor and practically anywhere else in text content across the web.

How to Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in WordPress Post Editor

Grammarly works perfectly well with the Gutenberg block editor and other types of WordPress editors. To see how it works, just go to your WP Post editor and start your article. The moment you make the first spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistake, Grammarly will notify you in real-time, by underlining the mistake in the text.

Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Critical errors will always be underlined in red color. Each text block will also have a Grammarly icon, and the number of critical issues displayed, as you can see in the above example.

To correct the mistake just click on the underlined word to see the suggested correction.

See the suggested correction

If you want to accept the suggestion, then click on the suggested word in green color.

If for any reason you wish not to correct the mistake but to leave the word as it is, you can always click the Ignore link next to the delete icon. This way, you will remove the Grammarly suggestion.

The See more in Grammarly option is the last one in the popup and by clicking it you open a new Grammarly window where more suggestions from Grammarly are displayed.

See more in Grammarly option

The advanced issues will be underlined with yellow color and critical ones with red. After you review all the issues, accept or ignore the suggestions, you can go back to your WordPress post editor by clicking the ‘Back to Edit Post’ icon.

Next to the Grammarly icon in the text, you will also notice an emoji that describes the tone of the text. By clicking on it, you will see how your text sounds to readers. This can be of great help in writing but to make the most out of your text, it would be wise to get familiar with some of the most famous WP plugins for writers that will help you reach a wider audience.

Emoji that describes the tone of the text

Let’s Wrap it All Up

If you are just about to start your first blog post ever or plan to start an anonymous blog, it would be great to get used to proofreading your articles from the beginning. That way you will ensure one aspect of content quality. Another thing you can do to make sure your blog has a fair chance to be successful is to choose a quality blog WordPress theme. After you cover these basics, you can continue brushing up your content and enjoying the making of your website. It is never too late to proofread your articles!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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